A Unified Messaging SDK And Chat API Integration for Website & App (Android, iOS)

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​​​​​​​Set a timer for 10 minutes. Count the number of message notifications you would be getting. Too many right? Well, that’s how integral instant messaging android SDK / messaging iOS SDK has become to our business.

Instant messaging has been weaved into the fabric of our life with so much of intensity. I bet those 10 minutes would be agonizing without checking your messages.

For software makers and enterprises instant messaging is a weapon of business maximization. From eCommerce apps to gaming, why even on demand services are rushing to integrate Android/iOS messaging app SDK and chat API for website to their web backends, app workflows and even live customer support.

Messaging SDK / API gives an omni-channel conversational power that businesses can bank on to create an instant connect with their customers and stakeholders. Why even NASA uses a chat SDK and messaging API service to stay in the loop with project statuses.

Contus Fly — A Realtime Instant Messaging SDK & Chat API Solution

Contus Fly has been designed to serve that difficulty in creating chat applications that change the way users communicate and collaborate on the go. Our Chat API & Messaging SDK solution is designed to build omni-device adaptive android chat SDK that run eloquently on desktops, mobile devices, tablets and hybrid devices. If you want your remote employees to stay in the loop without the cumbersome email clutter, Contus Fly is a perfect way out.


Redefining the nature of chat app functionality through innovating a peer-to-peer payment, Advertisement, and Promotion features that would bring evolution in the mobile & Web collaboration.


Go without the fret of unabridged end-to-end solution development with 100% Customization, boundless scalability, access to utter source code, pre-built integrations and add functionalities to meet your requirements.


Readily integrate rich real-time messaging functionalities and also quickly implement modern conversational features to your solution that you thought you would never see in the upcoming chat infrastructure. Here are three major takeaways Contus Fly will bring to the table as a messaging SDK for Android/iOS platforms.

Other communication enabling features of Contus Fly include:

#1 Handpicked Features:

Common Android/iOS chat app API solutions come with several features that create only clutter and not clarity. Sometimes you need to remove the unnecessary things to create space for the right features by customizing the chat API for Website. Contus Fly lets you do just that.​​​​​​​

#2 Over-the-air Updates:

Like most software, chat apps also stand the risk to become obsolete over time. They need to consistently updated and upgraded with version updates. But, that’s a messy affair, often requiring servers to be put on hold hampering the entire communication workflow.Contus Fly aces this challenge by running API updates over the air. You can update your live chat app like you update any other chat app api.

#3 Omni-channel Communication:

Contus Fly is a Android/iOS chat SDK that enables omni-channel communication. It spares users from the need to hop from screens to screens for sending real-time texts, attach files, collaborate through video calls and so on.

#4 Fortified Security:

The mobile messaging SDK is hosted on AWS cloud which is proven for enterprise-grade security features. Additionally, encryption techniques are deployed to ensure that data, including chat logs remain private and free from the privy of hackers.

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