8 August, 2022

Apptha Launches ‘HVS Elite’ – Augment Viewership of your Video Sharing Website

Apptha HVS Elite Theme for Video Sharing

Adding more to the prowess of HD Video Share, the video gallery plugin that has earned 1000+ downloads, Apptha has complemented it with an exclusively built theme.

HVS Elite theme has been built as a mobile responsive and fluidic theme which significantly improves the liberty of administrators in terms of customizations apart from providing a fresh look and feel.

Admin Controls

Administrators can customize text sizes, color, footer links and can upload own logos at will. Number of categories and the limit for the number of videos to be displayed under each category can be set by the admin via backend.

User Experience

With an aim to ditch out clutter, this theme throws only the suggestions of related videos in the video detail page thus helping viewers to stay undistracted and continue viewing for long.

HVS Elite has been built light for achieving faster loading speeds and Ajax powered login and registration contributes for a zippy sign in and sign up experience.

What Else?

  • Bolted with a refreshing look, HVS Theme holds some sensible and straightforward user interface that makes surfing around easy for customers.

  • In order to turn your website adaptive towards all languages, HVS Elite has been provided with RTL support that enables titling, describing and commenting to be done from right to left.

  • Provisions for placing ads, SEO-friendly meta titling for videos to gain more popularity and social media sharing are a few among the list of features that HVS Elite Theme bolted with.

Getting into the skin of the HVS Elite and its admin settings

The Admin video settings of HVS Elite broadly consists of tabs for configuring Member videos, Member details, Admin videos, Category, Player settings, Site settings, Google AdSense and Video Ads.

Let’s delve into each individual setting and what they are capable of doing:

Moderating content through Admin videos

Admin videos is the single interface from where the website admin can monitor everything from broadcasting the video to the website to turning off ad models. One click settings are available for turning on or off VAST ad models for each individual video. Option to set up video thumbnail is also available in the website.

Admin Videos

Controlling ad streaming through Video Ads settings

The video ads settings provides complete control to set up pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ad settings. The ad video can be uploaded as a file with complete details like Ad title, description. The Ad videos can be stored in Amazon S3 bucket by selecting Yes’ for “Store videos in Amazon S3 bucket”. The URLs can be made SEO friendly by enabling the option provided in the same screen.

Video Ads Settings

Editing and moderating Categories

Admin can add, edit or delete video categories in this screen. Multiple categories can be selected simultaneously for edition or deletion. Categories can also be searched for using the search bar at the top.

Category Edits

Monitoring user credentials

The ‘Member Details’ page offers access to add, edit and delete user credentials like username and password. Admin can also see joining date of the member and set individual rights for video upload.

Member Page

Customizing and personalizing the player

The player color, size, skin theme, button color and size, buffer bar color, skin icons color, etc. can be easily customized using the Player Color Settings tab. Further, the admin can set the buffer time for the video, set the video player size, enable zoom, full screen, autoplay, share, playlist creation and so on.

Player Customization

Site settings

Core features that make a video sharing website state of the art is features like commenting systems, featured videos, watch later videos, popular videos, history videos, etc. which can be enabled in your site using the Site settings tab.

Website Settings

Earning revenue through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a great way to monetize the increasing traffic to your video sharing website. The Google AdSense tab provides a code insertion point where Google AdSense code can be inserted and AdSense enabled for earning revenue.

Revenue from adsense

HVS Elite is the easiest way to give your website an appealing image makeover.

Eager to get a visual overhaul for your video sharing website?

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