How to install FFMPEG on local server

FFMPEG is one handy tool which serves well for a variety of needs when it comes to image capturing and video file format conversion. Using FFMPEG you can capture thumbnail and preview images from videos in the best possible quality. Moreover, the FFMPEG has the ability to convert video files from their default formats to other video file formats which makes it a highly preferred video conversion tool.

In this post, we have provided a set of guidelines and tips to install this tool into your local server which will be beneficial for testing purposes.

To install FFMPEG in Xampp, follow the steps mentioned below;

1. Download the FFMPEG tool here and extract the zip file.

2. Now copy all files except LGPL.txt, readme.txt and php_ffmpeg.dll and paste it to c:/windows/system32

3. Copy php_ffmpeg.dll file and paste it to D:\xampp\php\ext

4. Open php.ini file frm D:\xampp\php and find the below mentioned code

and add the following code after the former one

5. Finally restart your apache.

Once you have completed all the above steps, you can check whether the ffmpeg is installed successfully on your server by running phpinfo file.

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1) Create a test file with .php extension

2) Paste the below code in your test file and save it.


Now run this file and find “ffmpeg”. If you are getting result like one given in the below shown screenshot, then FFMPEG is installed successfully on your local server. Else follow the above steps carefully.

FFMPEG ScreenshotFor installing FFMPEG on to your server contact your hosting provider. Do let us know your feedback on this post and doubts or clarifications, if any, in the comments section provided below.

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2 thoughts on “How to install FFMPEG on local server

  1. Denny Mcclough

    It’s one of the great tool for capturing any images and for video conversions. Gone through the ole blog post and implemented it for my local server now my thumb image quality which I created was a good one. Nice post…!!!

    • Shna

      Really Great…Thanks Much!!!

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