28 January, 2023

How To Establish A Simple Checkout Process

Simple Checkout Process

A simple checkout process is the foundation of a good eCommerce web design. A lite checkout module will ask only the essential and important inputs from the buyer and will never annoy them. So make sure to establish a simple and light checkout process for your customers.

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With Apptha’s one page checkout Magento extension, you can save the precious time of your customers by offering a simple checkout process, which normally takes six steps. As there is only one page involved in the checkout process, the customers can make changes and update their details at any point of time without the concern of missing any data. Your customers can merely fill in their personal details, payment methods, and finish the purchase quicker by excluding the unnecessary fields in billing and shipping information.

Apptha One Step Checkout   How to establish a Simple Checkout Process?

  1. Download a copy of your Magento One Step Extension.
  2. Log on to your Magento Admin Panel.
  3. Go to System–> Magento Connector–>Connect Manager
  4. Upload the package.
  5. Now the extension is installed successfully and ready to use.

The well-disposed feel is an added advantage which guarantees the repeat business. As a conclusion, this is the ever best one step checkout extension in the web world at a competitive pricing.



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  1. Jurdy Manta Reply

    People likes to go for an easy and simple check out process, this article shows very clean and simple steps for billing and shipping information. I’m gonna save as a bookmark of your blog for future updates.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hi Jurdy,

      It’s great to hear from you Jurdy, now adays customers like simple shopping and billing that’s what we stated here. Thanks for your appreciation and keep watching for future updates.

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