How to Enhance Credibility of Your Magento Online Store Using Reviews & Ratings?

Just setting up an online store alone wouldn’t do much good. It definitely needs more extensions and add-ons that specifically perform various functions that will enhance the credibility your online store to a higher level. It’s a fact that not every store is fully equipped at the base level itself. It might need more additional enhancements. one such important extension is Reviews and Ratings.

Reviews and Ratings is more of like a user testimonials to your products. Using this extension, the users can share their reviews about the products they purchased in your store. This will help you to know about the user views, satisfaction, and any queries. Also this will act as a testimonial or portrayal of how good your product is to the new and potential users! Thus, new users will be able to select your best products without any doubts.

Some of the features that will enhance credibility of your online store are as follows:
  1. Rating Chart: The clear cut look and the suave chart that will help the users to legibly read the ratings and also improves the overall outlook of your store.
  2. Social Media Integration: With this option, the users will be able to share their shopping cart, reviews, ratings, etc through social media platforms effectively.
  3. 100% Customizable: The overall interface is easily customizable and it can be done very easily without much chaos.
  4. Blocks: This extension will display the recent reviews and ratings as a block in a well sorted and aligned manner. Also the users will feel the vibrancy in the interface.

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One of the biggest advantages of the Magento Reviews and Ratings extension is that it will help big time in increasing the sales. Are you wondering how having the testimonial extension is going to help you? Well, it is straightforward. This extension displays the most accepted reviews at the starting itself thus the users will view the first hand and most voted reviews. Thus, users will most likely to do the purchase. Similarly, commenting and rating the reviews are possible thus the potential users may interact with the existing users to know more on the product.

This is a must have extension for any online store. You can try the demo here, before downloading.

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5 thoughts on “How to Enhance Credibility of Your Magento Online Store Using Reviews & Ratings?

  1. Racheal Patiya

    For any online store reviews and rating extension plays a major role for customers to know the product pros and cons. User can know the exact and real values of the product.This post explain those information’s in a detailed view. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Aiden

    Reviews and ratings for any product is a must. Because this helps to know our customers better, how they feel before buying a product and after using it. Rating and social media integration still improves the visitors trustworthy. Great and descriptive post about the extension. Gives better understanding about the product.

    • ramanathan

      Yes of course. Reviews hold more value and speak high about a product. These valuable inputs help online shoppers make a purchase decision without hesitation.

  3. Cooper

    This post clearly give the information regarding reviews and ratings. The demo link you provided is very helpful for me. Thanks

    • ramanathan

      Delighted to hear your appreciations. More information on useful Magento extension is on the way. Stay with us to find the updates regularly.

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