How to Convert the Visitors into Shoppers through E-mails?

What is the point if 1000 plus people walk in to your store and only 10 among them turn into buyers? This kind of low customer conversion rate will be disappointing and is an alarming issue for any store owner. In case of showrooms, the owner might have an idea of why the customer has left without doing any purchase, but for an online web store owner, the reason for a visitor abandoning the cart is mostly unknown.

Getting these lost visitors back and turning them into buyers is a crucial factor for any E-Commerce website owner and E-mails are the best medium through which it can be achieved. Reconnecting to such lost visitors is an effective way to improve your business and most of the E-commerce stores have started perfecting this technique in such a way that it is appropriate to the nature of the product or service they provide.

In order to retarget such lost customers, your E-mail marketing should have planned and structured contents which will impress the visitor. Let us discuss about them below.

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How should a shopping cart abandonment mail be?

The reason for a visitor to abandon a cart before making the purchase is unknown in most cases and so the first thing which your shopping cart abandonment E-Mail should be focusing on is the product which the visitor has abandoned.

Innovative product descriptions can be added along which gives them a better impression of the product and don’t forget to give a very good visual of that product.

Add attractively designed banners denoting the available discounts or offers on the particular product (if any). Most importantly, let the customer know how long the offers exists which will create a sense of urgency in their mind and make them go for the purchase immediately.

Avoid any other unnecessary links or promotions of other pages of your online store and stay focused only on the product. However, suggestions of any other related products can be included.

You can also add any customer service number in your mails to provide assistance to your visitor if he/she has any questions or doubts to be answered.

Coming to the technical part, choosing up an automated E-mail triggering system plays a vital role. Set up an automated system to immediately trigger these E-mails so that it would reach the customer immediately before he/she gets out of the mood of buying.

According to a study made by, 72 percent of those who have abandoned carts have made their purchases within 24 hours while 95 percent have taken two weeks for completing their purchase. So, sending just one customer recovery mail is not at all enough. Your next mail for the customers should be reaching them in a time of another 2-3 days for an effective re-connection.

So, make sure that your automated customer follow-up system is designed in such a way that it suits your needs well. Such an effective cart-abandonment Email system is provided by Apptha called the Customer Follow-up 1.0, which can be used for Magento powered Ecommerce sites.

Why choose Apptha Customer Follow-up 1.0?

Abandoned carts of customers can be restored in a single click by clicking the link sent in the Email

For the administrator, it is easy to install and comes with various degrees of customization

Compatible for Magento 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions

Advantages of sending abandoned cart E-Mails:

These Emails paves a way to make the visitors rethink on their decision of abandoning the cart and eventually lures them to go for the purchase.

This effective way of E-mail campaigning will bring back lost customers and once you are successful in making them buy on a re-visit, they automatically turn into your loyal customers from thereon.


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5 thoughts on “How to Convert the Visitors into Shoppers through E-mails?

  1. Rickie

    For re-targeting the customers email marketing is one of the handy technique to get the customer back to the store… A well shaped blog written with great information. Surely I’ll follow the above said points to increase more sales.

  2. Micheal

    yes, Through emails, we can get a good conversions. It’s a intelligent way to gain the lost customers.

    • ramanathan

      Hi Micheal,

      You are obviously right, it’s an excellent way to bring back the lost customers.

  3. Armando

    Visitors leave from shops for different reasons. we didn’t identify the correct reason for why they go out. Email marketing is best way to get the customers, But i’m not hope this will be the solution for conversion.

  4. Rob May

    As you said emails play a major role towards improving conversions. I checked the live demo, It’s fine. But it would have been great had you mentioned the approximate conversion rate.

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