31 May, 2023

How LetGo has Earned the Spotlight for ‘Classifieds Apps’ Market & How Can You Build an App like LetGo?

Apptha Buy Sell Mobile Classified Marketplace App

LetGo is the rising star of the online classifieds domain which is dominated by Criagslist for almost more than 2 decades now. Here are the reasons.

Since inception, LetGo has:

– Garnered $175 Million of investor backing
– Earned 45 million downloads
– Holds 20 million active monthly users
– Mediated transactions worth $23 billion
– 1 Billion + chat messages exchanged

With so much happening with the Argentina based entrepreneur Alec Oxenford’s classifieds marketplace mobile app idea, LetGo has been repeatedly in the news catching the attention of many. LetGo, with its recent tie up with Wallpop for expanding its operations in the USA, is considered to be a disruptor in the market.

How LetGo managed to do it?

  • LetGo lets users sell anything just by taking a photo and posting it to a marketplace which has people thriving to buy used goods.
  • LetGo has decided to sacrifice immediate revenue making listing, buying and selling commission-free.
  • Targets the mobile-dependent millennials as its users
  • Mediates buyer to seller communication with real-time chat instead of emails or calls or descriptive texts
  • All-new browsing, searching and chatting experience
  • Uses software that recognizes photos to categorize items making the product listing task easy

Adding to this, LetGo has plans of driving in more to the app to position it as the Numero Uno in the classifieds marketplace segment dethroning Craigslist but as of now the officials are tight lipped about it.

The LetGo Effect

Like any rapidly growing business, LetGo has caught the attention of many entrepreneurs and investors to build a business model based on the lines of LetGo. This scenario would soon lead to the rise of Letgo clone apps.

Though attempts of building Letgo clone apps would not result in a disruption of global magnitude like Letgo but could help in acquiring a chunk of a local market share where the business originates.

How to Build a Letgo Clone App

Readymade solutions are, by far, the best medium to build a LetGo Clone app. Every startup venture wants to go to market immediately as competitors are already in and scaling up. And, obviously, as a startup, you look into saving on development cost to the maximum extent.

Here is where players like Apptha Buy Sell classifieds marketplace app come in.

Apptha Buy Sell Marketplace App

Apptha Buy Sell is a readymade classifieds marketplace apps that is highly customizable. The 360 degree customization prowess it offers contributes towards building any kind of app like Carousell clone app, Wallapop clone app, OLX clone app, Quikr clone app apart from LetGo Clone app.

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Apptha Buy Sell Classifieds App

Apptha Buy Sell, though not an outright LetGo clone app, is a native, fully featured, functional mobile app that is pre-built on iOS and Android versions.

Apptha Buy sell

‘End user-friendly’ features of Apptha Buy Sell

  • Advanced filter – To find product listing easily
  • User Reviews & Ratings – Find highly reviewed and rated products and sellers
  • Targets the mobile-dependent millennials as its users
  • Multilingual compatibility – Can speak the any language
  • User management console – Profile updates, account information, previous purchase details etc
  • Product image sliders – Top selling or recently added products on sliders
  • Tracking option for seller response – Track responses of sellers for a price quote sent
  • Internal chat system with sellers – Proceed to chat and close the deal instantly
  • Location based search – Find sellers nearby to a user’s location

Apptha Buy Sell features that delight ‘Sellers’

  • Track buyers based on their location
  • Products listed can be easily classified into categories and managed without clutter
  • Faster image upload and multiple editing option
  • Price comparison for offers from buyers
  • Management console for coupon codes and offers
  • Product image sliders – Top selling or recently added products on sliders
  • Instant messaging chat facility to connect to customers
  • Notifications via emails for approvals and messages.

Apptha Buy Sell is a hyper-accommodative classifieds mobile app that can take multiple shapes to fulfill any business-specific requirements. From UI/UX changes to functional upgrades, Apptha Buy Sell app can be tweaked at all angles.

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  1. Andy Kim Reply

    This is a cool Wallapop clone app. Seems like it will bring a whole new level of comfort for building a classifieds mobile app.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Andy,

      Great to hear from you. With apptha’s buy sell classified mobile app ready solution, you can get a perfect wallapop like application for running buy and sell classifieds based on your region. If you are in hurry to develop a buy sell app reach us at bdm@apptha.com or chat with our live experts by visiting apptha.com

        1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

          Hi Alex,

          Thanks for contacting us, our executive person will reach you shortly with your given mail id.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Levi,

      You can use this readymade buy sell app for developing any kind of classified mobile app like as letgo, carousell & wallapop. And also it is 100% customizable so you can able to change yourself with your required functionalities.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hello Sophia,

      It’s great to answer for your queries. Yes this OLX like classified mobile app has the functionalities which could make neighborhood searches based on your region and the sellers and as well buyers.

  2. Wasim Reply

    I’ve been thinking for a while to create a OLX clone app, but couldn’t find a easy and affordable way to do it. Can i get all the features present in the OLX app?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Wasim,

      With this ready to go solution you can able to create a complete OLX clone app with all the necessary features and also with your additional requirements too. Chat with our live experts to get more information.


  3. Zoe Reply

    Is it possible to build a like caraousell app in a short time? If yes, How much time it will take & how much would it cost?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Zoe,

      It is 100% possible with this ready to go solution for building a carousell like classifieds mobile app. The cost will be charged based on your requirements. For cost estimates you can reach at bdm@apptha.com or chat with our live experts to get more about detailed pricing based on your needs.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Catie,

      Yes you are right, this is absolutely related to the olx clone app. With this you can create a top buy and sell application.

  4. Mark Traphagen Reply

    I’m planning to build a mobile app like letgo, Could you please guide me to know more about this readymade solution of letgo app clone and how much time it will take to complete.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Mark Traphagen,

      Thank you for reaching us, Based on your complete requirements we will give a time frame for completing the development process. To get more detailed information from you, one of our contact persons from apptha will reach you to clarify more about this letgo clone app.

  5. Paula Allen Reply

    I’m looking forward to make a second hand c2c marketplace mobile app like letgo, olx. How can I start with this letgo clone app? Guide me to proceed further.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Paula Allen,

      Thanks for you interest, Sure we will assist you on this to create an exact letgo like c2c marketplace app. I have forwarded your request to the business team. They will contact you shortly.

  6. Lincy Reply

    Hi ram, i am looking to make a website like craigslist. What are the major things i want to know about how to create a classified app from origin.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Lincy,

      Thanks for reaching us, One of our business team executive will get back to you soon to discuss further.

  7. Marcel Hauri Reply

    I need to know how to build an app like olx. Is this readymade clone app will do the exact olx like mobile app.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Marcel Hauri,

      Yes, you can make your own olx like app with this readymade solution. We forwarded your query to our business team. They will reach you ASAP. Thanks

    1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

      Hi Alex Waise,
      Thanks for reaching us, our apptha executive will get back to you soon to discuss more about your requirements.

    1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

      Hi David Erasmus,

      Thank you for reaching us. Our team will contact you shortly with required info.

  8. Charlotte Reply

    I would like to speak to someone about building an app for us like Letgo. How long it will take and how much $ to build

  9. Tony Reply

    Hi came across your website regarding apps similar in build to let’sgo classifieds app.

    Interested in more information, pricing, timelines and growth of back end over time to add more features thanks

  10. John Reply

    I would like some information on how this works, the cost, and what the turn out could be. If someone could get ahold of me that would be great!

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