4 October, 2022

How Does SellBuy, An Etsy Clone Software Work?

Working methodology of Etsy clone

Post the widespread success of Etsy, multi-vendor eCommerce has been the most sought after business model. For all those who felt creating an Etsy clone will be a daunting task, here comes the good news. Apptha has introduced SellBuy, an Etsy clone script. By installing this Etsy clone script, you can become a proud owner of an Etsy like site in no time.

The specialty of this script is that it is readily built and customizable. Even the installation process is very quick and so simple that it does not require much technical guidance. There has been too much of thinking and efforts put behind this Etsy clone and it clearly manifests in the breathtaking features. However, we leave it to you to find it. The image below conveys the business ecosystem, workflow model and key features of this Etsy clone.Working methodology of SellBuy

We are quite sure that you would have attained a good understanding on how does SellBuy, an Etsy clone software work. But if any doubts lurk in your mind, don’t hesitate.

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  1. Irena Plut Reply

    I want to explore etsy like website and I’m wandering if anyone give me a suggestion based on this etsy clone. How the package works? what are the customizable part here? Can I get the source code completely, so that I can make customizations.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hello Irena,

      Glad you are interested to build etsy like website. The package contains all the necessary source code to run an etsy store, it’s completely customizable and
      you can edit your source code as well.

      If need any further assistance, send an email about your requirements to bdm@apptha.com or visit apptha.com and chat with our live experts.

  2. Christian Deut Reply

    I am Just curious thinking about this marketplace clone, How does it categorize the product in ecommerce store based on sellers like lesser price & their credibility or by default with admin options?

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hello Christian,

      Thanks for your enquiry here. Our BD team will be there for you to clear all of your queries. You can contact via bdm@apptha.com or else visit apptha.com and chat with our live experts. They will explore more about your requirements.

  3. Michael Sean Christensen Reply

    If you dont want to invest huge time & money for creating your etsy online business means sure this kind of readymade scripts will be helpful. Visual and the working style of etsy with admin & seller differentiation shaped well.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Yes, you are absolutely right Michael. Thanks for your comments! If you have any further assistance let me know.

  4. Larry James Reply

    This infographic gives the clear view of work flow from the end user side and the features look very convincing to create an Etsy clone. Sales motivating addons are another plus for this software.

  5. Joe Hoppe Reply

    I don’t have a much knowledge in cloud hosting. How it would be helpful for the site owners? Is it really necessary and is it cost effective?

    1. Vignesh Post author Reply

      Hi Joe,

      Cloud is very advantageous as it is flexible, enables data recovery, secure etc. Along with this script you get 1 year free AWS cloud hosting.

  6. Ricky Chum Reply

    These days peoples are just turning online store to shop their products. As it leads to many entrepreneurs to start an online ecommerce store. Now Etsy like ecommerce stores are getting more popular. Developing this store requires more efforts compare to the pre built one, but before purchasing this kind of etsy clone software one should analyze the platform, secureness, robust, DB & other functionalities.

  7. Allan Stevens Reply

    There are many features available in this etsy clone and so many of them providing right now , whatever it may be? but the store need to get popular then only the products added in store make sales & increase ROI. Based on that we need to do online marketing and all traditional types of marketing to get more socialized in public.

    1. Vignesh Post author Reply

      Hi Allan,

      As you said to popularize more, we need to do hard core marketing via online & offline that impacts more on branding. Also the main concept is branding. There are many social groups available in online, we can also easily make our branding there to get more popular. Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  8. Cam Mundro Reply

    It would be better if added more insights on technical side working and how it ranges the max no of vendors & handling all of them with admin side etc. Anyway an informational about etsy working methodology.

    Could you send me the demo of this etsy clone, so that I can have a look to get more practical views.

    1. Vignesh Post author Reply

      Hi Wayne,

      Etsy is a splendid marketplace for buyers and sellers as well, Etsy doesn’t focus on deals and offers alone, They are useful in community outreach marketing, user friendly interface, image centric pages and merchandising perspective.

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