21 May, 2022

How did WordPress Video Gallery help in Fabricating Aussieip.tv? – A detailed study

This case study is on finding how WordPress video gallery plug-in was instrumental in setting up an online video portal, Aussieip.tv.

Case presentation:

Jamie Roberts, an Australian film and documentary maker, wanted to create an online platform through which he can deliver quality video content, showcase filmmaking talents and provide an opportunity for Australian producers to promote their projects.



The idea of setting up a video portal demanded a video player plug-in which can smoothly relay video content with uncompromising quality. As videos may be of different types we needed a sturdy yet flexible video plug-in which could support various video file formats and play them with without affecting audio and video quality.

How we made it?

For this challenging requirement, Apptha opted to make use of its WordPress video gallery plugin. To meet all the requirements of the client, the plugin was enhanced further.

Category-specific related videos:


Jamie wanted a change in the way the related videos are being displayed. He wanted the related video suggestions to be specific to the category which the currently played video belongs to. By using the Widget option and making appropriate changes in the code, the technical experts of Apptha got this job done.


Version update

The technical team of Apptha provided uncompromising assistance for the makers of Aussieip.tv in resolving the issues which arose while migrating towards a newer version of WordPress Video Gallery plugin. Once the update was done, all the videos links started playing a single video which doesn’t belong to the site.

While this alarming technical compatibility issue was put forth to the Apptha’s support panel, the technical team conducted shrewd inspections on various coding sections and located the issue on the .swf file. Upon making appropriate modifications to this file, the issue was resolved and Jamie got back the site from where he left.

Third-party slider widget

The other challenge faced by the technical team was the dysfunction of third-party sliders like ‘Slider Pro’ and ‘PizazzWP’. After analyzing the problem, the technical experts advised the client to add slider short code in the video page which helped in the proper functioning of the slider’s effects in the website.

Readymade solutions:

HD FLV Player

HD Flv Player

The base behind the WordPress Video gallery is the HD FLV Player which delivers high quality video and audio output. The support which the HD FLV player offers to video file formats like FLV video and H.264 encoded video formats including MP3, MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v and F4V gave a free hand for Jamie to host videos of different types.

Moreover the variety of controls provided for the video player helped the client to customize it as per his requirements.

Vimeo videos

Vimeo Videos

WordPress Video Gallery plugin which has the support for adding embed code based videos helped the client to play videos hosted on Vimeo video sharing site. With this support, Jamie was able to make use of the custom URLs the videos provided by Vimeo into his website which acted as an added advantage in improving the site’s visibility from SEO point of view.


With the increasing advancements in the field of mobile data connectivity, the number of users who watch online videos on mobile devices such as tablets, phablets and smartphones has shot up to a higher level. The HTML 5 support of WordPress Video gallery enabled Jamie to provide a seamless relay of videos posted on his website to a wide range of smartphone-dependent audiences, which eventually widened his reach.


Responsiveness is the key attribute which enables a website to provide uncompromising user experience across all mobile devices. It is because of the lack of this feature many websites, irrespective of their nature get neglected by the widely spread smartphone using community. Realizing the importance of it, Apptha has incorporated responsiveness as into this video gallery plug-in which made sure that aussieip.tv is adaptive towards screens of all sizes.

Preroll and Postroll ad support

Earning revenue is the ultimate motive of any business and the main source for a video plugin to pull in money is by running ads. Realizing the importance of this, Apptha has built the WordPress Video Gallery plugin with the capability to run VAST, preroll and postroll ads through which Jamie was able to churn out revenue.

How was Jamie Roberts benefitted?

Using WordPress Video gallery, Jamie Roberts was able to live his dream of creating an online platform which could deliver quality video contents. In a quick span of time aussieip.tv earned popularity and became a widely preferred website for producers to promote documentaries, short films and much more.

Clients speak:

Clients speak

After spending tons of efforts it was finally Apptha which made the dream a reality. Their technical expertise provided the much needed solutions to support all our operations. Apptha’s product has served us with everything right from helping us to deliver content to expanding our reach. They have helped us to differentiate and carve a niche for ourselves in the market.

WordPress Video Gallery

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    This is my first time comes and read your blog. I am genuinely impressed to read everything at alone place. The step by step case study info will help to new users. Nice job guys……..

      1. Dwain Reply

        Video contents speaks well compare to the text one. I had a look on the Aussieip.tv and watched the videos it looks more creative. Hope it receives more viewers compare to before. The updated modules and use of HTML5 is an added advantage.

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          Hello Dwain,

          Great to hear your voice here. Also read our other posts, which we update with recent trends based on our products. Thanks!

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    The client case study which can make more sense to your product. I’ve gone through the over all news about Aussieip.tv. There are a common feature in most major markets of wordpress gallery. But some utile features added here are more benefits to the customers. Really a worth product.

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