24 March, 2023

HD Video Share – How it Fueled E-tribina.com?

This case study will provide a detailed look on how HD Video Share proved to be a perfect solution to enable e-tribina.com with video playing, streaming and sharing features.

Case Presentation

Mladen Mijatovic, who had a popular sports site e-tribina.com up and running, was looking out for a perfect video sharing component that would empower his site with the ability to easily add, manage and share videos along with capability to relay live streaming videos and excerpts of popular matches.


challengeThe challenge was to provide a video sharing solution which can also support live streaming and video importing options along with facility to play various file formats with perfect video clarity and equally good sound output.

rich snippets
Secondly, Mladen wanted Google Rich Snippets extension to be integrated in his site for bettering his site’s visibility in the search engine.

How we made it?

After analyzing Mladen Mijatovic’s requirements Apptha decided to propose its readymade video sharing extension HD Video Share, developed on Joomla platform, as the solution. Our web development team was deployed to take care of other necessary integrations and customizations proposed by the client.

Readymade solutions

Live Streaming

Being a website dedicated for sports, Mladen wanted Live streaming to be one of the main feature in order to air live match footages. HD Video Share had a solution readily available for this requirement through its support for Lighttpd, RTMP, Live Telecast and Amazon S3 Live Streaming video. The live streaming support enabled e-tribina.com to relay live match coverage of widely viewed sports like football, tennis, baseball, motor sports etc.

Video Import

The video import feature allows user to import videos from widely used third-party video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and Daily Motion. This will help a site owner to import any popular or trending video from popular video sharing websites and provide it to his/her own regular audience.

To Create a Youtube like Videosharing site visit HD Video Share – A Joomla YouTube Module to Create YouTube-like website.


Websites are no longer constrained to be used either by PCs or laptops. People browse on the go and there is a rapid increase in the number of people who browse in their smartphones. This ever-increasing figure has compelled website owners to work on making their site mobile friendly.

In order to maintain an uncompromising user experience on all possible mobile browsing devices like smartphones and tablets, it is necessary for a website to be responsive. The responsive design concept of HD Video Share helped Mladen to maintain a perfectly balanced user experience across all mobile devices thus earning, irrespective of the difference in screen sizes.


While for ensuring a stable user experience on mobile devices the responsiveness of Joomla HD Video Share came into play, the other challenge for E-Tribina was to maintain the same level of quality in terms of video playing.

However, this was also made possible by the HTML 5 support option packed with HD Video Share. The HTML 5 support ensured seamless playback of high-definition match videos on mobile devices thus helping e-tribina.com to reach out more audience.

Integration of Google Rich Snippets:

With the entire built-in features perfectly serving his needs, Mladen had one more important addition to be made, which was the integration of Google Rich Snippets. He wanted his video suggestions to appear along with ratings and reviews of users accompanied by the thumbnails of the videos.

With the combined expertise of technicians who developed HD Video Share and Amaze Reviews and Ratings (an in-house plugin developed by Apptha for capitalizing on Google Rich snippets) Mladen was able to achieve what he exactly wanted.


Mladen Mijatovic was successful in bringing in the required functionalities into his site and e-tribina.com soon became a hot favorite among the Serbian crowd and is steadily growing in popularity in the global arena.

HD Video Share

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