HD Video Share has it all for a video portal for Equestrian sport

HD Video Share has been in its prime form ever since its inception and with regular version updates this video player plugin is still a frontrunner among the pool of other video player plugins developed for Joomla platform.

The recent beneficiary of HD Video Share was a client from Zurich, Switzerland named Andreas Peterhans who made the most out of the recently released 3.5.1 version of this module. Belonging to German origin, Peterhans wanted to erect a video portal that would act as an online platform for Equestrian and horse riding enthusiasts.

After trying his hand with various video plugins, Peterhans ended up choosing HD Video Share plugin and opted to go for its premium package with a view to popularize the Peterhans eventing team consisting of skilled horse riders and Equestrians.

This case study will take your over the various customizations and readymade solutions which helped in turning Peterhans’ dream into reality.

Provision for additional categories

Andreas Peterhans wanted to add four new categories of his own choice namely ‘Erfolge’, ‘Highlights’, ‘Portraits’ and ‘Kalender’ which translates to ‘Achievements’, ‘Highlights’, ‘Portraits’ and ‘Calendar’ in English. The development team of Apptha created a new module ‘VideoPlus Category’ under which the client was given provision to declare his desired categories and display them in the frontend.

additional categories

Designs, alignment and layouts

design layouts

Post the addition of categories via a new module, Peterhans was looking out to perfect the designs and layout of the website on the whole. The video thumbnails were standardized to the size 16:9. After perfecting the placement and sizes of the thumbnails, the fonts and styling were corrected. The category titles were adjusted to adapt into the size of the thumbnail images.

Mobile compatibility

As HD Video Share plugin carries HTML5 support, viewers who tune click into peterhans.com through smartphones were able to enjoy the video content in brilliant high-definition and equally good sound quality.

Mobile compatibility

However, the client experienced an issue which restricted the display of the ‘Thumb’ and ‘Preview’ URLs for mobile users, especially in iPhones and Samsung. The development team of Apptha deployed to look out towards this issue conducted extensive research to locate the problem and performed the necessary technical changes behind to get rid of the issue.

Display changes

The customized module created for housing four new categories had 1 row and 4 columns as the display limit, by default if a user clicks on the ‘View More’ button. Peterhans wanted to display limit to be extended as 7 rows and 5 columns. Apptha made the necessary changes in the PHP coding to customize the display limit for more video suggestions.

Display changes

Video suggestions

Video suggestions

Next to the change in ‘View More’ video suggestions, the client wanted a few URL changes to be made. Once a selected video has completed playing, Peterhans wanted the player to show the next successive video after selected video as the upcoming suggestion to the viewer instead of showing up the oldest video from the database. Apptha’s technicians were quick to respond to this request and made appropriate changes to the PHP codes to get the work done.




For the online medium, branding helps in bettering your business in all verticals and helps your efforts to be heard globally. Peterhans’ dream of familiarizing his equestrian sporting team came to reality through HD Video share plugin as it had provision to upload their team’s logo on the video player thus contributing for enhanced popularity and branding.

Social Media

Social media

Social networking platforms are the most potential databases in which millions of people stay active and frequently participate. Tapping out these resources in the right way will triple the popularity and help in reaching the target in no time. HD Video Share’s compatibility towards leading social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ assisted Peterhans in updating the happenings and future plans of the team via social networks and eventually earned more fan base.

Have a look at the case studies

Video Plus theme

Peterhans.com was erected using Video Plus theme as its base. The light-weight design concept of this theme helped in achieving faster loading speeds while the compatibility towards all the widely preferred browsers ensured a flawless video viewing experience for web users.

Video plus theme

The responsive nature of this extension made was the off-stage performer in achieving better user experience as it helped in maintaining a constant look and feel irrespective of the difference in the screen sizes. The HTML5 support ensured that the videos are delivered to the ever smartphone dependent web crowd with uncompromising quality.The freedom to replace the module positions was the key for inserting the client preferred categories into the website.

Additionally the multiple language support of HD Video Share helped in developing peterhans.com in the language preferred by the client.

How was Peterhans benefited?

Post all the customizations, Peterhans.com came out as a classic piece that replicated the thoughts of Andreas Peterhans. Soon, it became popular among the equestrian lovers and horse riding enthusiasts and is now serving to be an online platform which speaks volumes about the success of Peterhans’ sporting team.

Have a look at the case studies on Thisisbeptv and videopunchtvnetwork to know how HD Video Share has been flexible and versatile in serving the needs in different use cases.

Clients speak:

Clients speak
Uncompromising in quality and patient in support. Their complete understanding of the product helps them to bend it as per any requirement. HD Video Share was a comprehensive solution delivered by team Apptha. Kudos to the technicians and the support team as well.

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