HD Video Share – A Joomla YouTube Module to Create YouTube-like website

Post the initial success of blogging on websites as part of the corporate internet marketing campaigns, it is now sharing of videos that are fast catching up as the latest trend driving the online content strategy by businesses to provide maximum exposure an visibility for their brands. Presently, there are many online resources that can be used to develop an entirely operative/ ready-to-use video sharing YouTube like website. The Joomla module is one such content management system that makes the video sharing activity extremely fruitful and convenient.

In present day, making the online business practices competitive requires new ideas that are backed by technological innovation. It is very difficult nowadays to imagine how the Internet will look like without audio visual content. Perhaps, it will become next to impossible to market the website online! Using videos, animations, images and SEO friendly content attracts and engages with prospective customers in an effective way.

If you use the Joomla content management system, making your website compatible with Video Share will be as easy as signing in your email inbox. Sharing videos with the Joomla YouTube module is easier because of the recent development in availability of the Joomla video gallery component on the web, the Joomla component repository that enables functionality of embedded links for audio visual content, and the ability of a Joomla user to develop video archives classified as per their relevance.

Joomla’s YouTube module features

  • HD videos can be shared using the available Joomla plug-in on Apptha’s HD VideoShare
  • Apptha’s HD VideoShare is utilized for making the website compatible to video share functionality.

Benefits of using Joomla’s YouTube module feature

  • The Joomla extension is available with an in-built video player known as HD FLY Player!
  • The Joomla extension is available with 6 Joomla modules at no cost
  • Video embedding is easier through: Local Disk, YouTube or other URL’s
  • Joomla’s YouTube module also enables the user to take advantage of the video archive. In the Joomla video archive, the videos can be classified according to the new, old and other classification.

Technical specification benefits of Joomla

  • Convenience due to availability
  • Video content formats such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLV, WMVcan be used
  • Videos can be downloaded and posted from various websites such as YouTube, Daily motion and Vimeo
  • Many video archives can be used with a single download
  • Videos can be posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites

Developing a YouTube-like website with Joomla

  • Install the Joomla HD Video Share extension
  • Sign in your Joomla Admin panel
  • Click on extensions
  • Choose the specific file that is to be downloaded and then download it
  • Once the installation is complete you can get the advantage of using 6 modules

Not many sites out there embed videos into their Joomla site. With knowledge about integrating videos into your Joomla site, you have a very distinct website that is sure to grab full visibility amongst website visitors, and thus help you business garner better revenues.

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