31 May, 2023

Free vs Paid: Multi Vendor Marketplace Module

Free vs Paid Multi Vendor Marketplace

If a readymade solution is on your mind to build a multi vendor ecommerce store the most intriguing question that shoots up in your mind would be  “Do I really need to pay to build a multi vendor ecommerce store?”

This question refrains most of the ecommerce business aspirants from investing in paid multi vendor scripts as many free multi vendor scripts have sprouted up in the market of late.

So, here comes a decoding that helps you compare paid multi vendor module vs free multi vendor module based on factors like investment, customization capabilities, technical support etc.

A Drill Down of ‘Types of Multi Vendor Scripts’

Basically there are four types of multi vendor marketplace modules available in the market:

  • Free – Scripts that boasts of $0 investment
  • Paid – Scripts that offer a set of features and functionalities for a price
  • Suites – Wholesome solutions that take care of additionals like social commerce, mobile commerce etc
  • Premium Suites – Solutions that include enterprise level support and maintenance services including server, performance optimization etc.

The premium suites largely target heavy investors but our focus is on startups and SMBEs. So, We’ll stick to Free Vs Paid multi vendor scripts for the rest of the blog.

Price Breakup: Free Multi Vendor Scripts Vs Paid

Paid multi vendor marketplace software cost you around $500 to $1000 USD and here is break up of what demands you to pay the sum.

Free multi vendor marketplace software offer the basic functionalities alone and every other functionalities come for a price in the form of add-ons.

  • Multi Vendor General Features
  • Multiple ‘Product Types’ Support
  • Product Attributes
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Social Login for Sellers
  • Seller Vacation Mode
  • Internal Mailing System
  • Bulk Product Import/Export
  • Product and Seller Commission
  • Seller Price Comparison
  • Seller Deals Page
  • Custom Shipping Rate
  • Free Shipping
  • SEO Friendliness
  • Seller Dashboard
  • YouTube Videos Support
  • One Step Checkout
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Super Menu
  • Quick Product View
  • Out of Stock Notification
  • Product Sold Count
  • Advanced Filters
  • Free Themes
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Total Number of Features = 24
  • Cost
  • $99
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $99
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $149
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $49
  • $149
  • $149
  • Total Cost = $1576
  • Free
  • Cost of addons unavailable = $888
  • Paid
  • Paid Script Cost = $999

 So here it is. The break up of the investment you do on buying a paid readymade marketplace script and free readymade marketplace script.

Comparatively, you’ll end up shelling out more money for a free marketplace extension as you’ll have to buy a long list of add-ons to give your marketplace website feature-rich and convenient for vendors and shoppers.

 Now moving on to the other factors, support and customization.

Marketplace Support Period

Additional support period for free marketplace extension = $300 USD

Support periods offered by paid Magento multi vendor scripts usually range between 60 to 90 days. Over this time period, business owners will be given complete technical support emails, forums, live chat, on-demand voice/video calls.

This support period is absolutely free and so you don’t get to spend exclusively for the support service.

Marketplace Customization

You can approach a paid multi vendor script developers for personalization, tweaks and downsizings which will cost you man hours of development resource hiring. Whereas in case of free Magento marketplace extensions it will once again be purchase of additional add-ons.

Paid Multi Vendor Magento Extension Vs Free Multi Vendor Magento Extension – Which one to choose ?

Well, nothing comes for free, and if it does, it is just a crowd pulling marketing strategy which saves the sales pitch for last.

Paid listing are, in more than one way, better to go for as they are much more transparent which helps in making the perfect buying decision.

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  1. Fellah Darice Reply

    I know that free marketplace extensions are not that worth to go with. Because, I have experienced with one of the free extension and the script is completely buggy and not able to manage with that.

    The Listed addons and price factors makes huge difference between free marketplace & paid one. Go with paid marketplace for a complete functionalities with clear operations on managing multi vendor platform.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Fellah,

      Yes obviously, the free stuffs will make you a pain staking after a while. At least a standard marketplace setup will help the website & multi vendor functionalities a stable one.

  2. Lloyd S. Sedarer Reply

    I am trying to build a marketplace website for hand made vintage items and for fashion accessories. I want to add small scale vendors in this and I need a complete marketplace store in short while with affordable package.

    Is this possible with your marketplace script? Any one can reach me loy***rsi12@yahoo.com and explain in detail to start with this.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Lloyd,

      Its great to hear your requirements. Going with apptha multi vendor marketplace is a fine option and you can be able to manage all the in-depth vendor functionalities. To explain in detail one of our executive will reach you shortly with your given mail.


        1. Alex Sam Post author Reply

          Hello Shabeen! What type of rental market place are you looking for? Our team will get in touch with you to enquire about your requirements!

  3. youssef Alami Reply

    From my experience, investing on a paid marketplace script is a better option rather than free download, Because the free marketplace software module contain only the basic features, additionaly you have to integrate the neccessary functionalities from the paid extensions, So better choose a full packed readymade marketplace software in single payment.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Dear Youssef,

      That’s a great suggestion from you. Free purposes are just for name sake as you said. Going with paid is a better option for those who needs a stable & standard marketplace store.

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