23 January, 2022

Finest Collection of Magento Resources for Developers and Ecommerce Store Owners!

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Do you run a Magento ecommerce store or planning to set up one? If you do then this article is exclusively for you! Here, I have compiled a list of Magento resources useful for developers and store owners. Be it an advanced developer or a beginner, the list would be highly useful for your business growth. Unlike other articles that comprise only particular resource set, here I have listed top-quality popular physical books, ebooks, videos, tutorials, tools, etc. to keep your process of online search simple and easy. I didn’t stop with this! But, I’ve included a few interesting Magento information sources that could benefit and add value to your ecommerce business as well! Find the different kinds of resources exclusively at one stop and give your business the much expected and needed growth.

Magento has taken the entire ecommerce industry by storm and has been revolutionizing since then. With said that, there is nothing wrong in exploiting Magento and maximizing the power of it to experience high returns. The out-of-the-box features of Magneto have made it a fantastic platform. However, it is a must to learn the tricks and trades of Magento to get the fullest benefit and use of it. I hope this article would serve as a gateway for learning Magento-related information and utilizing it efficiently for successful online ecommerce. I don’t want to buy your time any longer and here we are with the list of resources!

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Magento physical and e-books for developers and web owners:

It is a beginners’ guide that will let you understand the basic concepts of Magento and its functionalities.

It is a step-by-step guide to setting up own online store and learning key features of Magento.

Learn how to customize and extend Magento functionality using PHP with the help of this book.

Learn the art of transforming your ecommerce site to a mobile-friendly one to expand your business and customer base with the help of these high-rated books by popular authors.

  • Magento user guide for Magento guide 1.7 absolutely free of cost. Click the download option in the website to enhance your knowledge on newly upgraded Magento features.

Magento tutorials for developers and web owners:

  • Here, you could some interesting Magento tools and tutorials that are highly beneficial for ecommerce business and how to enhance its performance.
  • Learn how to customize Magento templates and working with Magento CMS. The tutorial comprises both the text and video tutorial as well.
  • Educate yourself with how to create Magento plugins on your own from the scratch using this tutorial. It is a high-quality tutorial with easy-to-understand information.

Magento video tutorials for developers and web owners:

  • This site comprises 9 different pages of video tutorials comprising advanced installation, specific extensions, payment processes, shipping, user management, etc. that are quite useful for Magento developers and business owners.
  • Learn how to add products, promo codes, coupons, install extension, process order, customize CMS page from this tutorial.

Magento tools and useful information for your glance:

Find interesting details on Magento SEO, ultimate extensions list, webinars, speeding up website, knowledge base, etc. from this resource for business betterment.

I hope the entire list of resources provided on this single page proved useful to both the ecommerce owners and developers. If you find anything interesting apart from what I’ve listed out in this article, please do comment.

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