27 November, 2021

Critical Questions You Must Ask & Answer Before Starting Your Multi Vendor Ecommerce Store

Q&A for building Marketplace

Brimming with the fancy to build your own multi vendor ecommerce store like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.? Well, then you ought to ask yourself these questions.

We got you covered with some ideal answers too, just in case you get lost trying to find the answers on your own.

So, grab some notes and dive into the details to build your first ecommerce store that will become the next Amazon, eBay or etsy.

Que: What are the Different eCommerce Platforms available to build an ecommerce marketplace?

The most commonly used ecommerce platforms include Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, osCommerce, BigCommerce, Virtuemart, PrestaShop, Ablecommerce, 3DCart, opencart, bigcartel, etc.

Ecommerce Platforms for Marketplace

Magento leads the race as the most reliable and scalable multivendor ecommerce store. In fact, it also tops the charts as an option for building ecommerce stores that are completely SEO friendly. Building a Magento multi vendor ecommerce store comes with inherent benefits like unlimited product listings, scalability at will, stable releases, frequent updates and so on.

Que: What is best economical & practical platform for building a multi vendor e-commerce?

Magento is considered as the best platform for building ecommerce stores. It provides massive scalability, extreme flexibility and ease of access.

Some of its noteworthy benefits are listed as below:

  • Magento websites can be optimized for fast loading under 3 seconds
  • Magento ecommerce store are SEO friendly
  • They are user-friendly with simple yet powerful interfaces
  • There are several enterprise solutions to pick from based on need
  • It can be integrated with 3rd party app/integrations for further use

Que: Which one is better: Ready Made Store or Custom eCommerce?

Both the choices have their own shares of pros and cons. Readymade scripts give you the merits of flexibility, customization, scalability and quick launch. However, they are easily available and hence can be used by competitors. The template might seem identical to many other online stores.

Custom web development is expensive, takes a long time to code, test and deploy. It can be modified and customized in any way. Scalability is possible but takes times and is costlier since dedicated resources need to be bought. However, the ecommerce website will have its own unique identity that cannot be easily replicated. Read more about readymade scripts and custom web development pros and cons.

Que: E-Commerce: How much will it cost to build a website like Amazon/Ebay/Etsy/Airbnb?

A rough estimate to build an ecommerce website like Amazon/Ebay/Etsy/Airbnb is tabled as under:

Cost Estimate to Build Marketplace

Que: Which is the best Multi Vendor Ecommerce solution to build an ecommerce website like ebay & Etsy?

An ideal choice of a multi vendor ecommerce solution must have 4 essential characteristics: budget friendly, quick-to-market, bug-free and easily scalable. Apptha scores high on all of of these aspects. In fact, it even throws some weight around with an array of impressive features that will not only boost sales for your ecommerce store but will also make its management a breeze through.

More about Apptha Marketplace.

Que: How do I set up an online marketplace store easily

There are several things that should be taken into account before setting up an ecommerce business. After launching an ecommerce business could give you a huge break in life that no other career can give.

Some resources you will require for setting up an ecommerce business:

  • Adequate capital
  • Registration with authorities for carrying on business operations
  • Business/Revenue model
  • Competitor analysis
  • Inventory of niche products/services
  • Shopping cart system or ecommerce website
  • Multivendor ecommerce scripts or custom web development services
  • Online payment integration services
  • Liaison with suppliers/vendors for diverse range of products
  • Logistic arrangements

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  1. Nicole Brooke Reply

    I want to build a marketplace website, which deals with my local sellers. Is it possible to add local sellers location (map) with this readymade script?

    1. Ganesh Narayan Post author Reply

      Hello Nicole,

      Good to see you here, this marketplace script enables with Google map functionalities and you can add google map address based on your sellers location. For assistance chat with our live experts by visiting apptha.com.

  2. Brad Lear Reply

    Thanks for the faq and I have few questions on buulding a markeplace website with etsy like functionalities and I want to talk with some one from your team. Could you arrange any one for this.


    1. Ganesh Narayan Post author Reply

      Dear Brad,

      Sure, could you add your contact number or skype ID to reach you. And also you can visit apptha.com and ask your questions with our live experts.

  3. István Maczkó Reply

    Is it possible to integrate multi language translate option in multi vendor store, bcoz I want to make an ecommerce store with english and my regional language.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Post author Reply

      Hi István Maczkó,

      Surely you can get this option via customization, I revert your query to our business team, they get back to you soon.

  4. Sjoerd Handgraaf Reply

    So, how long this marketplace script took to go on live and I need to build this marketplace portal in a short span of time.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Post author Reply

      Hi Sjoerd Handgraaf,

      Thanks for writing, Our business team executives will reach you shortly.

  5. Trevore Wallache Reply

    I need to find a niche, so that I can start an online multi vendor marketplace? Also guide me on installing this marketplace software?

    1. Ganesh Narayan Post author Reply

      Hello Trevore,

      Good Day to You! Thanks for reaching Apptha. Find a niche based on your competitor and the products. Also research the top notch selling products in terms of electronics, life style & fashion etc. Get sellers based on that niche and implement your marketplace website. Please do visit apptha.com and chat with our live experts to install your marketplace package.


  6. Ciscel Atzakan Reply

    Is joomla, wordpress platform best to create an online shopping marketplace compare to magento? Which yields the best in terms of technical functionalities, frame work?

    Magento is the best eCommerce solution, it allows you to implement different stores with unique design and features.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Post author Reply

      Hello Ciscel,

      Thanks for your questionnaire, in terms of technical functionalities & frame work magento is the solid one to create marketplace stores and security is a major concern for an ecommerce store. To over come this magento has it’s sturdy code makes more complex in all ways.

      Going with magento is one of the best option.


  7. Patricia Reply

    HI Ganesh, is it possible to set up a ready made script such as Apphta with zero developer intervention? What would be the best template to achieve such a goal if at all possible?

    1. Ganesh Narayan Post author Reply

      Hey there! Thanks for getting in touch.

      Yeah, you can set up a full-fledged website using our readymade multi vendor marketplace script. You won’t need any developer intervention. But, in case you need any customizations to make the script more adaptive to your business model, you might need some help from our developers.

      As for selection of template, you can pick anything of your choice from the free templates that we are providing along with the script. For anything specific to your choices, we might have to work it out.

  8. Norah Salazar Reply

    Thanks for sharing the tabulated cost structure for building an ecommerce shopping website. Hope this info will be more helpful for those who looking to make an online multivendor marketplace.

  9. Ahmed Gaber Reply

    I have a plan for creating an online marketplace website with advanced multi vendor dashboard features for Admins and sellers profile. Also want to do some additional customization in template design. please reach me @ ahme*****@gmail.com

    1. Ganesh Narayan Post author Reply

      Hi Ahmed Gaber, one of our executives will reach you to discuss about your overall requirements.

  10. Matthew Justin Reply

    I am interested in creating multi vendor ecommerce shopping store. So, I need this ecommerce marketplace software. Could you please explain about this.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi Matthew Justin,

      It’s great you found our post and thanks for contacting us! One of our business executive will contact you shortly.

  11. Lucy Reply

    This Post which gives a clear details about what are the necessary things have to know before creating a multi vendor eCommerce website

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