Enhance Your Website Speed: Insights for Success

What do you call user experience? Well, it can’t be defined by one or two attributes. However, a crucial element that can play a major role on user experience is the site speed! Do you know what slow page load can cost your site? Yes, it is proven that page load of 1 second can cause millions of losses to businesses as customers will skip your website much faster! 

Not only users hate your website with slow page loads but also the search engine giant, Google. The position of site on the SERPs may be dragged down if Google finds your site takes a long time to load. This could, otherwise, mean devastation to your business.

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Why page load can decide success and failure of business?

  • Sudden dip in customer visits
  • Increased bounce rate
  • No conversions
  • No repeat customers
  • No subscriptions
  • No use even after publishing top-notch guest post in top sites
  • No purchase
  • No improvement in Google SERPs
  • No business improvement

From the above discussion it is evident that slow page loading can really harm your business and sales. Well, so far we’ve addressed the problem and now let’s take a look into the solutions part as well.

How to decrease page loading time/increase page speed?

First of all you need to analyze what causes the page loading problem. It may be overwhelming images or videos loaded on site, layout, or anything.

You can address this issue in two ways: (i) with a help of designers or (ii) on your own with single extension deployed on site.

If you think the first is the safest way, then you might have to spend some serious money on that as hiring designer for this could drain your pocket easily. On the other hand, the second option would be highly appreciated as it doesn’t require any pro efforts and cost-effective compared to first case.

Say you’ve decided upon and chosen the second case! What type of extension should be worthy for improving page load?

An extension with below features might do the job for you.

  • Facility to add/delete products on cart page with zero page loads
  • Intuitive designing
  • Multi-store support
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy access to products with no page reloading

Want to know where to find such an extension? You don’t have to break your head to search an extension with such features. Magento Ajax Cart Pro is a powerful extension having the ability to zero in page reloading issue in no time.

Want to impress customers, don’t waste time, add this fantastic extension to your site for better conversions and sales.

For more information about the product and downloading it, click here: http://www.apptha.com/magento/ajax-cart-pro

For checking out the functionality of the product, click here: http://www.apptha.com/demo/ajax-cart-pro

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