How to Display Products in Homepage Magento 2.0

The storefront is the first thing that a customer sets his eyes on when logging into your store. You better make it the best you can, lest your customer log out and find another place to splurge on.

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In this article,I am going to tell you the step-by-step process to display products in homepage. I’ll also explain how you can customize the page to display products in magento 2 based on conditions like best sellers, top rated, available on offers so on and so forth.

Step 1:

Login to Magento 2 Admin Panel.

Step 2:

Go to Content -> Pages. You will see a list of Magento cms pages like Homepage, Privacy policy ,About us, etc.

Menu Content Pages

Step 3:

Click on Select -> Edit button on the right corner to edit the respective pages. You can also use the ‘Delete’ or ‘View’ option to perform the said functions.

Edit Delete Options

Step 4:

Next, under Content -> Text Editor click on the Insert Widget button which will open a pop up.

Insert Widget

In the widget, choose the widget type, enter relevant title (like best selling, trending, on offer, etc.).

  • You can also opt for or against page control in the same widget.

  • Select the desired template – show as grid or column. By default, the option will be set as grid.

  • Enter the cache lifetime in seconds.

  • Set special conditions like price ,sku and all catalog related attributes, etc., if any.

  • Once done with all of the above, click on the Insert widget button and clear the cache.

Step 5:

Refresh the home page to see the changes in action.

Homepage Display

That brings to the close of how to display product in Magento 2 homepage.

Hope we have thrown full light on how to show featured product in Magento 2. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us.

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