Top 7 Solutions to Create an Online TV Channel In 2024

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Who wouldn’t want to sit with their favorite drink and a tub of popcorn in front of their smart TV, binge-watching their favorite shows and series? Enjoying indoor entertainment has become the new normal, often preferred over going out for a picnic or fishing. As a result, content producers today are focusing on creating online TV channels to meet streaming demands.

Not only content creators, but also various brands, businesses, educational institutions, religious services, fitness experts, artists, and event planners are exploring ways to make their mark in the video streaming world.

So it’s high time that traditional broadcasters shift to online TV channels. Sticking to traditional ways can make you outdated and unwanted. Why take such a risk when you can easily start your online TV channel, integrate both TV channels and OTT content, and stay on top of this booming industry?

Just as the world is evolving with the perks of the internet, you too should give your viewers a technological boost to shift from offline TV channels to online TV channels.

 Let us give you factual data for a better understanding, the global OTT revenue is projected to reach $215 billion by 2029. So, it is a wake up call for you to start shifting to an OTT channel and be guaranteed to make millions of dollars with the right OTT video platform

As viewers are more choosy about what they watch, OTT platforms are luckily keeping them content and curious. Just like the other popular and influential OTT platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and  Prime, are catching on to the viewer’s hype limitlessly, why shouldn’t yours? All you need is a little push and confidence and this blog will give you that! 

We have highlighted various OTT platforms that are available in the market for you to get started right away!

Benefits of Creating an Online TV Channel

The benefits of creating an online TV channel are immeasurable. Starting with giving your viewers the accessibility to watch your online TV channel from their gadgets to offering them customizable subscription packages, everything can be done right at your fingertips.

Now that you are aware of the scope of having an OTT channel, do you know how to start a TV channel on the Internet? If not, here is the list of benefits that you should know right before starting your online TV channel,

Flexible Viewing experience

Viewers can conveniently view your channel,  irrespective of time, place, and stability of internet connection. Online TV channels are highly capable of letting viewers watch their favorite shows, movies, series, and channels from a single destination. 

Unified Streaming

Viewers need not switch platforms to access TV channels and OTT content when they can view everything on one unified online TV channel. It saves them the trouble of searching for channels, avoiding the need to buzz through thousands of unwanted channels.

Higher Viewer Rate

Once you shift from traditional methods to an online TV channel, you are expanding the opportunity to multiply your viewing rate. It attracts millions of viewers to your channel at the cost of a single click.

Community Building 

It gives a bigger opportunity to build a community to engage viewers of mutual interest. You can create a page for your online channel where you can engage with your viewers to share their thoughts and suggestions to stream content based on their feedback.

Maximize Revenue

With online TV channels, you are widening the scope to maximize ROI. You can use the various monetization models that come along with that and can make loyal and long-term viewers by providing well-played subscription plans. 

Arent these benefits amazing? Getting started with an online TV channel as a beginner can take time and effort. However, we have gathered information based on how the OTT platform works its benefits, and other criteria to help you feel confident moving forward.

How to Start an Online TV Channel?

You can indeed start your online TV channel in just 4 days. Yes, it’s as easy as that, as various OTT streaming platforms let you collaborate and stream both your TV channels and OTT video content from one place effortlessly.

For those who are still wondering how to start an online TV channel, please do not skip this session, it is for you.  All you need to do is read these benefits and see why you need to shift to an online TV channel. 

Complete Customization of TV Channel

Create and customize a complete online TV channel suiting your needs. Do you know that there are various digital OTT streaming platforms available on the market that let you get started in minutes without any need for technical skills or software download? Just check their pricing page, pick the plan that meets your requirements & budget, and launch your online TV channel in minutes. 

Hosting on Your Preferred Choice (On Cloud/ On-Premise)

Your online channel can become accessible to your viewers when you host your streaming website on On cloud or On-premise using embedded source codes. 

Own a Fully White Label Solution

Take complete ownership of your OTT platform with the white-label solution offered by the OTT streaming platforms. Personalize your channel, with the features that you require host it in the streaming platform, and showcase your distinctiveness. 

Convenient Streaming to VOD 

Store your videos in the VOD library for viewers to watch and playback any number of times. Organize and manage your library by stocking the most browsed video content as well as those that haven’t seen the light of day. Who knows, they may easily reach millions of views in a jiffy.

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Streamlined CMS for Video Management

Make sure that the digital OTT streaming platform you choose has a built-in video CMS to manage and organize your video content efficiently into one unified platform. 

Ironclad Secure Streaming

Your online TV channel must possess an ironclad secure streaming with a sturdy secure DRM, to ensure that your platform’s content is encrypted, password-protected, and piracy-protected

Compatible Streaming with an All Device Player

HLS video player is what every online TV channel needs, the platform that you have chosen, must have this feature to quickly deliver high-quality, stutter-free videos. Make sure to give your audience an amazing viewing experience with this kind of streaming.

Top 7 Solutions to Create an Online TV Channel

You can create an online TV channel simply and easily by just subscribing to one of the 7 platforms that we have listed. Though there is plenty of OTT video streaming platform that answers all your queries on how to build your online TV channel, still, choosing one from the list,  will be what you might need as a beginner. 

Here are the top picks such as Vplayed, Contus Tech, Muvi, Dacast, Kaltura, Vimeo OTT, and Brightcove. Look through the list and choose for yourself, 

1. VPlayed

Top-tier OTT platform to launch your online TV channel in just 4 days!

VPlayed is a leading digital OTT streaming platform, perfect for streamers who wish to create an Online TV channel.  You can just launch and own your OTT platform in just 4 days!

It offers monetization flexibility, multi-device support, and an HLS player to let viewers enjoy a theater-like watching experience.

 VPlayed is a self-hosted OTT streaming solution that helps content owners, broadcasters, publishers, and distributors build their own video streaming platforms. You can organize, manage, distribute, and monetize content from a single dashboard.

Standout Features of VPlayed for Starting Your Online TV Channel
  • Multi DRM solution to ensure a safer viewing experience for your viewers.
  • Built-in CMS library to organize, upload, edit, and manage your video library effortlessly for seamless OTT streaming.
  • Take complete ownership of your branded online TV channel with a white-label solution.
  • 10+ video monetization models to multiply revenue and maximize profitable income.
  • Real-time analytical live dashboard to get instant insights into your video performance and set custom metrics for future streaming.
  • Drive traffic to your channel with growth-driven optimized strategies with actionable insights offered through VPlayed’s white-label video marketing solution. 
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2. Contus Tech

Hire & Build your OTT platform with World-Class Development Experts!

Contus Tech is a premium OTT development platform that helps you develop your own OTT platform with the help of the world’s best OTT developers. With the unique blend of diverse tech stacks, you can own an online TV channel that is scalable, secure, user-friendly, and customizable on your terms and at your convenience. 

 All you have to do is hire an expert in their Development Team, who will guide you efficiently to launch your OTT platform in no time while ensuring consistent viewer experiences across diverse platforms.

Top-notch OTT app development feature of Contus Tech
  • Ready-to-work team, who curates the OTT platform just the way you want, by working around the clock. 
  • Cross-platform development to maximize audience reach with adaptable solutions.
  •  Build your OTT app on a scalable, secure cloud foundation for resilient and flexible functioning.
  • Global Video CDN to ensure buffer-free, high-quality streaming worldwide.
  • Seamlessly integrate with 200+ external apps and services for remarkable OTT streaming. 

3. Muvi

Take complete control of your OTT  streaming channel with Muvi!

Muvi is the most prominent broadcasting platform that lets you launch your online TV and audio channels. You can build a wondrous online TV channel with its advanced content management to organize your unique library and monetization plans to maximize your ROI.

Muvi’s advanced drag and drop EPG takes less time and effort to schedule your content in advance to start viewing them instantly, instead of updating the running hours.  Start earning immediately with its impressive ad support, by streamlining it into your workflow.

Remarkable Internet TV Channel Features Offered by Muvi:
  • Stream with built-in Global CDN to deliver lag-free, uninterrupted video content across your channel.
  • Cutting-edge video cloud hosting to deploy your channel on an on-premise single server.
  • Automatic video encoding and transcoding for an enticing viewing experience.
  • Let viewers seamlessly enjoy videos on your online TV channels with a stutter-free HLS video player.
  • Boost your video performance by tracking and monitoring metrics with analytics and reports

4. Dacast

Best OTT platform with state-of-the-art Online TV broadcasting features!

Dacast is one of the leading OTT platforms that lets you seamlessly stream VOD  content on your own OTT apps across multiple devices. It offers a variety of features that let you build your online TV channel based on Nix video broadcasting methods, including satellite and cable. 

They have tailored an impressive number of content Expos to display an array of playlists to match the audience’s preferences. Instantly monetize from your gallery by integrating ads into your workflow or secure paywall.

 Upgrade your Internet TV Channel with Dacast features: 
  • Organize and manage your video content with a well-established CMS system 
  • Secure streaming with enhanced video security features that ensure private uploading.
  • Multiple video monetization tools that let you convert your content into revenue 
  • Highly customizable white-labeled player with HTML5 Video Player to add your logo and themes.

5. Kaltura

Offering the best solution to optimize your broadcasting needs!

With the Kaltura cloud TV platform, you can build the most trusted online TV service for your viewers. Powered by cloud TV transformation, you can bring OTT services, and online TV channels together for viewers to access from one unified platform. 

Kaltura lets you make ample money from your online TV channel with its built-in viewer-friendly features.  With Kaltura, you can constantly gauge your channel performance by assessing consumers’ behavior with ARPU and NPS scores. 

Key Features of Kaltura for your Web TV Channel :
  • Distribute your content seamlessly in your channel supported by dynamic encryption, and  CDN global delivery.
  • Maximize ROI by delivering buil-it monetization plans that offer attractive content packages.
  • APIs and other app integrations, to let your viewers enjoy an uninterrupted and amazing viewing experience. 
  • Viewers can access your online TV channel from any device on both IOS and Android. 

6. Vimeo OTT

Give your TV channel a new dimension with Vimeo OTT! 

how to build online tv channel

Vimeo OTT lets you own your digital subscription channel, helping you find the right audience and monetize your content more easily. With Vimeo, all you need to do is focus on the content of your channel; the rest will be taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about starting an online TV channel. They promise HD-quality streaming that is as user-friendly as Netflix.

 So, what else do you need to start your channel today? Vimeo also helps you maximize your subscribers by providing access to user behavior insights based on the content you stream and how viewers respond to it.

Notable Features of Vimeo OTT for Your Internet Channel!
  • Give your subscribers a seamless viewing experience across devices like  Android, Apple TV, AndroidTV, Roku, Apple iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, and Xbox.
  • Monetize your online TV channel with (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and FVOD).
  • Advanced analytical tools to help you with decision-making on your channel performance. 
  • Access to built-in marketing and promotion tools to expand viewership. 

7. Brightcove

Transform TV Broadcasting into Online Excellence with Brightcove!

Brightcove is one of the best and trusted streaming technologies that offers you rich solutions by processing your online TV channel creation, right from building, and testing, to launching your OTT platform in a matter of days. The recently launched  OTT Flow X, powered by Accedo with a turnkey solution, facilitates broadcasters and content owners to reach the market quickly.

Brightcove offers user-friendly UX/UI customization, and integrations with third-party systems designed specially for smart TVs and game consoles.

Brightcove’s Top Features for Your Online TV Channel:
  • HTML5 video player with the latest version for a seamless viewing experience.
  • Well, protected, safe, and secure video content delivery that restricts piracy.
  • APIs, SDKs for DAM/MAM, CRM, and CMS to help you organize and flawlessly deliver your video content.
  • Integrate with any viewer-friendly apps and let them access your channel without needing to shift platforms. 

These 7 platforms stand unique in their way, delivering features curated for the needs of different audiences. While you may find certain features new and overwhelming, take the time to choose the right one for you. The feature highlights session commemorates the part where you can ensure the technical capability of the platform. It’s the right time to make the shift and stay updated among your competitors, instead of sticking to older methods.

We hope the above-mentioned list points out what you have been looking for. One wise decision made in time can bring tremendous positive outcomes beyond your wildest dreams. We wish you all the best in building your online TV channel!

If you already have an idea about creating an Online TV Channel, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!

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