Contus Unveils “Win ToDo” App for Windows 8 with First-rate Features!

Designing apps is not something new for Contus!  It has already got some master-class apps under its belt for Android, IOS, and Windows! Only difference now is, it has ventured into the market with the second app named “Win ToDo” for Windows 8! Contus is a leading top-notch Web and Mobile application development company offering solutions for various businesses and individuals. Our renowned craftsmen are expertise at creating apps for games, entertainment, business, etc. We are hardly satisfied with standard development processes and often love to venture new space, which is rather untouched, to prove what we actually are capable of! This time we looked down into creating a worthy app for Windows 8 which is much sought-after in today’s market. Our hard work over the past few months has paid off and here we are with the launch of “Win ToDo” second app for Windows 8 with first-rate features. Most people have the habit of postponing their tasks; until the tasks pile up hugely and stare at them filling all over the place. It causes enormous burdens and setbacks to many when carrying them out again. The best and easiest way to address this issue is by creating a “to-do list” reminder. With the help of this nifty software, living an organized life becomes highly possible. Similarly, Contus’ Windows 8 app comes up with some special features which will quite cast a magical spell on the users who implement them. We would rather love to call it as a “Smart app” for its special features like sharing lists and setting limitless reminders per day. Win ToDo app for Windows 8 helps the users a great deal by allowing them to create impeccable to-do lists with ease. The user-friendly interface and easy-to-use navigation features have made this app a perfect choice for everyone. Schedule any kind of meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. efficiently using this simple yet effective software. The amazing features of this wonderful app are stated below:

  • Easy to add, edit, delete to-do/task from home screen
  • Scheduling of to-do’s/task using Date and time
  • Toast notifications/alert reminder shows up 10 minutes before of the to-do task
  • Share To-do using share button in charm bar
  • Easily postpone to-do
  • Repeated all days

Better task management: Obviously, you can manage the tasks in a better manner. Using this app is one can easily add, edit, and delete to-do tasks from the home screen with ease, that too just with a single click! The task management using this app is highly uncomplicated and ease-of-use. Scheduling events: Creating tasks on any particular date and time is absolutely simple and you are allowed to set limitless reminders each day. Utilize the date and time feature to add, edit and delete task effectively. Reminder alerts: On scheduling events, the reminder alerts you 10 minutes before the to-do task promptly. Sharing the lists: It incorporates a special option called “Share Button” exclusively for this purpose. The to-do tasks are added to the Charm bar and you can share the to-do list effortlessly with anyone using this option. Postponing task made easy: Postponing the task is never going to be troublesome using this app. You can postpone any task later efficiently in a hassle-free manner. Repeated for all days: You don’t have to create a to-do list daily. It automatically gets updated each and every day, and notifies the users amicably. Saving to-do tasks: All the to-do tasks are saved to the SQLite Database effectively. You can retrieve the data anytime anywhere you want with ease. The commanding features of this app would allow you to organize all your schedules perfectly without any fuzz. Create a to-do list on any particular Date and time and store it effectively. You never have to worry about postponed schedules anymore as this app is exclusively designed for notifying particular events that are marked against any particular date efficiently. “Win ToDo” with its impressive features is certainly going to cast a magical spell on all the Windows 8 users undoubtedly and you can bet my words! To manage tasks efficiently, start downloading this brand spanking new app here: Have a good look at the screen shots below to visualize the powerful features of this fantastic app:

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