21 February, 2024
Windows 8 Map App POI

Contus To Ingress Windows 8 With WinMaps !

Contus is stepping into designing mobile apps for Windows 8! Win Maps is the app, with which Contus is making its debut for Windows 8 while have has formerly launched many apps for Android, iPhone and Windows.

We at Contus are well-versed in offering Web & Mobile app development solutions, which are seasoned to Android, iPhone and Windows, and have built 100+ mobile applications till date. Our company excels in offering mobile solutions in a simple, robust, and cost effective approach. At Contus, we hold expertise in creating apps on various casts like gaming, entertainment, location-based, business, user experience and much more for the most popular iOS, android and windows platform. It seems like we are not going to wrap up our works with that. Our team wanna enter the Windows 8 platform too! And with WinMaps, the thing is going to be accomplished.

Location-based apps are seriously crashing trends in mobile application industry for the recent days. The smartness of technology is greatly evidenced with the release of such kind of apps. Apps that incorporate geographical maps enable users to get access to their current location map at anytime and anywhere they go (say for examples: restaurants, colleges, shopping malls, etc). There are quite a lot location based apps prevailing on the market and Google places, foursquare and Gowalla are not the just ones to look on. In this post, I am gonna portray about one such great app that exclusively favors Windows 8 and Windows RT in specific.

Win Maps is a location based Windows 8 application, that works fine with any system supporting Windows 8. This Windows store app has got options to change map types, search places and get direction from one place to another. The best thing with this app is, it works fast and comes with an user friendly interface. Listed down are the various button options inbuilt in this app:

  • Map View
  • ZoomIn
  • ZoomOut
  • Where Am I
  • Get Direction
  • Search
  • POI

Map View

Windows 8 Map App - Map View

This button allows you to change the type of the map to whichever view you want it to look like. You are able to change it to road, ariel or bird eye views.

ZoomIn / ZoomOut

Windows 8 Map App zoom in and zoom out

In order to get a clear view of the map, you can zoom in or zoom out as per your wish, using the corresponding buttons.

Where Am I

Windows 8 Map App  where am i

The button on a single click, gets you the location you are currently at.

Get Direction

Windows 8 Map App  Get Directions

This button when clicked, gets you the direction/route from one place to another. In addition, you can also view the travel distance from one place to another. It has driving and walking options, which when clicked displays the travel time taken during driving and walking aspects, each individually. The route explanation will also be shown under this category.


Windows 8 Map App  Search Suggestions

For searching a particular location, enter location name in search bar and click on the search button. While entering the location name itself, you’ll be able to view the drop-down list of search suggestions.


Windows 8 Map App

Point Of Interest -POI. This button when clicked displays a list of 30+ categories, among which you can select your required category. Once your required category is selected, you’ll be shown a list of places falling under that category in the map.

In addition to the above mentioned features, the app also enfolds the GPS pinpointing service. Any location you search will be pinpointed, so that you’ll get to know the exact point as directed by the GPS satellite.

It is being predicted that location based apps is sure to enhance the mobile application industry into a more sophisticated one. With features that typically focus a perfect location-based solution, Win Maps is certainly going to be the app that serves Windows 8 users, the better and best way.

Please visit the app at: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-US/app/win-maps/12f96ee6-6eaa-45d7-b1af-388e3e291826


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