How to install FFMPEG on local server

FFMPEG is one handy tool which serves well for a variety of needs when it comes to image capturing and video file format conversion. Using FFMPEG you can capture thumbnail and preview images from videos in the best possible quality. Moreover, the FFMPEG has the ability to convert video files from their default formats to other video file formats which makes it a highly preferred video conversion tool. Read More »

Tips to improve performance in Jquery

Improving performance in JQuery is really easy and simple. Mostly the users want to improve the JQuery for the obvious reasons. Therefore they search in a lot of places for tips and tricks and end up in vain. However, most users haven’t realized or used the effective ways to do it. The following tips will help you to enhance the performance in jQuery very effectively.

1. Try to use latest jquery and compressed library file:

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How to Create Multilingual Website in Magento

Creating a multilingual website is always a welcome and much useful thing to site owners especially who have global customers. However, some of them may not know how to effectively and easily create the same for their Magento powered website. Today, in this tutorial, I’ll guide you with the process for setting up a multilingual website in Magento.

The following step guide will help you to establish 2 multilingual stores on a website and by adapting the same technique you can set up multiple languages on the site without any hassles.

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Login to the admin panel.

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Tips to Improve Online Store Rankings in Google SERPs

You can hardly find businesses without websites today as customers are showing immense interest in purchasing products online. However, how many websites appear in the top 10 Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and experience maximum customer influx and revenue? Only a very few! What factors account for improved Google SERPs to help your business stay in the hunt? In fact, there are aplenty available. I’ve penned down a few result-driven tips which will help your business improve fast in SERPs. Read More »

How to Speed Up Your Joomla Website

“Speed does matter for any website”. Google measures that if a site has been +500 ms slower, then 20% of its traffic is averagely lost. Amazon reports that if their site was 100 ms slower, they say they dropped out with 1% sales. So, websites are getting bigger each day and a recent report says that there has been a tremendous website growth in the recent years. Read More »