Apptha Chart WebPart – For A Brighter Business Model !

As humans, it’s been on our genes to focus more towards visually appealing things rather than to those which we hear, read or listen to. Anything that is pictured well will easily grab our eyes and minds. Sometimes, a picture or image is capable of teaching things in seconds or minutes, which otherwise in terms of sentences could take hours or days to reach our brains. Almost every industry has began to come up with designing their business plans in a pictorial format. When it comes to pictorial way of representation, it is the charts and graphs that strikes our minds. Let it be for a business plan, an annual report, reviewing a product, comparisons or so on, charts are used everywhere. Having considered with the significance of charts in today’s time, Apptha has launched its brand new web part for SharePoint named ‘Apptha Chart Web Part‘. Read More »

Document Management Web Part – Apptha’s Ultimate Invention for Sharepoint

It is now damn easy to manage your documents in Sharepoint!

With the launch of Apptha’s new Document Management Web Part, Sharepoint users can experience a fully featured document management platform with advanced functions. Our document management web part comes with single window document operations comprising of document downloading, uploading and delete functions. Read More »

Apptha’s Group Email Web Part makes SharePoint communication smart

Group Email Web Part

With just a few clicks, SharePoint users can send emails to any number of recipients!

SharePoint barely has an option for group emailing and with the launch of Group Email Web part, bulk messaging is made absolutely simple.

Our Group Email Web Part allows sending bulk emails to multiple groups or single group within minimal time. These bulk emails are sent to the email addresses, which are embedded in the entire SharePoint site group or an Active Directory Distribution group.

User restrictions can be made based on the user permission level. For example, if the user selects designer, the e-mail would be sent only to the designers from the selection group. These group emails are sent through desktop email client. The best thing with Group Email Web part is, the user can easily select SharePoint site group and send bulk mails. Read on to know the features those come along with this Web Part:


-Send bulk e-mail to SharePoint site group user email address
-Supports only SharePoint Server 2010 and also SharePoint online
-Select Custom site group as well as standard groups
-Ability to send emails among multiple groups.
-Permissions management (to restrict which users can send group emails)

Installation of the application is extremely simple, if the user has installed WSS 3.0 or SharePoint 2010 Server. The entire process of installing and activating the application will be over in a few steps.

Well to conclude with, if SharePoint itself is a powerful platform, then applications like Group Email Web part are certainly going to add colors to it!

Apptha Enters SharePoint Application Development

Apptha, the creator of over 90+ innovative products (inclusive of extensions,themes and mobile solutions) has now ventured into SharePoint application development. Apptha released two free web parts for SharePoint to contribute to the users of SharePoint.

Check out the two free Web Parts from Apptha: Sharepoint Twitter Webpart

Twitter Web Part:

Twitter Web part allows you to show the tweets of the Twitter profile which you choose to display. You will be able to control the web part settings such as its appearance, provide the user name (the twitter profile name that you want to display), include replies and re-tweets, control the count of tweets to appear, set the time interval for tweet update, i.e. if you set the time interval as 10 minutes, the twitter feeds are refreshed  every 10 minutes to display the recent tweets from the user.

SharePoint Event Web PartEvent Calendar Web Part:

Event Calendar web part helps you to maintain the list of events based on dates. The dates in the calendar for which an event is listed displays in different color. You can add any number of events on a particular date. The calendar web part shows distinct color for the weekends. You can even provide unique name, description and timing for the respective event date. Your event calendar automatically applies different color for the existing events, event dates, week-ends and next month dates for better visual appeal.

Both the aforementioned web parts are totally free and comes with the installation wizard to manage simple installation.

Expect more web parts from the SharePoint development team soon! Contact if you have a need a unique SharePoint tool or SharePoint Application. We will analyze your requirements and contact you with the best timeline for delivery with competitive pricing.