Apptha’s AppStore takes smart computing to a higher level

Smart phones are revolutionizing the way we work. With the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becoming increasingly popular, Smartphones are being designed to handle more and more computing needs. As a result, the bulk of computing for simple and day-to-day functions has shifted from laptops and desktops, to smartphones. Tech-savvy users like software developers are already using their smartphones for most of their information and transaction needs, and relying on laptops and desktops only for pure software development.

Apptha iPhone App

Recognizing this trend, Apptha has launched an iPhone app that will help the developer community purchase Apptha extensions from their iPhone, while on the move check link Apptha is part of Contus Support Interactive and develops application extensions for CMS and E-Commerce websites. There are innumerable extensions for various technology platforms, and these help make CMS and E-commerce websites smarter, easier to use, and well-integrated with social media.

Hitherto, information on these extensions was available on Apptha’s website as individual product pages, from where one could even purchase the extension. Now, with AppStore, the same information is neatly organized and available on an iPhone.

The extensions are divided into various categories and carry a brief description. A software developer can choose the extension(s) he needs, add them to the shopping cart, make the payment, and check-out. He/she can also login to his/her account and see the payment information. While descriptions are useful for those who are not familiar with the extension, a search feature is available for those who are familiar.


Purchase Apptha extensions while on the move

• Apptha extensions divided into categories

• Share information about the purchase on social media

• Login into account and find status updates

• Descriptions available for every extension

• Search feature to search for extensions by name

A similar application was developed for Android based smartphones, recently.

The AppStore has demonstrated Apptha and Contus’ commitment to making developers’ lives easy. While the extensions themselves save developers the hassle of developing code to do a particular function, the AppStore makes the process of purchasing these extensions easy, while on the move! This is a benefit that cannot be found even with several of the leading software product companies of the world.

To conclude, it’s interesting to note how previously, the form factor of smartphones was touted as a limitation at every step, for making information available on smartphones. Through the AppStore, Apptha has demonstrated that if information is organized and presented smartly, form factor need not be a limitation. In the long run, this helps strengthen the case for mobile computing, and making the mobile phone – one’s default device.

Get Your Magento Shopping Cart Ready For Mobile

Possessing a full-fledged Mobile Ecommerce App is going to valuably help you to improve sales, gain more new customers in the mobile arena and innovate new market solutions through this new platform.

Mobile Ecommerce AppYour Magento Ecommerce website would have yielded tremendously all these days, but as the mobile eCommerce trend has caught up like fire in the market today, it is a must that you get your business a Magento Mobile Ecommerce App with all the latest features.

We provide a fully functional Magento Mobile Ecommerce App with all the advantageous features that would give your customer a satisfying user experience and eventually help your brand gain a trustable image:Contus M-Comm

Following are the utile features that our Mob Ecommerce provides for your Magento Mobile Ecommerce App:

-Easy customization with advance design tools
-Works with all ecommerce platforms
-Making it available in App market (iPhone / Android / Windows)
-Choice of templates
-Syncing with website updates
-Integrating with Google Analytics
-Supporting all Mobile Payment Gateways
-Alerts on Special Offers
-Social media share

Developing and installing a Magento Shopping Cart isn’t going to take time or require a big charge. With the new cloud storage system, your app would be online for just $50 or $75 a month. You cloud customize it as you want and make it as unique as your brand. The changes you make in your Magento website for the desktop version, the same cloud be incorporated to your Magento iPhone App or Android app in no time.

In this competitive area, to retain old customers and gain new customers as well, your Magento Mobile Ecommerce App needs to be highly impressive with a pleasing user experience and interesting designs. However good your brand is, if your Magento Shopping Cart isn’t satisfying your customer, then he is going to uninstall it in a flash and you become the loser even with a quality brand in hand. The whole set of online audience in all age groups is going mobile these days and the new way to give your competitors an edge in market is to maintain you Magento Ecommerce Solution with full technical and strategic efficiency.

How do Magento Mobile Ecommerce Sales Increase Using Mob eCommerce?

Etailers are knee-deep in formulating the mcommerce strategies. The “want it now” behavior of consumers and the capabilities of smartphones persuade every e-store owners to implement a mobile solution. The massive potential of mobile commerce to caters the needs of the vast mobile using consumers and drive incremental revenue has proven it as the most beneficial business strategy. If you have monetinized magento CMS for your ecommerce store, going Magento Mobile app  will show dramatic boom in your sales.  Mob eCommerce

Going mobile with a readily available mobile commerce solution is a smart choice. This will gain a competitive advantage over other ecommerce stores who are yet to adopt the mobile commerce evolution. Mob eCommerce is an instant ecommerce mobile app which can be simply plugged into the existing Magento store, i.e. you are enabled to integrate a Magento mobile commerce solution to your Magento Store in few minutes. Thus, you achieve to deliver products with excellent speed and accuracy, which eventually builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mob eCommerce allows you to give product and order details instantly to the shoppers, establishes your store in the mobile market and enhances your business standards. The mobile shopping cart app works for your ecommerce store by enabling a mobile shopping experience consistent with the online store. The magento mobile solution allows you to provide the entire catalogue of your online store, show real time updates thus making the mobile store consistent with the web store, enable secured authentic transactions, personalize with the mobile store with social share options, etc.

Extend the magento store to next level by optimizing the mobile mass market and increase your revenue potential.

Apptha’s Mob eCommerce Among the Top 12 Ecommerce Start-Up in India!!

Mob eCommerce, a mobile commerce solution that was launched last month has been honored with the “e-sparks 2011 Award of Excellence”, recognizing the services as one of the best startup for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Mobile Commerce is a product from the Apptha Developers who are expertise in delivering mobile applications, exclusive extension and templates for popular content management system.

About e-sparks Award of Excellence:-

e-sparks Award e-sparks 2011, an ecommerce meet show put up by adjudged Mob eCommerce as one of the hottest Indian eCommerce start ups along with the 12 finalists from the 227 registered. The ecommerce solution’s efficiency to change the online purchasing system captured the judges’ interest which fetched us the award.
The credit goes to our Head who foresee the mobile commerce necessity, gave exceptional support and ensured the solution to be unique and incomparable. Mob eCommerce is all about generating revenues through the mobile purchase system and we are happy that we are a winner this year with an Award of Excellence for our ingenious application.

Mobile Commerce Solution for all e-business

The sheer fact is that the mobile shopping carts are becoming the hot favorite among the on-the-go consumers and thus the mobile eCommerce has emerged as a necessity. Mob eCommerce is the best solution to feed this necessity. Mob eCommerce is an instant native app that seamlessly integrates any ecommerce store irrespective of the platform(Magento, Virtuemart, Prestashop, Apptha, Custom) to the iPhone/Android. This mcommerce solution brilliantly brands your e-store in the iTunes and Android market, adds value to your business as well as increases your customer base.

Highlight: -

The presentation on Mob eCommerce, highlighting the benefits of conducting commerce on internet phones received great reviews. The response was too eliciting with few major companies offered partnership opportunities while few others offered funds.

e-sparks Award Photo e-sparks Award Photo 1e-sparks Award Photo 2

If you like to learn more on the mobile application development, get in touch with our mobile expert team. Also, check out the award publication here

Apptha Extends its Shopping Cart for the “On-The-Go” Android-mobile users

Smartphone users who access internet through their mobiles are exploding in number indicating the unstoppable demand over this next-generation technology. In-depth surveys and trends states that the growth in the mobile-web usage is on the rise and is set to stay. The profound transformation in the mobile industry over the last few years has seen various new mobile technologies. The latest being, mobile ecommerce. Empowering the mobile phones with the same potential as in a personal computer like offering efficient bandwidth, quick loading, easy product display, interactive search options, etc is the mobile commerce strategy.

Apptha Shopping Cart

Apptha, the storehouse of exclusive templates and exquisite extensions for popular open source such as Joomla/Magento/Wordpress has escalated its functionality by launching a native app for the Android users.   Apptha Shopping appallows its Android audience to search extensions and templates, learn on the specification, compare prices, easy checkout, share purchase with friends etc., merrily, thus making shopping via Android phones a pleasurable activity. The Apptha shopping app is created with core focus on user experience, flexibility, reliability and security. The app comprises of several shopping features that helps to give the mobile users real-time access to the same updates and information that are running in our website.

We got involved in the mobile application development realizing the rising demand over the mobile-web access. Our latest ventures such as Tube Plus – a native iPhone/Android app for video sharing services, Mob eCommerce – a solution for ecommerce merchants to bring their magento based/ Joomla /Prestashop or any custom store to the iPhone/Android are most appreciated and seen unbelievable number of installs in weeks. The Apptha Shopping app is an output of mob eCommerce solution. Contact Usif you would wish to go mobile – the expertise in porting the mobile applications between platforms and devices. We are in the verge of launching the native iPhone App for Apptha to make your shopping via iPhone a complete bliss.

Checkout : Make your Magento Store Live on Facebook with Magento Facebook App

Contus Support Launches a Mobile Solution for eCommerce Platforms

After 6 months of sheer planning, execution and hard work of more than 10 extremely smart professionals, Contus Support launched its much awaited and demanded smart phone mobile solutions Mob ecommerce. It is a star addition to the never ending products list of Contus Support.

Mob eCommerce will be a boon to eCommerce store owners and developers to take their stores to the hands of the millions of smart Mobile users across the globe. Our turnkey solutions will help eCommerce shopping cart developed in platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop Virtuemart and Apptha Shopping cart to go mobile.

At present, Mob eCommerce will be fully functional on iPhone and Android Mobile devices. We will be launching the solutions for iPad, Honeycomb and RIM devices.

The team is working on integrating more eCommerce platforms such as Open Cart and Uber cart in the near futures. However, Mob eCommerce was designed to support any eCommerce store, it just take few more days to integrate it as custom stores.

The team at Contus Support is really excited about this launch and planning to improvise this product to reach great heights and wants it to be a game changer compared to any other eCommerce platforms.

You get find more details such as features, pricing and links at Contus M-Comm Please do not hesitate to provide your feedback and thoughts about this super star product.

Give a Native iPhone/Android App for Your Video Sharing Site!!

Own a video sharing site? Like to deliver a mobile app for your video sharing site? Looking for a native mobile app? If you answer is yes to all the above questions, Get Tube Plus from Apptha, An instant iPhone and Android app for video sharing websites. iPhone/Android App

The Tube Plus is a readymade app which lets your users to access your video sharing site through their iPhone or Android easily and effectively. The native mobile app enables easy to use interface; finger-friendly touch for quick navigation, crystal quality video display and social sharing for each video thus illuminating the user experience. By exploring the iPhone and Android advantage, you let the user to discover a fascinating music experience. The Tube Plus app works well for popular video sharing sites such as Clip Bucket, Contus HDVideo Share, Clip Share, Contus Video Gallery, PHP motion, PHP melody etc.

Still wondering how to? Purchase the readymade iPhone or Android app from Apptha each available at a reasonable cost of just $149. For iPhone, submit the downloaded app to your apple store for approval from your account. For Android, simply submit the app on your android market account. Your website viewers who would like to stay connected with your video sharing site even on the GO can install the app on their smart phone and enjoy the vantage lifelong.

Feel free to contact us if you need a mobile app for your website. We accomplish your requirement at a fair pricing!!

Thumb Up App for Android Phones – Bump with Your Friend’s to Find Whose Phone is Smarter!!

Thumb Up App QrcodeThe vastness of smart phones and Android market has pump up the technology-savvy developers to bring out innovative ideas to the limelight. The smartphones are becoming friendlier day by day to users, indulging various applications implacable in routine activities with latest features and functionalities.  Keeping in mind the current crowd, Contus  Android developers has come up with a massive Android App called Thumb Up filled with Fun and Functionalities. Thumb Up is a must-have android app if you have just grabbed an android phone.

Scan to Install

Install the app to


Phone Fight :

    To check whose phone is mighty and efficient.

Phone Configuration :

    To list your Android Phone specifications

Task killer :

    Kills the unwanted/ unused applications running in the back-end in a single touch

Network Bandwidth :

    Displays the remaining / available bandwidth of your GPRS / 3G usage

Install the Thumb Up app and bump your phone and your friend’s smartphone to find whose phone is powerful. The results are displayed in a comparison list between the specifications of both the phones and shows who won by how many points. You can even share your results among your friends by Facebook share.

Apart from Fight & Fun, Thumb Up has more excellent features such as Configuration, Task killer, and Network Bandwidth. Configuration lists your phones specification in detail. Task Killer allows you to end the unwanted apps from your phone memory. Network Bandwidth will display the information measures i.e. how much more bandwidth is remaining in your credit, how much used, etc… Get Thumb Up, a great app if you like to check whose smartphone is smarter!!

Thumb Up App Android AppThumb Up 1Thumb Up App 2

Thumb Up App 3Thumb Up App 4Thumb Up App 5

Make Your Video Sharing Site More Popular By Going Mobile!!

Apple’s iPhone stands tall when compared to other smartphones due to its wide benefits and features. This is not just a phone. It is an all-in-one set offering various applications.  iPhone embraces all categories like iPhone for business, iPhone for sports, and iPhone for Videos and what not! The iPhones’ capability to store dynamic applications makes the mobile the most demanded.

Video sharing has become a general phenomenon that has crept the web world ages back. Video Sharing services acts as a welcoming boon to all music lover in particular. Getting your video sharing sites into the iPhone is a wonderful move. Optimizing the video sharing site for iPhone delights your site viewers by giving them the facility to watch their favorite videos even while moving. video sharing website

Make your video sharing website compatible to iPhone with a readymade app from Apptha: .  Our iPhone developers have brought the vantage by developing an instant iPhone app which once installed delivers a mobile version for your website. Get the instant app from Apptha and submit it to your apple store from your account for approval. You have created an iPhone app for clip bucket/iPhone app for clip share/ iPhone app for vshare, iPhone app for video gallery or any video sharing service in matter of minutes. Contact us if you like to update the design or customize the app. Our developers will do the customization for reasonable price.