21 February, 2024

Build Magento Mobile App for your eCommerce Store

“By 2020, mobile commerce will make up 45 percent of total e-commerce, equaling $284 billion in sales – businessinsider.com”

Mobile commerce is the new ecommerce. Clicks and swipes are the user actions that determine ecommerce sales, thanks to the evolving mobile technologies. With surplus technologies and mobile commerce app development service providers, finding the best among them to build Magento mobile app has become a strenuous task.

Here we are to render a helping hand to find the best mobile commerce app development solution that can get you to market soon and promise of uncompromising performance.

Where to Start for a Mobile Commerce App Build?

Taking the ecommerce platforms into consideration first, the demand for Magento mobile commerce app building solution is on a high as it is the highly preferred one.

The Best Way to Build your Magento Mobile App

Going for custom development demands time, effort and 100% dependency over the development team and opting for a readymade mobile application deprives you of uniqueness and independence in all angles.

The best thing to do is to find a ready-to-go Magento mobile commerce solution as you’ll have the advantage of quick build, less time-to-market, room for customization, technology integration and of course, uncompromising performance for being native.

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Why Contus M-Comm? / Which Solution Should I Zero in On?

Contus M-Comm is a readymade framework the catalyzes your efforts to build Magento mobile app. This platform-specific mobile commerce app solution is 100% customizable and can be customized to any extent to build the best magento mobile app that can reward an unique you experience.

Here is why we suggest Contus M-Comm for your Magento mobile app build

100% Customizable

Contus M-Comm is built for adaptability and so it can house add-ons, integrations, functional and cosmetic changes at ease. Third-party technologies, downsizings, tweaks, payment gateways and much more can be of your choice when it comes to structuring the best magento mobile app for your business.

Let your Customers Engage

Visitors are more likely to go for a purchase if they get to have a chat with or recommendation from friends. Build Magento mobile app a real-time chat environment where they can share, suggest and discuss over buying a product of yours. You get to turn more visitors into customers and your traffic skyrockets significantly.

Simplifying Navigation within your Mobile Apps

Deep linking makes sure your customers directly land into the product detail page they are looking out to buy without diversion. If your user have your app installed and have stumbled upon a product in your website via search engine, deeplinking takes the user directly to the product’s web page upon a clicking action. If your app is not pre installed, deep linking notifies users to install your app.


Pre-loaded with a stack of ecommerce rich features, this native magento mobile app building solution comforts any type of ecommerce business owner right from the word go. Simple check-out, multiple payment gateway support, synchronous & smooth order processing, simple navigation and many other which an online shopper would love is already in your list.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the prompt message carriers. Be it discounts, deals, alerts, sale or reminders, push notifications get things directly to the fingertips of your customer base thus reminding about your product or service time and again.


Promotional Mechanisms

Customer loyalty programs, subscriptions, registrations, free giveaways, rewards for affiliates, regular purchases, discounted price for bulk purchases and the list goes on… Promotions of any sort can be done using your Magento mobile app to retain your loyal customers and turn them into brand advocates.

Multiple Language and Currency Support

Accommodating any language of your choice or for the sake of your customers is not an uphill task with Contus M-Comm. It is built to support multiple language and when it comes to payment convenience, apart from multiple payment gateway support, your mobile app can support all widely used currencies to ditch out the dependency for currency conversion.


Have both the sales channels, ecommerce store and mobile commerce app, in perfect sync. A single interface (ecommerce backend) gets your inventory, orders, information upload, product details done on either sides thus ultimately reducing your effort.


Building a Mobile Commerce App for Qatar’s Sport Retail Major

Sports Corner approached Contus to build a native Magento mobile app on iOS and Android to improve their sports gears retailing business that’s happening across 17 outlets in Qatar. Contus M-Comm came into play and was customized to the specification of Sports Corner.

Platform – Native magento mobile app on iOS and Android

Store locator – To find the 17 retail outlets of Sports Corner located in Qatar

Trainer consulting – On-demand consultation for personal trainer, physios

Publicizing events – A platform for publicizing sporting events and happenings

QR code – QR code for smartphone dependent shoppers

Smart Search – Smart search and advanced filters to locate products easily

Having said this, Contus M-Comm offers loads of options among which you can pick the appropriate ones for your business’ mobile app. Planning to build a mobile app? Do it the right way with Contus mobile app development company.

Let’s develop your Magento Mobile App



  1. Sandeep Sahni Reply

    I am looking to develop a mobile app for my portal Autotrends.in which is made in magento.
    Kindly connect with me on asap.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hello Sandeeep,

      Great to hear your requirements. We have forwarded the same to our business development team and they will reach you as earliest to discuss more.

  2. Evelijn Saaltink Reply

    I already have an ecommerce site with a mobile app too. It is possible to have multi store functionality enabled for oncoming stores? Most importantly, will it slow down my app performance?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Yes. M-Comm does enable users to customize them with multiple stores. The good news is that the multiple store functionality is not going to slow down your app performance. Magento is such a powerful platform that it will continue to power your app in full throttle even multiple stores are integrated into the app.

  3. Sherin Reply

    Will I get the source code along with the purchase? What if I want to make some changes on a later stage? Will there be assistance?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      We understand your queries perfectly. yes , we do provide the source code of the product along with the purchase. You will have complete control over the code and can make any changes you wish to have in it. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time for any assistance. We will definitely be happy to assist you in any changes to the code.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Hi. Happy to get your question. The striking feature about our readily built solution is that it can be customized to meet any needs and requirements. Starting from UI design changes to in-depth technical changes, M-Comm is ready to do anything that your business requires. And, since the app is based on native Magento platform it comes with quick loading and security features that other ecommerce platforms lack.

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Yes, we do. We understand that recreating the best Magento mobile store as a mobile app is simply not enough. If you are interested get in touch with us at bd@contus.in. We will explain in detail about features like Auto Sync, custom attributes and other configurable products that will enhance the user experience of your Magento mobile app.

  4. Zoe Silva Reply

    Great Information!! Really Magento is great platform for e-Commence. The Magento applications also helps to build great relationship between shoppers and users.

  5. Victor Dass Reply

    Nice Information! It provides a flexibility & simplest way to build magento app. you can convert the Magento 2 website into mobile app?

    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Of-course Victor! Contus M Comm has convert Magento2 websites into mobile app with consisting of all the website functionalities.

  6. Johnie Reply

    Approximately 1 Million site were developed in magento platforms. Your solution make major impact to that magento sites.

  7. Jack Smith Reply

    Informative article Magento mobile app for ecommerce. Shows, readymade solution is better than the builder.

  8. AbdulGafoor Mirzani Reply

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile app for our website which is developed in magento2 and in eng and arabic languages ,let me know if you help us in developing the mobile app android and IOS

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