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Chat simply means communicating, interacting and or exchanging messages over the internet. It involves two individuals or groups over a service or software that allows you to communicate in real-time. 

In the modern way of chatting, not just sharing text messages, it allows you to share texts, voice notes, file sharing and a lot more. You can have a detailed view of how a chat service is gonna help your business grow 10x times faster in this blog.

What is a chat solution?

A service that allows interaction among your customers, dealers, or even sales agents while they are in your web or mobile app in real-time is referred to as a chat solution.

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chat solution for healthcare industries

A recent survey states that more than 41% of customers are expecting in-app chat and live app chat support in a website or mobile to address their queries immediately. 

What is the main purpose of an in-app chat?

The primary purpose of an in-app chat is, it creates user engagement, user retention and user satisfaction. 

As the technology grows in-app chat strategies not only helps you with chat, it also offers voice and video calls with individuals or groups. Using these facilities you can conduct team meetings, sales calls, follow-ups, or even regular communications hassle free. 

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A recent survey states that,  “70% of the apps user engagement doubled after integrating in-app chat” in their web or app.

However few purposes will give you a definition and the why you need an in-app chat in your platform,

1. Communication:

Communication is a key to every business and team. Either it might be an internal communication between team members or external communication through customers, every communication has its own value. In-app chat allows you to communicate immediately whenever a query arises or product and features updates or even some things that need to be attended immediately. 

Mail communication is a formal way, But average response time for a mail communication falls in hours but in-app chat communication provides you the solution in minutes.

2. Real-time chat:

You don’t have to wait hours to get a reply back without knowing whether your text got delivered or not, whether they read it or not. You can see it and chat with them in real-time. Which saves you a lot of time and it prevents you from going outdated.

Even users can send pictures, videos, voice notes or any media files which makes communication more efficient and solves any queries in real-time if any.

Benefits of in-app chat for businesses?

Businesses without in-app chat are likely to have bad customer service experiences. Which will be a disaster if the situation continues as it is. But having in-app chat, voice, and video APIs integrated can save you from those disasters.

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advantages of chat solutions in business

The reasons are quite simple, In-app chats take businesses to the next level. It offers more benefits and makes the way of communication at your fingertips in real-time.

Let’s have a look at the 3 major benefits of in-app chat SDKs in businesses,

1. User engagement:

Every business in this world needs engagement. Engagements are the essential tool for any business to reach out, Hence an In-app chat plays a vital role in increasing your businesses user engagement 2x times.

2. User privacy & security:

Data’s are the most valuable thing to be protected in this era, as technology has equal amounts of pros and cons. While being inside your platform with an in-app chat integrated, you can ensure the safety and privacy of your user. Which increases the trust of your user in your business and turns them into your loyal customer.

3. User retention:

Retention is business, whereas sales through marketing are awareness. The first time you sell a product, you make your brand aware, and when the user is satisfied with your approach, quality, and response, he retains it for the next time.

This is a key point for any business. Having retention helps businesses to be stable and expand for a long period of time among their competitors.

Meanwhile, in-app chat apps make it easier for you to get the job done. After-service follow-ups and timed solutions for their queries on your platforms increase your chance for retention.

These are the common 3 major benefits of in-app chat for businesses, But there are still many and some extra added benefits are even there depending upon the business nature. 

How to choose the right chat solution for your business?

Choosing the right chat app for your business may vary depending upon your field of business. But there are some common things to be aware of in choosing the most appropriate in-app chat for your business.

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white label messaging software

There are some basic criteria you should know before integrating the in-app chat to your web or app,

  • Latency:

Latency means measure of delay in data transmission. Technology connects the world from every nook and corner, So your user might be in a place where the network speed might differ either low or high. In order to have smooth and stable communication an in-app chat must support low latencies too.

  • Response time:

If this web page took a long time to load, then probably you won’t be reading this article now. Responsive time is very important for any APIs(Application program interface) and SDKs(Software development kit) in order to serve its purpose. If you choose an in-app chat of longer responsive time, then definitely it means that you waste your money and tend to lose your customers. Be cautious and consider response time before integrating.

  • Chat features:

Do you remember old text message features in type phones? Quite like sending emails, you just type your text and send it that’s it, then you get a reply back quite some time. But that didn’t workout today.

An in-app chat must have at least some of the basic features like Online/Offline presence, Delivery and Read receipts, File sharing, Location updates, Emojis and stickers to make the communication meaningful and to provide solutions.

  • Regulation compatible:

In-app chat is available for all businesses, But certain businesses have some regulations to be fulfilled considering the safety of their users privacy. So you must definitely have a look at the regulations for your business. Here are a few regulations which will cover almost all of industries: HIPAA, GDPR, OWASP. If your in-app chat is compatible with these regulations then you are on the right path.

Top rated chat solutions in 2024

An analysis of 29 billion messages sent in 2019 also found that in-app messages are the most effective channel for user engagement with an interaction rate of 39.88%.

Now let’s have a quick tour through the top 10 chat features in 2024 that offer best in class. Here you can have a basic overview of the chat SDKs, to clarify your queries or for any further information kindly redirect to their website and know more.

1. Mirrorfly

#1 in-app chat, voice and video APIs and SDKs provider

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communication API provider

MirrorFly is the #1 in-app video, voice, and chat solution for developers and enterprises. It offers 150+ features enriched APIs and SDKs.

Their highly scalable  and fully customizable chat SDKs for business and enterprises will provide a ready-made chat solution.

They offer chat APIs and SDKs in twin models: SaaS and Self-hosted chat solutions.


  • Ultra-low latencies: It supports ultra-low latencies, which means you can have a smooth and stable connection from anywhere at any time.
  • Hire a developer team: You can hire a dedicated developer team of integration and support processes.
  • Push notifications: You might be busy with other work, and while your customer comes in for a query, you can’t always check it. 
  • Chat moderation: Your brand has certain value, and the method of communication should be professional, ain’t it? Chat moderators help your business moderate texts in an abusive, harmful, and unprofessional manner.
  • End-to-end encryption protocols: Business communications must be secure and protected. 

Additional Key Features

What is the cost of MirrorFly?

MirrorFly offers twin business models: SaaS and SaaP.

  • SaaS: SaaS is highly scalable and available at a monthly subscription cost that is budget-friendly. With SaaS, you can avail of a lifetime free chat SDK and a 21-day free trial for voice and video SDKs.
  • Self-Hosting: SaaP, or self-hosting, is fully customizable and available at a one-time license cost, which gives you complete ownership and a on-premise solution.

MirrorFly is the best at what they do; whether it be their highly scalable SaaS or fully customizable SaaP, their features and benefits are mesmerizing and complete the purpose they were made for.

2. Sendbird

The best is class in-app APIs for user engagement

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secure in-app chat platform

Sendbird is a complete-app chat API and SDK platform that drives higher transactions, engagement, and customer satisfaction. Similarly, like Mirrorfly, Sendbird also has a customizable chat API.


  • Typing indicators: They literally save even a few seconds of your time. 
  • 1-1 or group video calls: Sendbird is reading users’ minds a lot, not only in chat, but you can also connect video calls 1-1 and group.
  • Push notifications: We already saw the importance of Push notifications in MirrorFly’s feature. 

Additional Key Features

  • Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web
  • Language: Java script,.Net, Unity, React, Flutter, Unreal SDK, Platform API
  • Industries: Market places, EduTech, Enterprise, Analytics
  • Geolocation: USA, UK & India

What is the cost of Sendbird?
Sendbird’s pricing strategies are similar to MirrorFly’s. They also offer free chat SDKs and voice and video SDKs on a month-to-month subscription basis, which is budget-friendly.

Sendbird is best in industry standards for its enriched features and helping businesses with the added benefits of user engagement.

3. Rocket. chat

Securing your sensitive business and customer data

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build custom chat solution

Rocket Chat is an in-app chat application that helps you create collaboration platforms for organizations that handle sensitive business or customer data.


  • Automated replies: Automated replies help you reply with basic words like compliments, recognitions, and courtesies.
  • Private 1-1 or group chat: Rocket.chat offers free 1-1 and group chat for a limited number of users.
  • HQ live voice calls: They offer high-quality voice calls, which serve as a bridge for better communication.

Additional Key Features

  • Regulation compliance features: HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA, FedRAMP
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and web
  • Languages: Java, Python, PHP, Golang, Ruby, Swift, Objective-C, Rust, Scala, C#, or any other programming language
  • Industries: Public sector, on-demand, government, politics
  • Geolocation: USA & Brazil

What is the cost of Rocket.chat?

Rocket.chat has two variations on its pricing strategy. One is completely free for chat SDKs up to a limited number of users, and the second is fully paid for with a one-time license cost.

Rocket.chat has never failed to update its security. Working with sensitive business and customer data is now hassle-free. Thanks to Rocket.chat

4. Getstream

Integrate, Engage, Convert, and Retain.

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real-time messaging software

Getstream is a chat API for custom messaging apps. Build real-time chat messaging in less time. Rapidly ship in-app messaging with our highly reliable chat infrastructure and feature-rich SDKs. Improve your overall in-app conversion, engagement, and retention.


  • Location updates: Getstream knows the importance of communication and place, so they allow you to share locations, which will make it easier in business communication to find a place easily.
  • UIkit: They also give you access to the UIkit, which means you can change the UI the way you want. Simply customizable.
  • Online/offline presence: It’s great before texting someone; checking whether they are online or offline helps you assign tasks based on priority.

Additional Key Features

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and web
  • Language: React, Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Compose, Flutter, SwiftUI, Angular, Java, Javascript, Unreal, Unity, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java.NET, Go, etc.
  • Industries:  Transportation, Energy and Utilities, Retail, E-commerce
  • Geolocation: Colorado & Netherlands 

What is the cost of Getstream?

Getstream has left you with only one option: a one-time license cost. Pay for it fully with a free demo, then own it.

Getstream has never failed in user engagement, conversion, or retention. It’s possible through their in-app chat features, helping businesses with insights and growing them.

Looking For A Customizable Chat Solution For Your Platform?

5. PubNub

Highly scalable across multiple platforms and devices

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how to integrate API

PubNub is similar to Mirrorfly with in-app chat, voice, and video call features. PubNub offers SDK support for over 50+ mobile, web, server, and IoT environments and over 65 pre-built integrations with external and 3rd party APIs.


  • IoT device control: They also allow you to set up in-app chat SDKs with your IoT devices, which is called adapting to the future.
  • Data streaming: Either detecting track changes in the stock market or a gaming company collecting streaming data about player-game interactions in real-time, data streaming simplifies your job.
  • Live events: Event management companies are now conducting large seminars online, and PubNub helps them in every possible way by opening their closed doors for betterment.

Additional Key Features

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, web, IoT
  • Language: Javascript, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Python, Unity, etc.
  • Industries: Manufacturing, Media, Food and Beverage, Automotive
  • Geolocations: California

What is the cost of PubNub?

PubNub is already doing a tremendous job in understanding their users, It also continues in their pricing too. They also offer a free chat SDK and a monthly subscription plan with scalable features.

PubNub steals the show by making the impossible possible. Not every provider leaves room for integrating in-app chat SDKs.

6. Cometchat

100% customizable readymade chat solutions.

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best chat app for business

Cometchat is a fully configurable chat, built on a rock-solid foundation. Quickly integrate a reliable and full-featured chat experience into any mobile or web app. Their platform is flexible and designed to help you ship in-app chat quickly.


  • User-user blocking: problems are everywhere, and problem creators are everywhere.
  • File sharing: Business communications means sharing information, queries, developments, and more. 
  • Team meetings: The most important thing about in-app chat, voice, and video SDKs is that they must allow you to conduct team meetings. 

Additional Key Features

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and Web
  • Language: React, Angular, Java, Flutter, WordPress, PHP, Vue, React Native, Kotlin, Ionic, Cordova, Capacitor, and Laravel.
  • Industries: Telecommunications, Finance/Banking, Large Corporations
  • Geolocation: Colorado and India

What is the cost of comet chat?

Cometchat is also clear in their pricing strategies: no compromises are made. They allow you complete ownership at a one-time license cost with a white-label solution.

Cometchat allows us complete ownership of the product, which means it’s 100% customizable. It’s great for companies that look for white-label solutions.

7. Twilio

100% customizable in-app video APIs and SDKs 

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banking and financial sector API

Twilio is the best in-app video chat platform, which allows multiple features for video calls and video conferencing. Twilio is the industry-leading and trusted platform that efficiently powers your customer engagement innovations.


  • MessagingX: Twilio MessagingX is a centralized messaging platform to engage customers across their preferred channels.
  • HD video calling features: Twilio leads the industry when it comes to in-app video SDK features. 
  • Easy integration: Similar to MirrorFly, Twilio also offers easy integration. Integrating in-app chat, voice, and video SDKs isn’t a big deal when you choose the right service provider.

Additional Key Features

  • Platform: iOS, Android, and Web
  • Languages: C#,.NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Go.
  • Industries: Information Technology, Fitness applications, Healthcare
  • Gio Locations: USA & India

What is the cost of Twilio?

Twilio is also fixed on a single business strategy. They offer you only the paid option, which is a one-time license cost. Pay once and own the SDKs with a white label solution.

Twilio is best known for its in-app video SDKs. They are the industry leaders in video calling platforms. They have innovated a lot of features and executed them successfully with proven results.

8. Zulip

Highly Flexible Platform For Third-Party Integrations

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best chat software for enterprises

Zulip is an open-source team collaboration tool that provides both chat and threaded conversations on one platform. Its design is designed to help teams communicate efficiently and effectively by organising the conversations into streams and topics.


  • Real-time and asynchronous communication: Zulip offers both real-time communications and asynchronous communication by supporting various work zones and timings.
  • Integrations: It supports integrations with various third-party applications commonly used in team workflows.
  • Open-source: Since it is an open-source application, it facilitates customization and self-hosting.

Additional key features

  • Platform: iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop
  • Language: Javascript, Ruby, Python, Curl, etc.
  • Industries: healthcare, education, IT projects, finance and banking, etc.
  • Geolocation: USA and UAE

9. Troop Messenger

The Highly Trusted Chat Software For Enterprises

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messaging solution for corporate

Troop Messenger is a team communication and collaboration platform. It facilitates real-time communication along with multiple chat features to make communication effective and efficient.


  • File sharing: It allows you to share files in a chat to make the communication more effective.
  • Screen sharing: As a team collaboration tool, it allows users to share their screen and collaborate in an efficient manner.
  • Customization: Allows users to customise according to their brand identities.

Additional key features

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop
  • Language: Javascript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, etc.
  • Industries: media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, etc.
  • Geolocation: India and the USA

10. Wickr

The Most Secure & Customizable Instant Messenger Service

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communication app for india

Wickr is the most secure and privacy-enabled communication platform. It facilitates communication with end-to-end encryption and is compatible with privacy regulations. They are more popular in areas where data security and privacy are needed.


  • End-to-end encryption: only the sender and receiver can access the message; others are encrypted.
  • Screenshot production protects your chats from screenshots and screen recording so that they cannot be used against you for threatening or blackmailing.
  • Multi-platform: Wickr is a multi-platform technology app; it can be used for cross-platform communications and can be accessed from any device.

Additional key features

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop
  • Language: Javascript, Python, Ruby, Swift, etc.
  • Industries: healthcare, cybersecurity, fitness and wellness apps, etc.
  • Geolocation: USA and UK

Time for action

These are the top-performing in-app chat SDKs available in the market. However, depending upon your business nature and the problem you can choose the best in-app chat for dating or matrimony apps as a proper solution.

If you are still confused about which SDK to choose, use this link to talk to an expert about your business nature and needs. He can provide you with a better solution and guide you in the right path.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What things should I consider when choosing the right chat solution provider?

Low latency, response time, chat features, security, and regulation compatibility are some of the much-needed benefits to be considered before choosing your in-app chat provider.

2. Can I try a demo of your chat solution?

Of course, yes, you can definitely try out the demo of our chat solution. Moreover, we offer free in-app chat SDKs and a 21-day free trial for voice and video calls in our SaaS module.

3.  How do I select the best chat solution for corporate?

The main uses of chat platforms in corporate are for organizing meetings and tracking team performance. Even free chat apps like MirrorFly are available to meet corporate needs in a secure and adaptable manner.

4. How does messaging software work?

The user-facing component, known as messaging software, enables users to instantly connect with one another via text or media. When each user inputs text and causes a transmission to the recipient(s), who are all linked on the same network, a message is often delivered between two or more parties.

5. How much does it cost to buy chat software?

The cost of any chat software purely depends on your business needs and requirements, like features, benefits, teams, etc. MirrorFly offers free chat solutions for all your business needs in a scalable and secure manner.

6. What are the best chat solution providers?

These are the Best Chat Solution Providers
1. MirrorFly
2. Getstream
3. Twilio

they are the #1 free chat provider with high scalability and 150+ enriched features, whereas Getstream and Twilio only charge for the same features.

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