Top Benefits of Online Education in Virtual Classroom

Looking for incredible benefits of virtual classroom learning in reshaping the learner’s capabilities 10x? As people around the world are too focused on continuing education through distance learning and online learning, virtual classrooms are still peeking behind the wall into the education industry.

We all know that online education offers an enhanced learning experience over the Internet, allowing learners and teachers to engage at their own pace. It facilitates easy access to educational materials, interactions, discussions, and assignment submissions. Features such as webinars and workshops are also integral to online education, with assignments and resources circulated online.

Now with significant growth and popularity in recent years,  with its technologically driven smart integration and flexibility, it indeed offers vivid learning solutions. Especially post-COVID-19 it has become a medium for mainstream educational options globally unlike traditional learning. As a next level, virtual classrooms are creating hype in the online learning environment. Comparatively speaking, it is high time that you move on to the virtual classroom concept rather than just sticking to basic online learning.  

So what makes virtual classrooms a doable option? While you can access online education over the internet, virtual classrooms deliver add-on benefits with top-notch live, synchronous sessions where the students and instructors interact with each other in real-time.

Do you know, that 63% of students choose to study online because of the flexibility of virtual learning? Facts matter over assumptions, so why wait? Get started to make the  Virtual classroom learning an absolute fun & efficient experience.

To make learners and online coaches understand the scope of virtual classrooms and take them to the next level, see how this blog highlights the cutting-edge benefits it offers!

Top Benefits of Online Education in a Virtual Classroom

Top 10 Benefits of Online Education in Virtual Classes

Here is what you need to know about virtual classrooms, these 10 amazing benefits will help you discover a higher level of understanding of its significance in today’s digital world! 

1. Flexibility and accessibility 

You can access virtual classrooms with great flexibility and convenience in the comfort of your home by simultaneously balancing work, life, and career advancement. Virtual classrooms offer a more user- friendly ambiance, irrespective of the learner and coach’s disabled and abled capabilities.

2. Combination of structure and freedom 

Just like how you would engage and interact in a traditional classroom, a virtual classroom offers a real-time opportunity by offering both structure and freedom. It gives a high level opportunity to choose between synchronous and asynchronous participation without any hassle.

3. Personalized Learning 

Virtual classrooms provide access to ample learning tools and message boards where students can interact about their recent readings, tests, and assignments with classmates. They help students break out of their cocoons of insecurity, allowing them to enjoy personalized learning tailored to each student’s needs.

4. Building a Global Network 

By engaging in a virtual classroom, you allow yourself to expand your global network by interacting with fellow students across the world. Instructors can connect with students across the globe, without the need to travel to earn international contacts. You can connect with people around the world right at your fingertips.

5. Immediate feedback 

With virtual classrooms, you have the chance to offer and receive real-time, immediate feedback. From after-class sessions to assignment submissions and project discussions, both students and instructors can provide feedback without any hassle. It facilitates 1:1 and team reviews to offer in-depth feedback for improvement in required areas.

6. Asynchronous discussion 

You can participate and respond at your convenience, without ending the conversation going at your convenience. Virtual classroom tools give time for students to share their thoughts and responses without skipping or ending conversations due to time constraints, unlike in traditional classrooms.

7. Digital tools improve technology skills 

Virtual classrooms broaden the scope of learning through various integrated tools and apps related to education. Why stick to old methods when digital tools can create wonders? Embracing virtual classrooms will expand your technological skills, making presentations, tests, assignments, discussion forums, projects, and assessments more fun and interactive.

8. Enhanced Content Delivery

If you are an educational instructor with exemplary content, consider opting for virtual classrooms to stream your material to learners seeking similar subjects. Embrace virtual classrooms to make your mark worldwide with less effort. Be confident in your content, and it will be delivered effectively to the right audience.

9. Real-Time Collaboration

The one major benefit you can consider is encouraging even a few learners or individuals to fully participate by letting them say what’s on their mind. Virtual classrooms open room for more interactions and students will never miss their turn to respond or share their inputs. 

10. Enhanced Engagement and Retention 

With a virtual classroom, you can be sure of excellent student engagement, as individuals are often more comfortable speaking in front of a screen than in person. This significantly increases retention rates and can lead to a 10x increase in participation compared to traditional learning setups.

Aren’t these 10 benefits what you have been looking for? Now that you are thorough with the benefits, next is the most awaited session of the blog, lets move forward for you to get started immediately with the right online learning platforms!  

How is live video streaming transforming the landscape of education?

Did you know that By 2030, the e-learning industry will top $1 trillion in revenue? And yes, there is more of a possibility for you to earn in this ever-evolving online education landscape.

You already know how the education system itself has undergone a tremendous curriculum shift in, teaching methods and the forums based on technological evolution. Though each of the transformations has its own merits and demerits, with the technological surge in video streaming, live video streaming has gained its moment of popularity among streamers.

Right from breaking barriers, to accommodating more time and convenience, live video streaming promotes better content and wider perspectives. 

It is reshaping the educational landscape with its characteristics such as interaction, engagement, and personalized learning opportunities for students worldwide. 

Comparing the best live streaming providers for virtual classrooms

Now that you know the nuances of live streaming educational content in a virtual classroom. Let’s now consider and compare the list of top 5 live streaming platforms. 

1. OnTheFly

Benefits of Online Education in Virtual Classes

OnTheFly is a premium multistreaming Platform, ideally suited for streaming live, scheduled, and pre-recorded videos across multiple platforms simultaneously, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and over 50 other destinations with a custom RTMP server.

If you’re seeking the perfect platform to live stream your virtual classroom to global learners, OnTheFly is the best choice. With OnTheFly, you can deliver your educational content through multistreaming on various platforms simultaneously and can record, store, and repurpose it in various formats. Also, you can host webinars for workshops or other educational events and streamline virtual learning

Top features of OnTheFly
  • Pro-recording
  • Multistreaming
  • Custom RTMP for 50+ destinations 
  • On-screen participants 
  • On-screen live chat
  • Stream Scheduler
  • Logo customization
  • Customizable video layout for branding 
  • Pre-recorded stream
  • Separate Audio/video downloads.
  • Cloud storage
  • Shareable invite link 
  • Live stream analytics
  • Full HD 1080p streaming
  • Multistream on 50+ destinations with a custom RTMP server including Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and much more.
  • Customize your logo, tags, overlay, music, banner, and background to the video stream and recordings
  • Go live Streaming with a maximum of 1080p quality from any device.
  • You can livestream with 8 on screen participants at once.
  • Host a webinar for up to 100 users per stream, without any restrictions on user counts in the upcoming streams. 
  • Record and store up to 300 hours of streams in the cloud and repurpose them in various formats.
  • Chat with your participants on screen during live sessions for maximum interactions and engagements.
  • Get real-time insights with live stream analytics on your live video stream performance.

You can start using Onthefly for free for 30 days, and the paid plans start just at Rs1476/month!

2. Dacast

Dacast - Educational Streaming Platform

Dacast is an online video platform that offers online streaming solutions for e-learning in the best virtual learning environment. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional online coach, looking for a better alternative,  Dacast is the best choice to establish a learning Platform with Live and On-Demand Video with valuable tools. 

As a topmost educational streaming platform, you can engage any number of students in your online education system and build a community with it.

It is known for its versatility in providing an enhanced classroom experience by making remote learning more flexible for students worldwide.

Feature Highlights
  • SDK for player integration on iOS and Android
  • Live recording
  • Video streaming analytics
  • Ad-free streaming
  • Video paywall for secure content monetization
  • Zoom Meeting integration
  • Unlimited viewers and live channels
  • White-label streaming
  • Password protected streaming
  • Expo video gallery
  • IP address and geographic restrictions
  • Video embedding features
  • Mobile device support
  • A unified streaming platform that is equipped with the necessary tools for making education more accessible for grade schools, colleges, universities, trade schools, and other educational institutions.
  • HTML5 video player for higher compatibility on students’ devices.
  • Video CMS tools for uploading bulk batch commands, with easy access to global settings, and on-demand video transcoding.
  • Secured cloud storage for on-demand educational content, live stream scheduling, DVR functionality for live events
  • Real-time analytical dashboard to export data on the virtual learning performance.

The paid plan starts at $39/month.

3. Muvi

Muvi - Live Video E-Learning Platform

Muvi is a leading Live and On-Demand Video eLearning Platform best suited for virtual learning with features that every online educator, virtual coach, and certified professional needs. It’s also a no-code e-learning platform, that helps successful content delivery,  with DRM and on-demand hosting.

Easily create a virtual classroom to teach your students online and give group assignments in real time. Dacast lets you easily handle your online programs, remote learning, live coaching, and certification programs effortlessly. 

Key features of Muvi 
  • HTML5 video player
  • Online course management system
  • Seamless third-party integrations
  • Multi-Audio and RTL Language Support.
  • Secured stream with IP, SSL, Firewall, and PCI.
  • ISMS &ISO certified eLearning portal
  •  Detailed streaming analytics
  • Multiple video monetization options
  • Website and Apps for Mobile and TV
  •  DRM and CDN
  • Launch your L&D Platform with  Zero Coding knowledge in no time.
  • Deliver multiscreen L&D experiences with virtual classrooms.
  • Built-in course management tools for easy progress in grade and certificate management.
  • Seamless Multi-DRM video streaming, powered with subtitles, and dual audio for any cross-browser and cross-devices.
  • Launch your native apps on 16+ destinations and stream on any device such as iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV(tvOS), Android TV, and much more.

The standard pack starts at US $399/Month. 

4. Vimeo. Livestream

Vimeo - Virual Educatioal Streaming Platform

Maximize your educational reach beyond the classroom to connect with your online community and easily grow engagement with student donations, and enrollment. Just capture your educational content, encode it in your destinations, and simply go live in minutes effortlessly. 

Meet your school or university’s live video needs that fit your size or budget. 

You also have a specified, monetization-based AI-powered video hub that lets you go live streaming,  with easy engagement and CMS features. 

Feature highlights of Livestream 
  • Flawless adaptive streaming
  • End-to-End Livestreaming Solution
  • Secure and password-protected streams,
  • Livestream Analytics
  • Ads free stream
  • Live production graphics and tools
  • Enterprise Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Live video playback & Content management APIs
  • Multi DRM video streaming.
  • Live stream your virtual classroom to seamlessly present lessons, lectures, and instructional content for better engagement.
  • Record your live streams and embed the video on your player on your website to stream your recorded videos.
  • Restrict unsafe viewers with viewing permissions and password-protect your videos and live streams to restrict access. 
  • Store, manage, and host video lectures and live streams endlessly with HD-quality streaming.
  • Replace your older videos anytime without changing the URL.

The live stream today package starts at $65/month.

5. Restream

Restream - Multistreaming Platform for Online Education

Restream is one of the pioneers in live streaming, that supports multistreaming in 30+ destinations simultaneously. You can live stream your educational content directly from your browser and reach your audience anywhere in the world from your place of convenience. 

Enjoy the advantages of the virtual classroom, by sharing your knowledge with the world by hosting live webinars, classes, & workshops. Live stream your virtual classroom effortlessly on various social platforms, guest channels, websites, and private pages at the same time and build a learning community to maximize viewership. 

Feature highlights of Restream 
  • Multistream in 30+ streamers
  • Audience engagement, analytics tools
  • Live chat option
  • Stream Backup
  • QR codes to sell you videos instantly
  • Add professional logos, overlays and backgrounds.
  • Call-to-action to drive more traffic
  • Pre-recorded streams.
  • Backup stream to auto-replace your main one.
  • Prepare, co-create, and post-produce your content.
  • Use a single platform by streaming to your Facebook profile, pages, and relevant groups.
  • Schedule and queue your learning video materials to stream live content on time.
  • Easily brand your videos to make your viewers recognize you.
  • Use pre-recorded streams to let viewers watch your content even with an unstable internet connection.

The standard plan starts at $16/month. 

By now, you must have gained great insight into the best online learning platforms available in the market. As you already know the importance of e-learning, with the listed features of the top platform, you can start streaming your virtual classes today.

Read, grasp, and analyze the best platform that helps you stream your virtual classrooms effectively. We wish you all the best in expanding your online teaching!.


1. What is the use of virtual learning in education?

Virtual learning broadens the scope of education by providing accessibility and flexibility in a virtual classroom setup, offering diverse learning opportunities worldwide. It supports personalized learning experiences by granting easy access to various online tools and management software.

2. What is online learning and its importance?

Online learning helps users advance their education and careers by offering courses similar to those in organizations and universities. It provides flexible learning opportunities from the convenience of home.

3. How can I start my virtual classroom with OnThefly?

OnTheFly lets you stream your virtual classroom instantly on multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Simply click ‘Go Live,’ invite your students, and let them access your expertise effortlessly. You can also pre-record or record your streams to repurpose them on various platforms for viewers to watch and learn at their convenience.

4. Why do we need a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom breaks geographical barriers by accommodating learners worldwide on one unified platform. It facilitates real-time interaction and engagement, allowing students to collaborate globally and achieve international excellence right at their fingertips.

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