How to Use Pinterest to Advance Your Organization

Pinterest is one of the major trending social media concepts in recent times. It was tactical on developers’ path to release it at the exact point where people want a change from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google + since all of these were just mostly text based. Although all of them supported images, videos etc they weren’t explicitly enough for pictures sharing. However Instagram and Pinterest were quite different and very useful. Read More »

5 Advance e-Commerce Trends for 2014

Everything from food to phone is going online. There is e-store for everything and anything. As a store owner you should definitely have your online e–store since e-Commerce is viral and trending. If you are planning to create a new e-store or already have an e-store then you need to read further to know about the 5 advance e-Commerce trends which are sure to create a viral impact in the e-Commerce technology in 2014.
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Perfect reporting solution with 7 customizable report types

What’s the point in having a reporting system if you can’t have every possible report illustrated and delivered to you? In these competitive times, just one or two types of reports aren’t sufficient for any sort of business. We at least need some 5-7 customizable reports for any type of business management these days. The top seven most essential and customizable report types are jotted down as follows. Magento Advanced Reports is a very essential and efficient extension which has all these seven report types available in it. Read More »

Tips to Surprise and Delight Your Customers for This Holiday

We absolutely enjoy the winter season don’t we? Not just because of the beautiful snows or the thrilling weather but winter reminds us of holidays. Starting from Halloween till New Year the 2 full months are packed with lot of excitements, thrill and fun. Holidays and celebration always remind us about stuffs to gift and buy. What could be more thrilling than buying or gifting products at exciting offers and super deals? Read More »

Turn Up Your Abandoned Carts into Sales

Online shopping is very viral. It has grown tremendously in the recent times. Many users find it easier and convenient to shop online than doing it offline. No searching, no standing in queues, great deals and lots of advantages in online shopping. The users can choose their products, add it to their cart easily and then checkout without much mess. This is the routine phenomenon of an online shopping. However not all the shopping carts are checked out many are abandoned. Do you want to know why?
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Key to Success: Walk in your customer’s shoes and expose it in your product

Every firm wants their business to prosper and reach heights in a short span of time. Although we have seen many young entrepreneurs who have achieved great heights in a very less time period, we can’t make it a sure point that everyone will turn lucky overnight. Only certain ground-breaking and innovative ideas get instant success but then to retain that success involves a lot of work and pressure. If your company is a start up or a company with certain level of experience are you are keen on to making success then you must think out of the box. Read More »

Now “Multi Language Support” for HD Video Share

Joomla HD Video Share is considered by many of the users as a trendsetter for the online video sharing concept. It has varied features that allow users to upload videos and share them. It takes just few hours to set up your own video sharing website using HD Video Share. However, this was till now available only in English language. What if you can access HD Video Share in multiple languages? Read More »