How to Enhance Credibility of Your Magento Online Store Using Reviews & Ratings?

Just setting up an online store alone wouldn’t do much good. It definitely needs more extensions and add-ons that specifically perform various functions that will enhance the credibility your online store to a higher level. It’s a fact that not every store is fully equipped at the base level itself. It might need more additional enhancements. one such important extension is Reviews and Ratings. Read More »

Expand your Car Rental Business Globally with Multilingual Option

Having a car rental business? Well, it is one of the most common and much profitable business. Nowadays, there are lots of car booking rentals out there in the city. However, if you want your business to be in top of the best car rentals list, then you might have to opt for having an e-store for your business. Expand your Car Rental Business Globally with Multilingual Option. Reason:  e-stores are trendy, worthy and easier for customization and use. Therefore you are on a higher advantage of success if you own an e-store for your car rental. However, is having an e-store alone sufficient to expand your business globally? Read More »

Keep your Affiliates Loyal and Excited!!!

Gone are those days where users will be satisfied with just the quality of the product or service; of course even now and forever the quality and service is important but to keep your users and affiliates happy, loyal, and excited simply delivering the right product is not sufficient. You need to do more and think out of the box. These days are the ones where the users expect more and more from the store owners. As a store owner and admin you should be working on innovative ideas to keep them loyal and excited. Read More »

How to Exploit Video Commerce in a Right Way?

“Actions speak louder than words” – This is indeed true in any case. A single video or photo does more wonders than 1000 words would do. If you need high traffic, reputation, sales, loyalty then you should exploit the video commerce in a perfect way. Simply embedding videos or creating videos is not the key. The secret is that how effectively you embed the videos and what tools you use in order to properly use the video commerce. Read More »

Manifest and Resolve the Factors That Affect Online Purchasing

Online shopping is the latest trend. Every store is adopting eCommerce and eStore these days. However there are lot of problems and woes at the seller or site owner end. Mostly users won’t be aware of the problems and factors that affect the purchase since they see only the front end. However if you are a site owner then you might be trying hard to improve sales and traffic to your eStore and one of the major problem you suffer from will be customers dropping their carts or in other words abandoned carts. Read More »

Sales, loyalty, traffic!! How to improve them in a Marketplace Website?

What do you expect from your site? Is it Sales? After that, what else you expect? If you own a marketplace website then you might be getting more than just sales. Of course sales are important for any business but then there are more things involved than mere sales. Those are things like loyalty, customer retention, traffic, site visitors, etc. All these won’t be available easily and effortlessly. However, by using Online Marketplace Script you can gain good traffic, high sales and loyalty for your marketplace website. Read More »

Top Free Apptha Products for this Holiday Season

This holiday season while you get pampered with various gifts and services, let your site also get pampered with various Apptha Extensions at free of cost. Christmas is a time for happiness and getting more gifts. So why don’t you gift your website some additions? Worry not. We have enlisted five most essential and worthy extensions which will be very useful and adds a weighty look to your page but has no effect on your wallet.
Read More »