Facebook page builder for Joomla : Tutorial / Documentation

Create your own Facebook page for your Joomla based website. It’s brand recognition of the company and improves the visibility of the Facebook profile and allows easy interaction with the targeted customers.

The tremendous rise in Facebook users has inspired many business owners to promote their business through this powerful social medium. However a Facebook profile without corporate logo and attractive design or a simple page may not serve the purpose completely. Understanding this lag, our developers have come up with an amazing Joomla extension called “Facebook Page builder” which is absolutely user friendly. This Joomla Facebook page component incorporates an interactive feature and enables the users to design and publish an attractive and professional Facebook Business Page by themselves as per their need.

Step 1. Download and install the plugin

If you haven’t downloaded Facebook page builder then follow the link to download it http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/Facebook-Page-Builder

You can install the Facebook Page builder simple from the Joomla backend.
Download Plugin
IMG 1.1 : Extensions -> Extensions Manager -> Choose file -> Upload & Install

After the successful installation, when you open the component it will ask for Facebook app id and secret key.  This is mandatory.  Please log on to Facebook developer account using the URL http://www.facebook.com/developer to generate the App id and secret key.  If you already have the App id and secret key for your domain then you can use the same instead of creating a new one.

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Facebook Page Builder

IMG 1.2 : Component -> Facebook page builder

Step 2. Creating Facebook app id for your domain

Creating Facebook Fan pageIMG 2.1 : Creating app for the website domain

Provide the Display name and Namespace and click continue.  On this page you have to enter your website address in two places.  For site url and canvas url as you see below. Click and save the changes.

Facebook App FanPage
IMG 2.2 : Provide the Site url and Canvas url

That’s it, when you click Save changes you will see the app id and secret key at the top of the page as shown in the reference screenshot.  You can simply copy it and past it on the configuration page of Facebook page builder component on Joomla backend.

When you click save and close after providing the secret key and app id you will be asked to log in to Facebook.  Click “Login with Facebook” button and click “Continue” button on the next page to get authenticated to create pages / tabs for your Facebook fan page.

Step 3. Creating tabs / pages for your Facebook Fan Page

Manage Template

IMG 3.1 : Pick the template to design your page

You are allowed to use only the first template with the trial download.  If you need to use the other templates that you see on the same page, then you are supposed to buy the license key.  You can buy the license key from http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/Facebook-Page-Builder

After purchase, you need to generate the license key from the My account area.  If you want to continue with the free version then continue editing the default template.

Steps to Edit the Template

Select the template and click “New page title” button to create your first tab / page for your Facebook fan page.  Now again, you are supposed to enter the Facebook app id and secret key for this particular tab / menu.

Facebook Fan Page

IMG 3.2 : Create a app id and secret key

Steps to Create Facebook API and Secret Key for creating new page:

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps , provide the app display name and Namespace.  Also accept Facebook platform policies before you hit on Continue button.

Facebook API

IMG 3.3 : Providing the website url and cavas url along with the app id

This time canvas url and site url is bit different. Followed by your website url you also need to add /index.php?option=com_fbpagebuilder&view=fblogins&page= your app id. eg. http://www.yourdomain.com//index.php?option=com_fbpagebuilder&view=fblogins&page=111111111111111

Here, the 111111111111111 refers your app id.

Facebook App Detail

IMG 3.4 : This screen appears when you click on Create new page title button

Now go back to Joomla backend and provide the app id and secret key on the configuration page, in the corresponding field while creating a new page title after selecting the template.  After providing the app id, secret key and sort order click “save and continue button” at the top right to proceed with the customization of the template for your Facebook Fan Page.

Pick your template, select the page title and click Customize button to edit the content, video and images.  In order to modify you just need to click on the respective blocks and can modify in a simple way.  After doing the changes click “Publish” button to add the tab / page to you Facebook fan page.

Facebook Fan Page

IMG 3. 5 : Publishing to your Facebook Fan Page

Multiple Fan Page:

If you have multiple Fan pages associated to your account then you need to select the Fan page from the drop down.

If you want to have a different niche template then you need to purchase our product, generate the license key from My Account area.  After creating the license key you can provide the license key on the configuration tab from the Joomla admin.  To purchase the license key please follow the link http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/Facebook-Page-Builder

Apptha Facebook Page
IMG 3.6 : Output

Advantages of purchasing commercial version

  • Powered by text on Facebook Fan Page will be removed
  • Access to new premium templates
  • Will be able to create multiple tabs / menus for your Facebook fan page
  • One year free updates

Buy nowFeatures | Demo

Build a Fully Functioning Online Shoe Store with Apptha’s Magento Shoe Store Template!!

Stepping into Ecommerce business? If you are yet to decide on the niche market you want to enter, choose an apparel industry. They are the integral part of shopping. People love to try different clothes and shoes, thus making the business huge. There is wide range of shoe store websites offering variety of shoes such as formal shoes store, casual shoes store, wedding shoe store, athletics’ shoes, baby shoe store etc. Apptha comes with a dynamic, ready to use shoe store template for magento ecommerce which is futuristic, fancy looking, elegant and professional

Shoe Store Theme

                                     Buy Now

The Magento Shoe Store template makes your ecommerce website user friendly and appealing. The ad banner, classy product slider makes the storefront catchy. The Featured Products appear on the Product Slider making the product promotion even better. The Most Popular Products, New Product, Sale Products appear in different widgets, giving an easy navigation experience for the customers which gains the attention of the customers. The blocks, product catalogue pages and customer pages are customized. The template’s banner has a thumbnail blog below where you can display the variety of running footwear to make the store extremely lively.

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Some of the noteworthy features of this template can be summarized as follows;

  • Multi language Support: These days multi-language support is the most essential for every eStore. This being provided with the template is an added bonus.
  • Attractive Product with a banner slider: This is one of the incredible and unique product features that enhances the overall user experience.
  • Multi Currency Support: There is support for various currencies thus it will be very useful for global customers to shop in your store.
  • Customization: 100% customization options are available along with this template and thus it can be modified and customized according to site owners’ wish.

The professionally created Shoe store template sports everything that is required to launch a complete high quality online shop. Build a magento powered shoe website with the readily available shoe store template and give your customers a unique shopping experience for shoes.

Apptha One Step Checkout : Tutorial / Documentation

Magento One-Step Checkout has transformed the traditional lengthy checkout process into one single page for payment, which by many ways is comfortable for your customers and saves them valuable time during the checkout process.

The Magento checkout extension simplifies the customers’ checkout process by filling up the personal information, payment methods in a single page, and completes the purchase in seconds.

The One step checkout magento extension is easy to install, configure, and supports all default Magento options.

Step 1. Download and install the plugin

If you haven’t purchased Apptha One Step Checkout then follow the link to purchase it http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Magento/OneStepCheckout

If you had already purchased the extension from www.apptha.com please sign in to your account and download the product from My Account -> My downloadable products -> Download

Download Products

Installation Procedure

For Magento 1.4,

- Extract / Unzip the file onestepcheckout.zip
- You will see the following folders “app”, “js” and “skins”
- Upload these folders to the root of your Magento installation
- Signout and relogin to the Magento admin

Uploading the files through FTP client

Uploading the files

After you Re-login to your Magento admin panel, if you navigate through System -> Configuration, you will see Apptha One Step Checkout at the left.

For Magento 1.5,

Login to your Magento Admin Panel, go to System–> Magento Connector–>Connect Manager and Upload the Package.

Magento Package

Step 2. Configuring One Step Checkout

If you click on Apptha One Step Checkout, you will get few options where you can enable One Step Checkout, you can decide whether to keep Guest checkout ON / Off, can set Default country on Checkout, can enable / disable discount coupon, can modify Checkout title which is by default Apptha One Step Checkout.

One Step Checkout Configuration

One Step Checkout Configuration

Enable One step checkout in cart page

To enable one step checkout module in cart page, go to Admin → System → Configuration → Apptha One step checkout → Activate One step Checkout in Cart and select “Yes”

One step Checkout Shipping Method

Default Shipping Method
This feature is used to select the default shipping method to be selected in frontend.
Note: The default shipping method should be enabled in Admin → System → Configuration → Sales → Shipping Methods.

One step Checkout Database

Enable GeoIP
If we enable this feature our default country and city will be selected automatically in frontend, and if we set payment and shipping methods for that country it will be selected automatically in frontend.

GeoIP database
This field is to set path for Geoip database to be downloaded from the link mentioned below and paste it in our root folder of magento store. Default path ( GeoIp/GeoLiteCity.dat)

Click here to get GeoIp database
If we click this link it will open(http://www.maxmind.com/app/city)
Here, click Try out our free GeoLite City database and you will get another page scroll down and click Download the latest GeoLite City Binary Format to get the database extract the database and put it in folder named GeoIp.This path is mentioned in previous step.

Default Payment Method
This feature is used  to select the default payment method to be selected in frontend.

Note: The default payment method should be enabled in Admin →  System →Configuration →Sales →  Payment Methods.

Enable Comments
This is used to share customer comments to the site admin, i.e. the comments mentioned by the customer while checkout will be displayed in admin sales order list.

To enable:

Go to Admin → System → Configuration → Apptha One step checkout → Choose Fields to Exclude/Include → “Yes”

Choose Fields

To view:

Go to Admin → Sales → Orders and view the Customer Comments tab belowItems Ordered . Refer below screenshot.

Product Order screenshot

Automatic Shipping / Payment Updates

You can enable this feature, if you want to have the shipping information updated automatically when the Country or Zip code or State or City selected without refreshing the page (Ajax).

One step Checkout Payment Update

Terms and condition Tab

Option to enable terms and condition for One step checkout

Enable Terms and condition in frontend, add title and add Terms and condition.

To enable:

Go to Admin → System → Configuration → Apptha One step checkout → Terms and condition → Enable Terms → “Yes”

The added terms and condition with title will be displayed in frontend with popup box. Refer screenshot below

Terms and condition

Please note: You should apply the license key to get rid of the text ” Invalid License Key- Buy Now” in the Front end.

Step 3. Output


Easily setup your Magento ecommerce store on Facebook – GO VIRAL

As a web store owner, sky should be your limit in online marketing. Hence make the best use of Facebook Marketing bandwagon. This powerful social network effectively transcends all barriers in social media marketing. If you own a Magento ecommerce shopping cart, get the maximum from Facebook and increase your revenue. Sell your products to your targets from Facebook. Keep reading to know how?

What is Magento Facebook App

Set up your entire magento store in Facebook with Magento Facebook App. By doing so, you are enthusing your customers to pick their favorite items and complete shopping by staying in Facebook. Bringing your store on Facebook, you give the shopaholics a luxury to shop from your Facebook integrated store. It hardly takes few minutes in installing and configuring the Magento Facebook App.

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Run Your Store on Facebook with Simple Installation and Easy Configuration

After downloading and the Magento Facebook App, extract the files and place them on your magento store root folder. After installing the app, configure the Facebook App module in your Admin. Create a Facebook app , set up an application and create appid, secret key and apppath.

Magento Facebook Store

Create a multi website in your magento store admin.

Go to System -> Configuration -> Customer configuration -> Facebook connect options, and provide the app id, appkey, API secret and application path.

Choose each product in your admin, select the facebook checkbox and save the product should appear in Facebook. By giving the application path in your browser, you get your magento store in facebook. This way you are entitled to run your single store on two domains.

Facebook Like
The added highlights of the app such as “Recommend”, “Invite A Friend” and “Like” buttons are active promotional tools that multiples your revenue by viral marketing strategy.The user is encouraged to invite their friends to buy your products else recommend your product for consideration. By giving your customer a facility to compare among your products, you are ensuring the customer to buy the best.

With an ready to use extension, you succeed to run your magento store in Facebook in few clicks.

Would you like to see how the app works? See our Demo. For more enquiries, Contact US .

Adorable Music Themes to Vivify Your Video Sharing Site!!

Video sharing site is an excellent destination that connects all music lovers around the globe. YouTube is the most popular, pioneering in the club. Following YouTube’s fame and success, heaps of video sharing sites and clones of YouTube are being launched, entertaining the music lovers worldwide. If you own music club/music band/choral group/music experts and like to have an online presence, it’s even simpler than what you think.

The internet epoch and CMS trend makes your dream of building a video sharing site into reality. You can build your own music website in minutes with a life giving template and video gallery extensions. WordPress and Joomla are two CMS ideal for setting up a music site due to its highly flexible and open source features, user friendly interface and easy maintenance. The website should be communicative and visually attractive to sustain your website followers.

Music Theme For Joomla

Joomla Music ThemeIf you have decided on a joomla powered website, HDVideoshare is the best fit component that caters your need: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/HD-Video-Share . This highly attractive component has an inbuilt HDFLV Player which is popular for its high quality audio and video output. The HDVideoshare component enables to categorize the videos into various modules such as Featured videos, popular videos, recent videos, related videos and so on. A premium music theme will boost your video gallery to a complete music portal: http://www.apptha.com/category/theme/Joomla/Music-World The Music World theme has an enticing look with attractive banner image and category tabs as modules for displaying related topics. Adding the HDVideoshare component to the music theme guarantees you the chance of owning a music related website with high quality and distinguished design.

Music Theme For WordPressWordpress Music Theme

If WordPress CMS, the conqueror among CMS for creating personal blogs/websites is your platform, WordPress video gallery plugin is the perfect choice: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/Video-Gallery. The plugin very effectively manages huge amount of videos, categorizes the videos in gallery format that caters the need of music sites. You are able to handle loads of video contents with absolute clarity and smartness.  To complement your video sharing site for wordpress, employ Musix, a vivacious wordpress theme: http://www.apptha.com/category/theme/Wordpress/Musix . The theme, with vibrant design and eye popping layouts entails all music lovers to share their passion for music with more interest. An adorable theme with social features makes your website completely interactive and full of life.

The premade templates and extensions are indeed a blessing,  as they come with esthetic design and features and do the job for you in few clicks.

GameStore Theme for VirtueMart template to Sport a Blazing Game Website That Mounts the Thrill of Online Gaming

Online games and the gaming population are swelling in great numbers each day. Online games are a huge hit among teens in particular, as they are good in wielding such activities.The gaming websites is found to be a gamer’s delight as it provides updates and latest releases from game inventors apart from unbiased game reviews. With millions of web users seeking for online gaming websites, this is the right time to launch a game portal / gaming website.

Building a game store is a cushy job with readymade game website templates. Apptha’s Game Store is a premium joomla theme with designs and layouts that suits best for gaming website: www.apptha.com/category/theme/Joomla/game-store-joomla-theme . The template favors your website to be geared towards all level web users and sustains the interest of your visitors. Your website gets a cool and furious look with the animated banners, innovative colors and awing layouts of the Game Store template.

Joomla Game Store Theme

The Game store template can be flexed to a complete online game store by adding the VirtueMart themes. By doing so, you are set to run an active and full-fledged online game portal with shopping cart features. Social sharing has become a basic etiquette in all types of business and this joomla theme for gaming website has social icons to follow the vogue. Set up an attractive gaming site and fascinate your online gamers using Game Store template!!

Thumb Up App for Android Phones – Bump with Your Friend’s to Find Whose Phone is Smarter!!

Thumb Up App QrcodeThe vastness of smart phones and Android market has pump up the technology-savvy developers to bring out innovative ideas to the limelight. The smartphones are becoming friendlier day by day to users, indulging various applications implacable in routine activities with latest features and functionalities.  Keeping in mind the current crowd, Contus  Android developers has come up with a massive Android App called Thumb Up https://market.android.com/details?id=com.contussupport.thumbup filled with Fun and Functionalities. Thumb Up is a must-have android app if you have just grabbed an android phone.

Scan to Install

Install the app to


Phone Fight :

    To check whose phone is mighty and efficient.

Phone Configuration :

    To list your Android Phone specifications

Task killer :

    Kills the unwanted/ unused applications running in the back-end in a single touch

Network Bandwidth :

    Displays the remaining / available bandwidth of your GPRS / 3G usage

Install the Thumb Up app and bump your phone and your friend’s smartphone to find whose phone is powerful. The results are displayed in a comparison list between the specifications of both the phones and shows who won by how many points. You can even share your results among your friends by Facebook share.

Apart from Fight & Fun, Thumb Up has more excellent features such as Configuration, Task killer, and Network Bandwidth. Configuration lists your phones specification in detail. Task Killer allows you to end the unwanted apps from your phone memory. Network Bandwidth will display the information measures i.e. how much more bandwidth is remaining in your credit, how much used, etc… Get Thumb Up, a great app if you like to check whose smartphone is smarter!!

Thumb Up App Android AppThumb Up 1Thumb Up App 2

Thumb Up App 3Thumb Up App 4Thumb Up App 5

Awesome WordPress Template to Spice Up Your Restaurant Business!!

Restaurants Businesses are evergreen and turns out to be a lucrative solution. Creating an online presence for your eatery is proving to be a herculean decision. By illustrating the web presence of your restaurant using the talents of good designers, you achieve to reach great number of online masses. And using a readymade template available from the internet, you succeed to create a website for your eating house quickly and easily at a fairly low outlay of working capital.

Knowing the significance of colors and trend, Apptha’s highly talented developers have come out with a beautiful wordpress template called Restaurant:http://www.apptha.com/category/theme/Wordpress/Restaurant . Own the premium wordpress template and give an expensive and sophisticated look for your bistro website. The template is suitable for any type of restaurants/cafes/bars/any type of eateries.

Wordpress Restaurant Template
The Restaurant theme is constructed using Gantry Framework and has an adorable home page exhibiting an attractive banner and thumbnail display of liked menus just below it and highly interactive layouts. The inner page to display all available menus, a gallery page to present large set of eye-popping menu images and a blog page to update recent events make the wordpress theme a classic and virtuosic solution for restaurant businesses. Choose a flexible and highly customizable wordpress template which is worthy to put up a website for your restaurants and increase your potential clients.

Make Your Video Sharing Site More Popular By Going Mobile!!

Apple’s iPhone stands tall when compared to other smartphones due to its wide benefits and features. This is not just a phone. It is an all-in-one set offering various applications.  iPhone embraces all categories like iPhone for business, iPhone for sports, and iPhone for Videos and what not! The iPhones’ capability to store dynamic applications makes the mobile the most demanded.

Video sharing has become a general phenomenon that has crept the web world ages back. Video Sharing services acts as a welcoming boon to all music lover in particular. Getting your video sharing sites into the iPhone is a wonderful move. Optimizing the video sharing site for iPhone delights your site viewers by giving them the facility to watch their favorite videos even while moving. video sharing website

Make your video sharing website compatible to iPhone with a readymade app from Apptha: http://www.apptha.com/iphone-app-for-your-video-sharing-website .  Our iPhone developers have brought the vantage by developing an instant iPhone app which once installed delivers a mobile version for your website. Get the instant app from Apptha and submit it to your apple store from your account for approval. You have created an iPhone app for clip bucket/iPhone app for clip share/ iPhone app for vshare, iPhone app for video gallery or any video sharing service in matter of minutes. Contact us if you like to update the design or customize the app. Our developers will do the customization for reasonable price.

Create A Mobile Version Of Your Joomla Site In Just Two Minutes With Apptha Mobile!!

Making your entire website mobile friendly is the most welcoming move if you are on the run of enhancing your website standard. When your website is made compatible in mobile interface, you are winning the hearts of all mobile savvies who take the advantage of using internet in their palm. All popular sites are mobile friendly, keeping everyone connected to their website even on the move. Smartphone buyers are increasing day by day and businesses are now keen on delivering a mobile-ready website to cater the needs of the users.

Apptha Mobile Extension

Converts your existing joomla themes to mobile version with the same feel

Mobile experience is completely different from how you view the web on a computer. The layout of the template is vertical, optimizing it to be displayed beautifully on your smartphone. The mobile website delivers only the most relevant content and information to the hand phone users. This favors the mobile-internet users by saving time, providing the required information quickly while on  the go!!

Apptha Mobile is a premium Joomla extension when installed in your Joomla site will format to a mobile ready website: http://www.apptha.com. The Joomla extension comes with various attractive themes and enables to create new themes, easy navigation option with facility to set menu types, social networking option etc. If you really care about the look and feel of your website in hand held devices such as iPhone/Android/Blackberry, Apptha Mobile is the best choice. This extension will provide a clean, easy to browse and adorable mobile version of your site quickly and easily.