Why Mob eCommerce is a must have Smartphone App for eCommerce stores

The advantage of web-enabled mobile devices in compilation with the ecommerce surpasses every other technology inventions. The mcommerce is turning out as a vernacular term in the ecommerce industry. The busy consumers are moving towards this wireless ecommerce as a method of online shopping. The flexibility, seamless navigation of mobile optimized web store with its unique functionality of gratifying the on-the-go consumers affirms the mcommerce revolution. Mobile commerce thus, is no more a speculation. The massive increase in growth of traffic and revenue from mobile stores recognizes it as the most sophisticated system.
Mob eCommerce App

Giving an app for your ecommerce store is much easier with readymade native apps. Mob eCommerce is the best of breed mobile solution for Magento ecommerce, Joomla Virtuemart, Prestashop and Apptha Shopping cart. Mobile Commerce allows you to provide an iPhone/Android app of your ecommerce store which lets the user to shop diligently from your web store through their smart phones even while moving at any required time.  Mob eCommerce is an ineluctable app that has the ability to synthesize each customer’s aesthetics as well as store owner’s requirements.

The mobile commerce solution is flexible to be integrated with any custom store, respective of the used platform. The must have app will be extended to work with other ecommerce platforms such as Open Cart and Uber Cart in the near future. Your vision of exploring the mobile world is achieved by landing up on the App Store and Android Market as a native app of your ecommerce store, branding it with your own logo.

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Mobile Commerce Daily published recently that “Fifty-six percent of consumers surveyed said they would use their mobile device to find a store location, compare prices, research deals and coupons, find a product or make a purchase” which eventually describes their negligence of standing in long queue at the mall for purchase and favoritism towards the mobile ecommerce system. Go mobile with the best native app for your ecommerce shopping cart and reach your target audience at ease.

Start your own ecommerce fashion shop using readymade Apparel store Template

Clothing and Fashion are never ending trend. The Fashion world being transitory with new innovations and esthetic qualities from the global fashion designers so as to attune with the changing life style reckons it as an eternal business. No matter how much ever trends hit the market, new fashions remains as a common interest. The change over in the buying style and the unrelenting craze over clothes and apparels are reasons for its popularity and growth.

 Apparel store Template


The apparel retailers have started bringing online presence for their store to connect with the online audience. The internet is now turning out as a large market place with increased selling of goods of various categories. Every merchandiser is getting involved with the ecommerce business to captivate the target audience. The premade template makes the job of putting up an online store without much complication. Apparel store is a clean magento template that is ideal to set up an online selling clothing store.

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The theme shows up with an attractive banner with sliding show effect and thumbnail display. The banner becomes more interactive by giving short product description and Discount sale announcements, if any. Just below the banner is the brand slider which boasts about the available brands in your ecommerce shop. The theme has separate widgets for featuring the sale off products and popular products with relevant image and Add to Cart Link. The theme makes your store customer-friendly, secure and hot favorite. Take your apparel store to next level with this unique magento template.

WordPress Template to Clone Huffington Post

The online news portals serves several purposes like sharing knowledge, information, current happening around globe etc. Online media is a one stop spot that provides valuable information and latest news on diverse matters and interest that attracts people from different walks of life. The success of online news magazines such as Huffington post is its easy accessibility, user friendly search, show latest news as per user interest, breaking news updates and monetization space.
Hufington Post

Create your own Huffington Post style- Top Headline in the front and independent widgets for featured post, recent posts etc with our new WordPress template called Huffington Post . The WordPress theme clones the entire design of the popular American politically progressive online news website- Huffington post. Once the WordPress theme is installed, you can simply drop in your images and contents in the required position, thus helping you to complete the task of publishing the look alike of Huffington post in few minutes.

The template design is based on fixed layout with separate widgets for posting latest news and updates. You can see in the Demo , how great it looks with all the newsy images and scripts. The template provides a separate widget for ad space to monetize with your publication as you see in the Huffington post. The theme is provided with individual facebook widget and social icons to connect with the social media network. It’s great to use an instant theme where all the hard work is done for you. Buy Now and Use the expertise to publish your own Huffington post.

Grow Your Business with QR Codes

Online marketers and Search Engine Optimizers always engage their business with maximum marketing niche in all possible way to get the highest ranking and drive huge traffic to generate more sales. This impelling attitude of the marketing giants resulted in the emergence of QR Codes to the ecommerce store. QR Codes are gaining popularity and are now being used widely as a marketing tool in the ecommerce industry. QR Code Coupon

How does the QR Code benefit the ecommerce business?

The growth plight of QR Code- the scanable white and black graphic image for products is one a rise. The increasing reliance on the mobile commerce eventually makes the QR Code marketing a successful trend. The capability of this two-dimensional barcode to store numerous data like website URL, product details etc. makes this a favorite choice among mcommerce business so as to connect with the mobile audience. The QR code helps you to captivate your target audience and brand your stores by keeping in pace with the newer technologies.

The QR code helps you to explore the market place by distributing its use in multiple ways. Like,
- Print Medium – Providing the scanable QR Code for your products to the print media and connect with the off-line customers
- Take the customer directly to the product page by placing the QR code of the favorite product in Front end
- Publish the QR code print of specific product in the storefront for easy access to the busy consumers and allow them to simply scan the code and shop while on the go.
- Circulate the QR Code print as marketing publications such as poster ads, mail campaigning etc.

Decided to generate QR code for your products? It’s simple for CMS based web stores with QR Code extensions. The QR Code for Virtuemart Joomla extension when installed will help you generate QR codes for your products and optimize the search marketing. The Magento QR Code is an add-on for magento CMS, empowering you to generate QR codes for your products in your magento eCommerce without any difficulty.

The traction of QR codes in the ecommerce industry is well understood by the increasing adoption of the system. Join the race and increase your customer base.

Take your eCommerce to the phone of your potential buyers

I was having a chat with my friend about how mcommerce helped him in a certain situation. He testimonies, ” I was enjoying my surprise dinner with Cathy in Maggiano’s Little Italy when all of sudden I realized that it’s my 7th anniversary with Cathy. And like any typical moron I too forgot to get my love a gift. In spite of feeling guilty, I quickly got into action. I fortunately recalled installing the Talbots App on my iPhone. End of the Day I gifted a stunning designer sunglass and made her day. I was thankful to mobile ecommerce”.Mob eCommerce App

My social responsibility motivated me to pen down this significance of mobile ecommerce business. Ecommerce business owners must soon embrace the mobile commerce service rather than letting your competitors to establish their mobile presence before you do.
Your app should enable the consumers to browse your stock inventory efficiently, compare products and prices, choose for better buy and proceed to checkout without any fuss whenever required. Mob eCommerce is solution that offers you an easy way to create a brilliant app for your shop. Mob eCommerce helps you to take your ecommerce shop to iPhone/Android powered mobiles. You are also empowering brand advertising by publishing your ecommerce store app in the App store and Android market, providing a global reach for your store.

The mobile commerce solution is not a final nail in the coffin, but it is definitely turning out to be the most promising face of changing economy. Giving your customers, a best-in-class shopping experience by bringing your store to the Smartphone for your potential buyers is the intelligent way to sustain your customers and increase customer base.

Contus Support Launches a Mobile Solution for eCommerce Platforms

After 6 months of sheer planning, execution and hard work of more than 10 extremely smart professionals, Contus Support launched its much awaited and demanded smart phone mobile solutions Mob ecommerce. It is a star addition to the never ending products list of Contus Support.

Mob eCommerce will be a boon to eCommerce store owners and developers to take their stores to the hands of the millions of smart Mobile users across the globe. Our turnkey solutions will help eCommerce shopping cart developed in platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop Virtuemart and Apptha Shopping cart to go mobile.

At present, Mob eCommerce will be fully functional on iPhone and Android Mobile devices. We will be launching the solutions for iPad, Honeycomb and RIM devices.

The team is working on integrating more eCommerce platforms such as Open Cart and Uber cart in the near futures. However, Mob eCommerce was designed to support any eCommerce store, it just take few more days to integrate it as custom stores.

The team at Contus Support is really excited about this launch and planning to improvise this product to reach great heights and wants it to be a game changer compared to any other eCommerce platforms.

You get find more details such as features, pricing and links at Contus M-Comm Please do not hesitate to provide your feedback and thoughts about this super star product.

Contus Support Web Application Development and Ecommerce Web portal Solutions

The unlimited scope of the World Wide Web incites every business enterpriser to build an online presence for their business. Nowadays, the websites are the first point of contact between the shopper and the seller. This change in the modus operandi of the businesses results in rising demand for web pages. Now that if you think a website will bring you revenue, you are wrong: It sails only half the sea. The competition is big and to win over in this big shoal is the biggest challenge.

Your web site should build an intense bond with your visitor. Only then you can see your first time visitors revisit your site. Beside appearance and handy interface, your website should be highly interactive and appealing to your visitors. Your website should adhere to two important factors- visibility factor and browse factor. In short, your website should be robust, reliable, sophisticated and flexible.  Contus Supports adept experience in web application development and ecommerce portal solution involves all the above as vital aspects to ensure a highly competitive web application for your business.

Our web application development team with expert programmers who are well versed with all the latest softwares and platforms assures total commitment in successful completion of project. Our development process is focused on providing what’s best for your business. We ensure to deliver quality website that are presentable to users having good time navigating through out your web pages. Our application developments include development of open source applications and portal frameworks. Our team expertise in ecommerce web portal solutions and have successfully integrated several ecommerce shopping carts on websites for its customers. The increasing accessibility of internet on mobile phones makes the mobile application development a necessity. Reacting to this mobile web access prioritization, Contus Support has come up with many innovative mobile apps, latest being the mobecommerce.
Conclusively, the dynamism, brilliance and dedication from the Contus Support team transform your vision of delivering a highly functional and user friendly online application for your business.

E-Drive Your Business with custom made ecommerce software website!!

Ecommerce Business Trend

Web trading is practiced all around the globe, raising the demand of ecommerce enabled websites. Analysts claim the ecommerce business as Modern Day business. Every business entrepreneurs now carve to set up an online presence for their services with full featured shopping cart. The viability of quick and easy access to the products, less time consumption for shopping, wide choice for single product from various services make the ecommerce model a huge success.

Our Ecommerce Website Development Ecommerce Website Development
Contus Support’s well built expertise and industry knowledge with experience in serving multiple industry needs provides you the best ecommerce solution for your business. We have successfully implemented a powerful online commerce for start-ups as well as major clients by integrating innovative applications. We ensure to deliver an ecommerce model that ventures good and pleasing experience for you and your customers.

Magento CMS- The Profitable Ecommerce Solution
Our in-depth knowledge in Magento with core experience in all Magento versions and extensive understanding of all magento files nurtures a well functioning and feature-rich ecommerce website based on magento commerce. Our Groupon clone script developed in Magento Platform is a super hit, with clients around the globe eventually generating huge revenue to their online business. Our developer’s knack to leverage the customization capabilities of Magento results in leveraging amazing solution that suits well for the business.

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Payment Gateway Integration- The Vital Part of Ecommerce Business
An ecommerce service is empowered to a monetizing business only when a payment mode is incorporated. A Payment gateway transports the confidential information in a safe mode through high encryption technology. Our developers expertly integrate payment gateways into the system. We can integrate your ecommerce store with any payment gateway integration so as to provide your customers a highly safe and secure payment processing platform.

Unique niche design
Your ecommerce website design should be as unique as your business. It is necessary to make your storefront look sleek and polished, which is a critical element to your online success. A “wow” factor will impress your customers, resulting into sales. Our professional’s creates credible design with easy navigation for convenient buying experience and well organized product display. Our designs help you turn your vision into reality, no matter what you are selling. Our designs encompass customer oriented features optimized to cater each and every requirement of clients.

Array of Themes and Extensions
Our readymade themes and extensions help you create an online store / redesign and enhance the look and feel of your old store in a jiffy. The templates provides a contemporary online selling platform for your products/services resulting in huge sales and increase in revenue. Our ready to use templates create stunning website design that impress the customers, giving the credibility it deserves and prompt them to buy your product. We provide add-ons that extend the functionality of the ecommerce website. These extensions offer features that delight the shopping experience as well as achieve targeted campaign for the business. Embracing the social networking vantage to build brand awareness for a huge customer base is easy with our facebook apps and extensions. You can browse through an array of themes and extensions for selection and find the one that fits best for your service. Our extensions and themes come with a detailed user guide that steers you to a hassle free installation and configuration.

Mobile App for Ecommerce
The web enabled mobile phones have unbelievable potential, raising the demand for applications. App users hail from different walks of life. We can see people switching away from web pages and choose apps as their favorite way to access internet. Every Smartphone users on this planet is enjoying the secured mobile internet platform for buying goods and services. We embrace the app culture and have come up with instant readymade iPhone and Android apps for ecommerce business. Our mobile apps help you conduct commerce to the on-the-go customers. The application can be integrated with major ecommerce CMS – Magento ecommerce, Prestashop and Virtuemart which once installed by your consumers on their iPhone or android phones gives instant connectivity to your store from anywhere at any time.

Customer Base
We value, understand and appreciate our customer requirements and deliver world-class ecommerce solution surpassing our customer expectation. If you are not convinced with our pre-designed templates and readymade extensions, we deliver completely customized design by allocating a designer and a developer who works for you dedicatedly until successful completion of your website as per your need. Our Project Management team ensures smooth functioning with whom you can communicate for any enhancement or modification along the way. Contact Us For More Details
We pledge to exceed our customer expectations by delivering custom ecommerce store for online success!!

Give a Native iPhone/Android App for Your Video Sharing Site!!

Own a video sharing site? Like to deliver a mobile app for your video sharing site? Looking for a native mobile app? If you answer is yes to all the above questions, Get Tube Plus from Apptha, An instant iPhone and Android app for video sharing websites. iPhone/Android App

The Tube Plus is a readymade app which lets your users to access your video sharing site through their iPhone or Android easily and effectively. The native mobile app enables easy to use interface; finger-friendly touch for quick navigation, crystal quality video display and social sharing for each video thus illuminating the user experience. By exploring the iPhone and Android advantage, you let the user to discover a fascinating music experience. The Tube Plus app works well for popular video sharing sites such as Clip Bucket, Contus HDVideo Share, Clip Share, Contus Video Gallery, PHP motion, PHP melody etc.

Still wondering how to? Purchase the readymade iPhone or Android app from Apptha each available at a reasonable cost of just $149. For iPhone, submit the downloaded app to your apple store for approval from your account. For Android, simply submit the app on your android market account. Your website viewers who would like to stay connected with your video sharing site even on the GO can install the app on their smart phone and enjoy the vantage lifelong.

Feel free to contact us if you need a mobile app for your website. We accomplish your requirement at a fair pricing!!

Mac Photo Gallery for WordPress : Documentation / Tutorial

This gallery plug-in for WordPress is the best and neatly designed plug in giving a perfect array of the images in your website. The Mac Dock effect of the WordPress Image Gallery gives a stylish look to your images. The effect of Mac Doc is that when you roll the cursor over a set of photos, the photo which comes in contact with the cursor will be blown out whereas the rest of the photos go to the back. This best WordPress Gallery allows you to switch between the previous image and next image easily.

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Most importantly, you can create multiple albums, smooth gallery slideshow; display the album list in thumbnail formats, etc. The download, share and Facebook commenting option of the WordPress slideshow gallery makes it a brilliant and obvious choice of photo gallery plug-in for your WordPress site.

Step 1. Installing WordPress Mac Photo Gallery

Wordpress Photo Gallery
IMG 1.1 : Search and Install Mac Photo Gallery

As you see on this image you will be able to install Mac Photo Gallery very simple from the admin area of WordPress installation.  Just navigate to Plugins -> Add New and search for photo gallery or mac photo gallery from the search, from the search results click on Install now to install the plugin.

After the successful installation it will ask you to Activate the plugin manually which you can do by clicking on “Activate Plugin” on the page.  When the plugin is activated you will see the new menu called Photos added to the link with the empty album on the page.

Install Mac Photo Gallery

IMG 1.2 : Photos page with the empty album after the installation

In order to add images to this album or to create new album or to rename the default album name, look for Mac Photos below the Settings from the WordPress admin area.

Step 2. Adding Images / Albums

Adding Images and Albums

IMG 2.1 : Admin area from where you can create albums or add images to the albums

If you want to add the images to the first album you can simply click “Add Images” and on the next screen click “Select files” button to upload.  You can also do a multiple uploads of images from there.

Select Files
IMG 2.2 : Uploading images to the album

Uploading Images
IMG 2.3 : Multi uploads

After it uploaded you can add the Name and Descriptions for the each photos and click Update button at the top of the images.

Upload Multi Images
IMG 2.4 : Images added to the default album

With this we have added the images to the default album.

Import Albums Easily To The WordPress Mac Gallery

You can easily import albums from Picasa, Flickr and Facebook album directly. Refer below screenshot.

WordPress Mac Gallery
IMG 2.5: Settings to import albums directly from Flickr/Picasa/Facebook

Step 3. WordPress Mac Photo Gallery Settings

Photo Gallery Settings

IMG 3.1 : Mac Gallery Settings

When you activate WordPress Mac Photo gallery, Photos tab will be added to the menu.  Alternately if you want to add list of albums and photos from the particular albums you can do so by adding short code to the pages / post.

You can control the number of rows / columns to be displayed on the pages / post.  There is a separate settings to control the homepage where multiple post will be displayed on the same view.

From this settings, you can enable / disable facebook comment, photo download etc.  Regards to facebook share it will be disabled until you provide the facebook api key.

IMG 3.2 : Adding widgets to the side bar

By default when you install the plugin two widgets will be active which you can added to the side bar.  One is to show the album cover, you can set how many albums needs to shown and it will be displayed on the sidebar in random order if you selected few albums when you have more.

Another widgets is to display the images from the particular album.  You will be able to set from which album you want to show images and how many images needs to displayed.

IMG 3.3 : Front view

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