Eliminate Page Reloads on Your Magento Shopping Cart Using Easy Ajax Cart Extension

If your customer is made to move back and fro to the main cart page for each purchase, there are chances that the customer does not purchase many items from your store. Fresh page reloads annoys the customers, motivating them to shop minimum or simply abandon the shopping cart page. To overcome this obstacle, Apptha has released an ideal extension for the Magento CMS – Easy Ajax Cart . This extension helps the customers to make purchase more easily and happily.

The Easy Ajax Cart Extension avails effortless installation, post which the shopping cart becomes more dynamic for the end users. It enables the customers to add any number of products by being on the same page, without being refreshed each time. On adding a product to the shopping cart page, a pop up appears with a thumbnail of the purchased product and option to Continue shopping or proceed to Checkout. The extension allows to delete or remove product with the Ajax request. The recently added products are updated in the “My cart” instantly without any reloads.

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The extension allows customers to change the quantity of items, add products from category page, and remove products from sidebar /shopping cart page without any page reloads. The Ajax cart extension supports multi store and multi language feature, thus enabling the store owners to extend the functionality for a wider scale. The extension can be configured in such a way that it can be displayed in list page/view page or in both.

Back clicking or waiting for page to refresh is eliminated completely by using the Magento Easy Ajax Cart extension, thus improving the user experience which eventually leads to more conversion of sales.

How do Magento Mobile Ecommerce Sales Increase Using Mob eCommerce?

Etailers are knee-deep in formulating the mcommerce strategies. The “want it now” behavior of consumers and the capabilities of smartphones persuade every e-store owners to implement a mobile solution. The massive potential of mobile commerce to caters the needs of the vast mobile using consumers and drive incremental revenue has proven it as the most beneficial business strategy. If you have monetinized magento CMS for your ecommerce store, going Magento Mobile app  will show dramatic boom in your sales.  Mob eCommerce

Going mobile with a readily available mobile commerce solution is a smart choice. This will gain a competitive advantage over other ecommerce stores who are yet to adopt the mobile commerce evolution. Mob eCommerce is an instant ecommerce mobile app which can be simply plugged into the existing Magento store, i.e. you are enabled to integrate a Magento mobile commerce solution to your Magento Store in few minutes. Thus, you achieve to deliver products with excellent speed and accuracy, which eventually builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mob eCommerce allows you to give product and order details instantly to the shoppers, establishes your store in the mobile market and enhances your business standards. The mobile shopping cart app works for your ecommerce store by enabling a mobile shopping experience consistent with the online store. The magento mobile solution allows you to provide the entire catalogue of your online store, show real time updates thus making the mobile store consistent with the web store, enable secured authentic transactions, personalize with the mobile store with social share options, etc.

Extend the magento store to next level by optimizing the mobile mass market and increase your revenue potential.

How to Boost Sales of Your Magento Store

Magento platform is rapidly rising to the top and has evolved as an ecommerce leader in just three years since its release. The open source CMS developed using PHP5 Zend Framework fits best for setting up a web store to conduct commerce online. The online shopping cart developed using Magento CMS is flexible and has an incredible features list which enables to have an online store up and running in record time. The scalablearchitecture and multi-store strategy are significant features that makes the magento CMS the most sophisticated solution for the online shoppers.

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Running a successful ecommerce business a big challenge

With thousands of vendors entering the online world the competition gets fierce. To stay ahead of the competitors, one should keep scratching for the ‘extra factor’ that can raise a ‘WOW’ expression which will eventually brand the business as a leader and make it stand out from the rest. The huge list of magento extensions, counting 4000+ is a great resource which when chosen suitably and installed enables to tune your business with maximum efficiency.
 Easy Ajax Cart Outstanding user experience will truly differentiate your brand from competitors. To excel in customer experience, enhance the shopping cart feature. The open source extension providers has come out with several add to cart extension that improves the shopping experience, like the Easy Ajax Cart , a Magento Ajax extension, which on incorporated with the magento shopping cart removes the unnecessary page reloads while adding/delete products in the shopping cart. Such extension is packed with many utile features such as erase the whole page refresh for every action, allow customers to decide whether to continue shopping or checkout by opening a pop-up without any page reloads, can enable the Ajax feature in the product list page/ view page or in both, etc.

One Step CheckOut

Veterans in the Analyst space emphasizes that online shoppers leave the shopping cart because of complicated multi step checkout process. The long filling forms asking for repeated information irritates the consumers, finally pursuing them to leave the cart and shop from the next store. To tackle the challenge, use a third party extension like the One Step CheckOut. This checkout extension enables a quick checkout process with all six steps reduced to single step, thus elating everyone’s online shopping experience.

Magento Facebook AppThe enormous audience of Facebook actuates the necessity of Facebook integration with the ecommerce store. Giving the target consumers the facility to shop completely from your Facebook store is a smart move. Innovative extension such as the Magento Facebook App will help you bring the entire magento store to Facebook, letting the Facebook Savvies to shop from your store through their Facebook login itself. This magento extension also provides wondrous promotion for your shop by showing the purchase information on the consumers’ wall, thus reaching the consumers network in no time and zero effort.Magento FB Referral

Making use of a powerful extension such as the Magento FB Referralwhich auto-generates the code for f Recommend Button to appear on the product page is a brilliant way of facebook promotion for your magento store. Providing an admirable discount for the recommended product, you felicitate the consumers as well as get displayed on your consumers’ Facebook wall with the purchase information and achieve viral marketing.

In summary, these are few significant products to looks out for. Embrace the best solutions and improve your offerings. These Magento extensions certainly help you boost your store’s sales and generate maximum revenue.

Give a Gift Offer to Your Customers in Your Online Store – Lucky Draw Extension For Magento!!

It’s always an exhilarating experience to win a lottery or a lucky draw. Many online stores use competition module /prize draw for active consumers as a way of sustaining the costumers and generating new leads. It is now easy to start a luck draw option in your magento store with the ready to use Lucky Draw extension. This magento extension ensures a fair and transparent lucky draw process thus conferring the costumers with exciting gifts for their prolonged stay with your online store.

 Lucky Draw Extension

About the Lucky Draw extension, this is a sealed gift box which is believed to hold gifts. Each customer receives exclusive bonus points/credit points for each purchase. The lucky draw becomes applicable only when the customer earns the minimum credit points as set in the admin. Once the customer earns the required credit points, the lucky box is enabled to open up. The lucky draw extension works as a seasonal offer or a festival gift draw, i.e. it is mandatory to provide season period for lucky draw.

The lucky draw can be set for different levels by the store admin. The store owner sets the target credit points to be earned for the lucky box to open. Any number of gifts can be added for each level of lucky draw and allot the gifts in random or custom mode. Each level of lucky draw is set with different rule type, such as target credit points, No. of gifts in the draw, No. of gifts to be opened and so on. The customer can add the gift item to the shopping cart and purchase it instantly as the price of the gift product appears as ($) currency 0.00. This magento extension works for multi websites, thus facilitating the customer to use the earned credit points for purchase from the linked websites.

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Utilize the wonder packed lucky draw extension and excite your potential customers by giving a chance to win lotto and grab gift from your store. To know more Click Here

Apptha’s Mob eCommerce Among the Top 12 Ecommerce Start-Up in India!!

Mob eCommerce, a mobile commerce solution that was launched last month has been honored with the “e-sparks 2011 Award of Excellence”, recognizing the services as one of the best startup for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Mobile Commerce is a product from the Apptha Developers who are expertise in delivering mobile applications, exclusive extension and templates for popular content management system.

About e-sparks Award of Excellence:-

e-sparks Award e-sparks 2011, an ecommerce meet show put up by yourstory.in adjudged Mob eCommerce as one of the hottest Indian eCommerce start ups along with the 12 finalists from the 227 registered. The ecommerce solution’s efficiency to change the online purchasing system captured the judges’ interest which fetched us the award.
The credit goes to our Head who foresee the mobile commerce necessity, gave exceptional support and ensured the solution to be unique and incomparable. Mob eCommerce is all about generating revenues through the mobile purchase system and we are happy that we are a winner this year with an Award of Excellence for our ingenious application.

Mobile Commerce Solution for all e-business

The sheer fact is that the mobile shopping carts are becoming the hot favorite among the on-the-go consumers and thus the mobile eCommerce has emerged as a necessity. Mob eCommerce is the best solution to feed this necessity. Mob eCommerce is an instant native app that seamlessly integrates any ecommerce store irrespective of the platform(Magento, Virtuemart, Prestashop, Apptha, Custom) to the iPhone/Android. This mcommerce solution brilliantly brands your e-store in the iTunes and Android market, adds value to your business as well as increases your customer base.

Highlight: -

The presentation on Mob eCommerce, highlighting the benefits of conducting commerce on internet phones received great reviews. The response was too eliciting with few major companies offered partnership opportunities while few others offered funds.

e-sparks Award Photo e-sparks Award Photo 1e-sparks Award Photo 2

If you like to learn more on the mobile application development, get in touch with our mobile expert team. Also, check out the award publication here

Apptha Extends its Shopping Cart for the “On-The-Go” Android-mobile users

Smartphone users who access internet through their mobiles are exploding in number indicating the unstoppable demand over this next-generation technology. In-depth surveys and trends states that the growth in the mobile-web usage is on the rise and is set to stay. The profound transformation in the mobile industry over the last few years has seen various new mobile technologies. The latest being, mobile ecommerce. Empowering the mobile phones with the same potential as in a personal computer like offering efficient bandwidth, quick loading, easy product display, interactive search options, etc is the mobile commerce strategy.

Apptha Shopping Cart

Apptha, the storehouse of exclusive templates and exquisite extensions for popular open source such as Joomla/Magento/Wordpress has escalated its functionality by launching a native app for the Android users.   Apptha Shopping appallows its Android audience to search extensions and templates, learn on the specification, compare prices, easy checkout, share purchase with friends etc., merrily, thus making shopping via Android phones a pleasurable activity. The Apptha shopping app is created with core focus on user experience, flexibility, reliability and security. The app comprises of several shopping features that helps to give the mobile users real-time access to the same updates and information that are running in our website.

We got involved in the mobile application development realizing the rising demand over the mobile-web access. Our latest ventures such as Tube Plus – a native iPhone/Android app for video sharing services, Mob eCommerce – a solution for ecommerce merchants to bring their magento based/ Joomla /Prestashop or any custom store to the iPhone/Android are most appreciated and seen unbelievable number of installs in weeks. The Apptha Shopping app is an output of mob eCommerce solution. Contact Usif you would wish to go mobile – the expertise in porting the mobile applications between platforms and devices. We are in the verge of launching the native iPhone App for Apptha to make your shopping via iPhone a complete bliss.

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Exclusive Shopping Cart Theme to Magnetize Your Ecommerce Store – Joomla Skywalk Shop Template!!

If you want your business to enter the world of internet, making it ecommerce is the way-in. Joomla,  getting popular with its ability to deliver robust ecommerce solution is the best choice. The growing number of ecommerce extensions in Joomla CMS such as Virtuemart, Apptha Shopping cart etc, paves way to build a complete ecommerce store in short time. The Joomla templates with artistic and professional design created specifically for shopping cart websites adds an enticing look to the web store.

Skywalk Shop Template for Joomla is an alluring Joomla template from the Apptha theme developers. The template is developed centering on the ecommerce business focal point. The theme is highly versatile for setting up a digital store and electronic shop based on Joomla CMS. The feel of the theme embodies what a professional and proficient ecommerce store is supposed to.

Skywalk Shop Template


The multi module position of the theme makes the website informative, visually appealing and navigation friendly. A banner module at the top which can be used to display the running products information with beautiful image, fancy write ups, showing discount amount and Buy Now button that leads to the shopping cart page is a striking advantage of the theme. It allows adding any number of products to be displayed in the banner.

The remaining independent modules of the Skywalk shop theme such as Ad module to spin in money, Hot offers to display discount sales, categories to show products in category for easy navigation, best sellers to attract customers and featured to educate the customers on the available best products makes the ecommerce market place distinctive. Make the extra money by taking your digital shop to ecommerce with crisp Joomla theme and shopping cart extension.

Tune Up A Spanking Video Sharing Site Using Innovative Joomla Templates!!

The love for music brings out lot of music related websites and video sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe, which are created as a bridge to connect the music lovers around the globe. Joomla makes it simple to create one’s own video sharing website.

Compilation of innovative template, and an elite video sharing component makes a complete adorable video sharing website. It can also manage any number of videos and organize them in to categories for easy listing which also has an in-built HD flash player to play these videos in high definition quality.

Apptha offers various templates for Joomla CMS with awe-inspiring design and perfect layouts that suits to set up a video sharing site.

Music World

The Joomla music template possesses an enticing design which is perfect for a music portal. The template features various module position, provides social icons, Facebook module to show the fan followers the brilliant display of categories like Featured videos, Top Rated videos, Recent Videos, Popular Videos etc. The joomla theme is easily configurable and has a changeable footer option to provide more links for quick navigation for the users.

To know more, go to Music World Theme

Music World

Video Stylo

Video Stylo is a premium Joomla template that is absolutely stylish in design and apt for a video sharing site. The template gives a snazzy portal that delivers video sharing service in an awing trendy design. The video stylo template owns a beautiful display of videos in categories, featuring the recent videos in the playlist and independent modules for displaying videos. The template has an amazing interactive deign with upload video option, search option and popular video in the header. Social icons to share the updates of the music service to the potential network-savvy users.

To get the video stylo template, Click Video Stylo

Video Stylo

Video Plus


Video plus help you to create an online presence for your music service in no time. The free Joomla template has a clean plain design that enables you to deliver a simple and elegant video sharing site. Video plus includes various modules for displaying the videos in an elegant way. The template has an ad space, monetizing from your video sharing site and getting the best out of it. The template has a disciplined display of videos in categories, favoring easy navigation for the users to choose their videos from the related categories. Social shares like Facebook likes and Twitter feeds helps to socialize your video sharing site and reach the million user base.

Download Video plus

Video Plus

Apptha’s New born Twins for WordPress-Dazzling Photo Gallery Sliders

Photos have great influence and are worth than million texts. The dawn of digital photos and web connectivity has given a new face to photo sharing services. Most website delivers multiple images with the motive of attracting their target audience as well as to create a pleasing interface. When numerous photos are engaged, the best way is to add a photo gallery plugin. The plugin helps to manage and display large set of photos in a blog effectively, at ease.

When the photo gallery is bestowed with graphical and slideshow effect, it achieves maximum user-attention. This hold true- especially for marketing growth. The unremitting demands for unique plugins with utile features, specifically for WordPress CMS encouraged Apptha to add two more image gallery extension for WordPress to its list: Apptha Slider Gallery and PICA Photo Gallery.
Apptha Slider Galley
Apptha Slider Galley

This is a powerful wordpress gallery extension that helps to maintain large stack of photos in an organized manner. The WordPress plugin allows adding any number of albums with n number of photos to the albums. The slider gallery plugin will display the featured/ most recently added images in the slider with thumbnail below the slider image. The plugin allows to control the settings such as size of the album display, full view display size, thumb image size etc.

PICA Photo Gallery
PICA Photo Gallery is a best solution if you are looking to create a complete photo sharing website like the Picasa. In short, PICA Photo Gallery is a clone of Picasa gallery. The plugin allows managing huge set of photos in categories as featured photos, just like the one you see in Picasa. The gallery has full screen option for each image, facebook share, download, zoom in and zoom out features. A detailed user guides comes in handy with the WordPress plugins for ease of use.