Apptha Adds 3 More Unique Magento Templates for Ecommerce Business

The stunning features and user-friendly interface of Magento makes it a remarkably profitable opensource solution for ecommerce business. Its undoubtedly the best option if you want to create an online store with multitude of beneficiaries. With readily available templates you can create effective and eye catching, stylish design for your store in minutes. Check out Apptha’s latest release – 3 attractive templates Easy gourmet, Furniture Store and Electronic Store, each with distinct designs and layout.

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Easy gourmet

Easy Gourmet


Electronic store

Electronic Store


Furniture store

Furniture Store


Find the theme that suits your Magento store and attract your site viewers !!

Magento Facebook App – The Ultimate Merchant Leader Solution for Online Businesses

Social media has transformed the way business is done. Every business embark upon popular social networking websites like Facebook to disseminate in the competitive world. Nowadays, a Facebook fan page has become a business etiquette. Businesses use this social medium to get immediate access to a large user base, and consider this as a platform to provide real time update about launches, product updates and business growth. Fan pages allows the store owners to interact with customers and develop a friendly relation so as to sustain the customers throughout. Nevertheless, fan pages for businesses are outdated. To show effective business growth, bring your entire storefront to Facebook.

Magento Facebook App

The Magento Facebook App is a classic Magento extension beautifully crafted to feed the above need. The extension is listed in Magento connect and is ready for purchase from our website.

On installing the Magento Facebook App extension, the Magento store owners can make their store live on Facebook, allowing users to directly purchase from the Facebook store and complete shopping without having to log into the store. The brilliance of the extension is that any purchase made through the Facebook store will reflect on the users Facebook wall with details, thus promoting the product to the user’s network and successfully widening your user base- the most preferred social media promotion technique.

By bringing your entire store on Facebook, you give the Facebook geeks the facility to browse your store by staying in Facebook. The Magento Facebook App extension enables product management on Facebook through the same admin panel of the web store. The extension delivers an elegant looking Facebook shop dressed up with attractive banner and customer friendly interface. Use the Facebook store app and convert the Facebook audience to active customers and utilize the biggest social platform for your business.

Out-of-Stock Notification Extension for Magento Store Released!!

Whilst acquiring new customers is crucial for business, getting in touch with old customers is also important to increase customer base.
Out of Stock Notification

If you would like to win back those customers who left your shopping cart due to the Out-of-Stock reason, send them a notification mail indicating the product’s availability in your store soon after you have updated your stock inventory status to in-stock. Apptha’s Out-of-Stock notification is a Magento notify stock extension which allows the store owners to show a message for the out-of-stock products in the product page. The message displays “ Notify me when the product is back in stock” with a Notify Me button and Email text box intimating the customers to get notified through email when the out-of-stock product is updated in the stock inventory.

The Magento out-of-stock notification module has a simple back-end allowing the store owners to install and configure the extension in minutes. The email template and response message after hitting the notify button can be customized by the Magento store owners. The extension also allows the store owners to delete the mail ids of the customers from the database soon after the notification mail is sent.

Check the product link to know more :

2 New WordPress Themes Released – Photo Pica and Pleasant

We’ve released two more new WordPress themes that have rich design and strong sense of color. Both the themes are versatile and futuristic for WordPress blogs. The themes have unique layout and include all features that blends well with respective business strategies.


The Photo Pica theme is a premium WordPress portfolio theme that suits best for portfolio blog, photography or personal sites. This theme looks great, rendering attractive slide show of the featured images in the home page and scrollable thumbnail of the featured images along the right side of the homepage. The theme is intended for a photo-rich blog, mostly for building a WordPress powered photo gallery or photo sharing website. The stylistic design and flexible layout is beautifully crafted with an easy to customize nature.

Photo Pica Theme



The Pleasant is a free WordPress theme with a modern-looking robust design suitable for any kind of business purpose. The multi color schemes and the widgets give the theme a complete website concept fitting itself to any niche. This theme sports a simple and professional look and feel – a perfect combination of user-friendliness and display. The Pleasant theme has a flexible layout that supports any type of widgets, be it a photo gallery/player/video gallery/banner. The drag and drop widget options offers a providence to build a visually appealing and unique website.

Pleasant WordPress Theme


Browse Apptha’s list of WordPress Themes and find more number of high quality themes with clear structure!!

New One Step Checkout Extension v1.4 Released with Major Upgrades!!

We are happy to announce the release of our new One Step Checkout extension (One Step Checkout V1.4 – Plus Package). Besides the existing features, we have upgraded the one step checkout extension with more One Step Checkout valuable features that meets the needs of every Magento store owners. The new One Step Checkout plus package is out at a new price ($99) while the existing one step checkout extension is revamped with a new design and comes as aregular package priced $59. Check the link for more details .

The additive features of the new version are:

-      Display One Step Checkout below Cart – The store owners can enable the check out process in the shopping cart page itself. This allows the customers to complete the checkout process immediately after adding the products to their cart page.

-       Geo IP Feature –The Geo IP feature will fetch the country and city by default.

-      Default Payment Methods – Allows the store owners to set a default payment method in the back-end. The store owners can control which payment method the customer should follow by enabling the respective payment option.

-     Default Shipping Method – By enabling this feature, the shipping information will be automatically updated in the respective fields (Ajax way) when the customer selects the Country/Zip code/State/City without any page refresh.

-       Terms and Condition Tab – Show the Terms and Conditions link just above the Place order button in the checkout page, which on clicking opens a pop up with the Terms and Conditions.

-       Enable Comments – Allows customers to post comments about their shopping experience, which will be displayed under the admin sales order list. Admin has the facility to enable/disable the terms and conditions option and provide title and content for the terms and conditions.

All the unnecessary steps in the default checkout process of the Magento are well addressed in our one step checkout extension. By choosing the Plus package from us, the store owners can even decide which fields to exclude/include in the checkout process. Check the demo of the
One Step Checkout Plus package and experience the new version.

Checkout : Offer for OneStepCheckout for Magento

The One Step Checkout which enables an easy checkout process for the customers without any page reloads and multiple steps is definitely a must-buy product. Remember, a complicated and annoying checkout process will not make your customers happy and dissatisfied customers never returns!! Hence make use of the best one step checkout extension and drive incredible traffic and sales.

Apptha Unveils New HD VideoShare with an Highly Admirable Feature

We continue to develop updates to our extensions’ arsenal of features and this time we are announcing the update of our Joomla HD VideoShare extension. This most popular video sharing script is now updated with an advanced feature- My Channel. Please note, The My Channel tab is viewable only for the registered user, i.e. after login, the user can create their own channel to manage their video collection with a sophisticated video management system. The Channel Page appears as shown below.

HD VideoShare

‘My Channel’ allows users to create their own channel page, upload videos to their channel , sort videos in categories such as Popular Videos, Recent Videos, Top rated Videos and My Playlists. The user can edit the Channel details that show details about the Channel page such as channel views, channel name, total uploads, about me, etc. The user can add other user’s channel to their Favorite Channel list and view their channel videos. The My Playlists option in the Channel Page allows the users to create their own Playlist and add any number of videos to their Playlists.

A separate tab for Channel Settings is available adjacent to the My Channel tab, allowing the user to control the Channel Page settings such as set the player height, width, number of rows and columns to appear in the category list, enable/disable access to Private/Public, enable/disable any category, show/hide Facebook Comment option, choose video that should play in the channel page by default. The user can upload own logo to their Channel Page which will appear just above the Player.

Make use of the best video sharing script loaded with utile, effacious feature and create your own YouTube-like site and let your users enjoy the charisma of video sharing!!

Meet the New Apptha Shopping Cart With Substantial Updates!!

We constantly update our extension features and to follow the series, we just updated the Apptha shopping Cart with default shipping methods. Now that our extension includes shipping methods, it lets you start an ecommerce store which is capable of selling any types of products, services and digital downloads. We hope, the newly released Joomla Ecommerce Shopping Cart will cater all your needs.

About the new shipping options
We have added four shipping options to the Apptha Shopping Cart for Joomla, making it a compatible Joomla Ecommerce Module for tangible and intangible products. The four shipping options comes that in default are
• FedEx
• Custom Shipping

Apptha Shopping Cart


With these shipping options, you can kill the lengthy process of measuring and weighing products for accurate shipping charges. The shipping calculations are weight-based. The custom shipping method helps you gauge any kind of adjustments that is required with the shipping process, i.e. provide shipping rate descriptions, choose a shipper, select Country, enter zip code range, provide weight range for products, provide package fee etc.

The Apptha Joomla Shopping Cart is thus upgraded to a fully featured online shopping cart website extension. This fast and easy to use Joomla Ecommerce Plugin with unique and powerful features enables you to set up an elegant ecommerce store. It allows you to showcase and manage any number of products and categories, has built in support for multiple payment gateways, and allows payment through live credit card processing with many utile admin features, thus letting to efficiently streamline your online business. Use the best Joomla shopping cart extension and open an online store on the Internet in no time.

Smashing ‘Video Stream’ Theme Absolutely Free for ‘WordPress Video Gallery’ Plugin

Ever dreamt of setting up a video sharing website like the YouTube/ Metacafe? Want to know how to share your music or get an online presence for your band? It’s quite simple to live your dream. Download the hottest video sharing script for WordPress: WordPress Video Gallery from Apptha ,the Best WordPress Video Plugin which now comes with a dashing WordPress theme ‘Video Stream’ which is of great quality and design.

Video Stream Theme


The WordPress Video Gallery is a video sharing WordPress extension which efficiently creates a video sharing site like the YouTube in record time. The video gallery plugin has an in-built HDFLV Player, which is unique for its video and audio quality, shows six different modules, supports video upload from YouTube, manage videos in categories, control n number of videos, flexible video settings and social share icons. The Video Stream theme accompanies the WordPress plugin Gallery to gear up the effect of a music sharing site. The WordPress music theme has professional niche theme design, perfectly carved for a music portal.

The WordPress Video Site along with the Video Stream works the out-of- the- box way, giving all sophisticated video blogger the best music destination. The Video theme gives a multitude of options to enhance the look and feel of the WordPress Video Site such as Show Video Categories in Top Menu, Video Search Option in header, widgets for popular, recent and featured videos, easy switch over to home page content, Facebook comments for videos etc.

Create a music site with the WordPress Video Gallery Plugin to pump in more music lovers!!

Magento Facebook App : Document/Tutorial

The Magento Facebook app theme is a premium Magneto template for the Magento Facebook App that integrates social shopping via Facebook.The theme enables the Magento store owners to efficiently integrate Facebook to their store, thus allowing the customers to shop completely from the Facebook store.

Step 1. Download and install the plugin

If you haven’t purchased Magento Facebook app then follow the link to purchase it

Magento Facebook App

IMG 1.1 : My account area

If you had already purchased the extension from please sign in to your account and download the product from My Account -> My downloadable products -> Download

Installation Procedure

For Magento 1.4 ,

- Extract / Unzip the file
- You will see the following folders “app”, “fbapp” , “lib” and “skin”
- Upload these folders to the root of your Magento installation
- Signout and relogin to the Magento admin

Installation ProcedureIMG 1.2 : Uploading the files through FTP client

For Magento 1.5 ,

Login to Your Magento Admin Panel, go to System–> Magento Connector–> Connect Manager and Upload the package.

Magento Connector
IMG 1.3:

Step 2. Configuring Magento Facebook app

Magento Facebook app
IMG 2.1 : System -> Configuration
Log on to to generate app id and secret key.  Click Create New App button at the top right on Facebook developer page.  Give the name for your app / store, when you click save it will take you to the next page where you have to provide the site address and provide canvas url

Magento Facebook Configuration
IMG 2.2 : Creating Facebook app id and secret key

Creating Facebook App
IMG 2.3 : Provide the site url and canvas url

Facebook Test Store

IMG 2.4 : Facebook app id, secret key generated

Facebook App ID

IMG 2.5 : If you have purchased the extension, apply the license key generated, provide the banner option, upload banner images, enable popular product option to display the most popular products below the banner image,  Enter the facebook id, secret key, canvas url and save it.
Magento Admin Panel

Step 3. Create multiple website for Facebook store view

 Facebook Store View
IMG 3.1 : System -> Manage Stores -> Create website

Create websiteIMG 3.2 : Creating store for Facebook

Creating store for FacebookIMG 2.3 : Creating store view
Step 4. Final Steps

Creating Store View IMG 4.1 : Providing base url for Facebook app store

Facebook App StoreIMG 4.2 : Selecting theme for Facebook store view

By this you will be able to successfully installed and configured your store for Facebook app.  After this you need to enable your products to be viewed in Facebook app.  Simply go to Catalog -> Manage Products -> Websites (Product Information) and enable Facebook for each products

Facebook Store View 2

Please note: You should apply the license key to get rid of the text ” Invalid License Key- Buy Now” in the home Page.

If you are not comfortable in doing these steps, you can contact us for free installation..

Adding footer links

If you want to show Footerlinks as seen in the output screenshot, Follow below steps:

Go to CMS –> Static Block –> Add New Block and enter the below given details and save.

Title: Facebook Footerlinks
Indentifer: Facebook_Footerlinks

<li class=”heading”>About Us</li>
<li><a href=”#”>Customer Service</a></li>
<li><a href=”#”>About Us</a></li>
<li><a href=”#”>Privacy Policy</a></li>
<li class=”heading”>Links</li>
<li><a href=”#”>Site Map</a></li>
<li><a href=”#”>Search Terms</a></li>
<li><a href=”#”>Advanced Search</a></li>
<li class=”heading”>Why Buy from Us</li>
<li><a href=”#”>Secure Shopping</a></li>
<li><a href=”#”>International Shipping</a></li>
<li><a href=”#”>Affiliates</a></li>
<li class=”heading”>My Account</li>
<li><a href=”#”>My Account</a></li>
<li><a href=”#”>My Wishlist</a></li>
<li><a href=”#”>Help</a></li>

Step 5. Output


Magento Facebook App