Adding more power to Magento e-stores, while subtracting cost

Apptha has come out with a new bundle offer Magento Power Pack to Magento e-store owners to boost sales, by combining 5 powerful extensions for Magento, into one combo pack. check link These products which total upto USD 325 are now being offered at a never-before discount of 30%. Each of these products add value to both an online buyer, as well as the e-store, by making the e-shopping process more speedy, more convenient, more social, more organized and more well-managed.

Magento power pack

The products are :

  • - One Step Checkout
  • - Out of Stock Notification
  • - Easy Ajax Cart
  • - Facebook Social
  • - Magento FB Discount

One Step Checkout
Apptha’s One Step Checkout Extension for Magento is all about completing the checkout process on a Magento E-Commerce store in the shortest possible time. The least number of fields of information that is required to complete a checkout have been identified and integrated on a single page. This makes typing or editing the data quick and convenient.
Features and Benefits
- All screening Information, appear before placing order
- Last minute additions to the cart are possible
- Auto-update feature to add to the convenience
- Coupon codes integrated into the checkout page
- Country customization
- Layout customization
- Ease of installing
- Adequate documentation
For more info on the product, visit
List Price: USD 59.00

Checkout : Simplify Your Checkout Process With OneStepCheckout Extension

Out of Stock Notification
Out of Stock Notification is all about smartly managing buyers’ enquiries. While most e-stores are prompt in mentioning that a product enquired for, is out of stock, very few have the insight to inform the buyer when the stock is available. This extension from Apptha for Magento precisely achieves this. Customer’s email ids are captured when an Out of Stock message is flashed. When the Out of Stock” products shift to “In Stock”, the customers are promptly notified by email. Store owners can even personalize the email message by editing the default email template provided in the admin module. The extension is simple to install and configure, and comes with an easy back-end.
Features and Benefits
- Shows a message in the products detail page indicating the customers to request for email notification when the stock availability changes from out-of-stock to in-stock.
- Add customized message for notification, and notification response
- Enable/Disable the out of stock notification option in admin
- Shows the customer list who have requested for notification in back end.
- Option to store/delete the email id of the notified customers from the database.
- Set default email template/customized email template for the notification mail sent
- Out of stock notification support for all product types available in Magento: Simple Product, Grouped Product, Configurable Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product and Downloadable Product
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List Price: USD 49.00

Easy Ajax Cart
Most e-commerce stores capture user information to begin with, and as and when the user moves through various product categories, and adds items to the shopping cart, he/she may have to reload the page time and again to ensure all the items are checked into the cart, and nothing is missed out. This takes away the fun of e-shopping. That is why Apptha has come up with the Easy Ajax Cart extension for Magento, where-in the user can add or delete items from the shopping cart easily, without having to reload the pages continuously. This can be done both – throughout both during the shopping process, and on the final check-out page.
Features and Benefits
- Allows customer to add product to cart in a quick and efficient way.
- Updates the quantity and recently viewed products in “my cart” without reloading.
- User can add Product to cart without redirecting to Shopping Cart page. Hence, no unnecessary redirects.
- Shows ‘successful addition’ message after product is added to cart, with the option to “Continue Shopping”
- Based on an admin configuration, selected cart items will be listed serially without reloading the shopping cart
- User can delete/remove products from the cart, on the Shopping Cart Page, using Ajax request.
- Allows users to change quantity with just one click, remove items from and update – the cart, remove products from sidebar cart and shopping cart page without reloading the page
- Multiple-store and multiple-language store supported
For more info on the product, visit
List Price: USD 59.00

Facebook Social
E-commerce stores getting onto the social media to promote their products seems like an obvious thing to do. However, not everybody could get the process right. All that has changed with Apptha’s Facebook Social extension for Magento stores where-in Facebook has been seamlessly integrated into the stores’ product pages making the whole process more convenient to the user, and hence hugely profitable to the store. Store owners can effortlessly integrate the product pages of the store into the social graph with Facebook’s Open Graph protocol, which helps them target a large buyer base through schemes and promotions, as well as generate new fans and customers in a viral fashion. Customers just need to ‘Like’ their favorite products in the store’s pages, and share the product details on their FB wall.
Features and Benefits
- User login and sign-up using Facebook account
- Post on customer’s Facebook wall
- Auto update of product details on customer’s wall after Share
- Privacy settings for user
- Easy localization and customization with language file
- Supports Facebook wall features to share product details such as Like Button, Recommend, Show Faces, Layout Style Features, and the Comment feature in the e-store page(s).
For more info on the product, visit
List Price: USD 59.00

Magento FB Discount
Facebook users are very likely to share information about new product they purchased, or attractive discounts availed, to their contacts. This brings in a whole new lot of eyeballs to a manufacturer. However, if the user does not make a mention about it, this advantage is lost. The Magento Facebook Discount extension prevents such an eventuality, by combining both the discount, and the Facebook update, in one go. In addition to increased sales, what the Magento Facebook Discount extension achieves is the ease of announcing new product launches, new offers, new product upgrades etc by directing buyers to a manufacturer’s Facebook fan page. This is a better option than electronic direct mailers or printed collateral.
Features and Benefits
- “F like” button displayed in Cart page
- FB Discount can be enabled/disabled
- Admin can change discount amount as per the e-store’s wish
- Admin can provide the Facebook page link which the store wants the user to ‘Like’
For more info on the product, visit
List Price: USD 99.00

To conclude, one can say that Apptha continues to lead the way in increasing adoption of E-commerce by creating various applications, and promoting the same. These measures help make the e-commerce platform more easy to use, and a lot more cost-effective than physical store fronts.

Have questins? Call us by phone (+1-718-717-2229) or through the website

Apptha’s AppStore takes smart computing to a higher level

Smart phones are revolutionizing the way we work. With the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becoming increasingly popular, Smartphones are being designed to handle more and more computing needs. As a result, the bulk of computing for simple and day-to-day functions has shifted from laptops and desktops, to smartphones. Tech-savvy users like software developers are already using their smartphones for most of their information and transaction needs, and relying on laptops and desktops only for pure software development.

Apptha iPhone App

Recognizing this trend, Apptha has launched an iPhone app that will help the developer community purchase Apptha extensions from their iPhone, while on the move check link Apptha is part of Contus Support Interactive and develops application extensions for CMS and E-Commerce websites. There are innumerable extensions for various technology platforms, and these help make CMS and E-commerce websites smarter, easier to use, and well-integrated with social media.

Hitherto, information on these extensions was available on Apptha’s website as individual product pages, from where one could even purchase the extension. Now, with AppStore, the same information is neatly organized and available on an iPhone.

The extensions are divided into various categories and carry a brief description. A software developer can choose the extension(s) he needs, add them to the shopping cart, make the payment, and check-out. He/she can also login to his/her account and see the payment information. While descriptions are useful for those who are not familiar with the extension, a search feature is available for those who are familiar.


Purchase Apptha extensions while on the move

• Apptha extensions divided into categories

• Share information about the purchase on social media

• Login into account and find status updates

• Descriptions available for every extension

• Search feature to search for extensions by name

A similar application was developed for Android based smartphones, recently.

The AppStore has demonstrated Apptha and Contus’ commitment to making developers’ lives easy. While the extensions themselves save developers the hassle of developing code to do a particular function, the AppStore makes the process of purchasing these extensions easy, while on the move! This is a benefit that cannot be found even with several of the leading software product companies of the world.

To conclude, it’s interesting to note how previously, the form factor of smartphones was touted as a limitation at every step, for making information available on smartphones. Through the AppStore, Apptha has demonstrated that if information is organized and presented smartly, form factor need not be a limitation. In the long run, this helps strengthen the case for mobile computing, and making the mobile phone – one’s default device.

Give Your Video Service The YouTube Touch With Joomla Youtheme From Apptha

Apptha designers have come up with a smart template that replicates the design and layout of YouTube.

Check link:

The theme sports a nice online interface, just like the YouTube, thus providing ease of use and simplicity. The theme has several module settings to accomplish the user’s need of setting up a complete YouTube video sharing site.

Joomla Youtheme

                          Live Demo                         Buy Now

The Joomla Youtheme is intricately carved out by our professional designers, keeping in mind the niches of YouTube design. The theme embeds all utile features that are essential to satisfy the video enthusiast who plan to give their video sharing service the YouTube style.


• By integrating a video sharing script like HDVideoshare, the template lets one to create a video portal similar to YouTube in minutes.
• Social share icons like FB like, Twitter, etc to let users exploit the social media
• Independent advertisement block to empower the site with monetization
• Compatible for joomla1.5, 1.6, 1.7 & 2.5
• Tableless design and 100% css based
• Upload logo in minutes
• Banner display in the homepage giving the YouTube theme a professional and intuitive look.
• Easy signup/sign in process
• Fully compatible IE7+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
• Easy installation and configuration process
• Custom-friendly footer option in the admin
• Admin option to add contents to the site
• Various Side Player Settings options in the admin
• Category setting such as category limit and video limit in admin

The Youtheme embeds a design that categorizes the videos as recent videos, features videos and popular videos similar to that of in YouTube. The Joomla template showcases a category list to list out the various video categories for easy classification and organization of videos. The template is innovative, classic and 100% customizable. Treat your site viewers with a highly inspiring video template just like the YouTube and start acquiring millions of user counts without much hardships.

Get Your Magento Shopping Cart Ready For Mobile

Possessing a full-fledged Mobile Ecommerce App is going to valuably help you to improve sales, gain more new customers in the mobile arena and innovate new market solutions through this new platform.

Mobile Ecommerce AppYour Magento Ecommerce website would have yielded tremendously all these days, but as the mobile eCommerce trend has caught up like fire in the market today, it is a must that you get your business a Magento Mobile Ecommerce App with all the latest features.

We provide a fully functional Magento Mobile Ecommerce App with all the advantageous features that would give your customer a satisfying user experience and eventually help your brand gain a trustable image:Contus M-Comm

Following are the utile features that our Mob Ecommerce provides for your Magento Mobile Ecommerce App:

-Easy customization with advance design tools
-Works with all ecommerce platforms
-Making it available in App market (iPhone / Android / Windows)
-Choice of templates
-Syncing with website updates
-Integrating with Google Analytics
-Supporting all Mobile Payment Gateways
-Alerts on Special Offers
-Social media share

Developing and installing a Magento Shopping Cart isn’t going to take time or require a big charge. With the new cloud storage system, your app would be online for just $50 or $75 a month. You cloud customize it as you want and make it as unique as your brand. The changes you make in your Magento website for the desktop version, the same cloud be incorporated to your Magento iPhone App or Android app in no time.

In this competitive area, to retain old customers and gain new customers as well, your Magento Mobile Ecommerce App needs to be highly impressive with a pleasing user experience and interesting designs. However good your brand is, if your Magento Shopping Cart isn’t satisfying your customer, then he is going to uninstall it in a flash and you become the loser even with a quality brand in hand. The whole set of online audience in all age groups is going mobile these days and the new way to give your competitors an edge in market is to maintain you Magento Ecommerce Solution with full technical and strategic efficiency.

Apptha Enters SharePoint Application Development

Apptha, the creator of over 90+ innovative products (inclusive of extensions,themes and mobile solutions) has now ventured into SharePoint application development. Apptha released two free web parts for SharePoint to contribute to the users of SharePoint.

Check out the two free Web Parts from Apptha: Sharepoint Twitter Webpart

Twitter Web Part:

Twitter Web part allows you to show the tweets of the Twitter profile which you choose to display. You will be able to control the web part settings such as its appearance, provide the user name (the twitter profile name that you want to display), include replies and re-tweets, control the count of tweets to appear, set the time interval for tweet update, i.e. if you set the time interval as 10 minutes, the twitter feeds are refreshed  every 10 minutes to display the recent tweets from the user.

SharePoint Event Web PartEvent Calendar Web Part:

Event Calendar web part helps you to maintain the list of events based on dates. The dates in the calendar for which an event is listed displays in different color. You can add any number of events on a particular date. The calendar web part shows distinct color for the weekends. You can even provide unique name, description and timing for the respective event date. Your event calendar automatically applies different color for the existing events, event dates, week-ends and next month dates for better visual appeal.

Both the aforementioned web parts are totally free and comes with the installation wizard to manage simple installation.

Expect more web parts from the SharePoint development team soon! Contact if you have a need a unique SharePoint tool or SharePoint Application. We will analyze your requirements and contact you with the best timeline for delivery with competitive pricing.

Apptha’s First Prestashop Extension Released – Out of stock Notification!!

We are delighted to announce our venture into Prestashop extension development. Our remarkable success in developing extensions, plug-ins and themes for popular CMS like Magento, WordPress and Joomla inspired us to step into Prestashop with the release of Out-of-stock notification extension in Prestashop CMS. Click here to view:Prestashop Out of stock Notification

About Out-of-stock notification Module:

The out-of-stock notification is a stock availability notification Once the Prestashop store owners integrate the module in their store, it starts showing a product quantity status such as in-stock/out-of-stock for the products that the customers attempt to purchase. For the out-of-stock products, a message box, Notify Me button and Enter Your Email text box appears intimating the customers to enter their mail id and get notified through email when the out-of-stock product is updated in the stock inventory. The consumers can choose to get email alert when the product quantity is validated to in-stock for future purchase or simply ignore them.
The Prestashop out-of-stock notification module helps you
- Show an error message (out-of-stock message) when the customer attempts to purchase a product which has zero quantity in the stock inventory.
- Suggest the customer to get an email notification when the product quantity is updated back to in-stock.
- Allow the customer to request for notification of stock availability by entering their email address.
- When the stock quantity is increased and returns to the status “in-stock”, an email indicating the stock availability is send to the customer’s email automatically who all have requested for notification
- Win back your old customers/ get connected with your existing customers who have intended to buy from your shop and withdrew due to stock unavailability.

Purchase the Prestashop out-of-stock module and enhance your web store usability to drench in the rain of sales!!

Apptha Releases Magento One Step Checkout Extension – Enterprise Edition

We are happy to announce our first extension for the Magento Enterprise Edition with the release of One Step Checkout Enterprise extension : all the Magento Enterprise users can enable one step checkout process in their shopping cart and elite the customer shopping experience.

One Step Checkout

The One Step Checkout Enterprise Extension incorporates features that are utile and inevitable.  The extension plays a crucial role in reducing the shopping cart abandon rates due to complex check out process. The decreasing shopping cart abandonment eventually increases the store revenue and the one step checkout extension is the perfect solution for all those store owners who are willing to experience astounding sales for their store as well as wipe out the shopping cart abandonment.

Checkout : Get Offer for OneStepCheckout for Magento

Highlighting few eminent features that make the one step checkout extension useful and valuable:

  • - Shorten the Magento multiple steps checkout process to a single step. Just few clicks to complete the purchase process.
  • - Enables users to add more products to the cart whilst in the checkout page
  • - Auto list the relevant product details (price, total, taxes, etc) par with the shipping/payment method chosen by the consumers.
  • - Show coupon code, newsletter subscription, gift options in checkout page
  • - GeoIP feature to fetch the country and city automatically.
  • - Customer can post/comment views before place order
  • - Show the One Step Checkout below cart for more user-friendly interface.
  • - Customer can avail guest checkout/ register to checkout
  • - Customer can register while placing order
  • - Install and configure in minutes or less.

The One Step Checkout extension for the Enterprise edition comes with higher level of support and care. Get the enterprise compatible edition of one step checkout from Download One Step Checkout for your Magento Enterprise store and start earning amazing revenue for your store.

New Release – Hotel Booking Magento Theme with Reservation Functionalities

Apptha Hotel Booking Theme has just been released. This premium Magento theme suits best for hotel booking services that offer information about the accommodation available in hotels across locations with booking facility to reserve the required accommodation. The theme is designed ideally for online hotel booking service with banner slideshows, customized blocks for brand slider, search and product display. Check

Hotel Booking Magento Theme


Apart from the versatile design, the Magento Booking theme comes with in-built reservation extension. Thus you can set up a fully-functional hotel booking website just by installing the theme in your Magento admin.

Features list:

- Banner slide show in the storefront for elegant room display
- Customized search module adjacent to the banner with check-in and check-out facility
- Customized cart page and checkout page
- Brand slider in the home page
- Customized Product detail page with Client details, Destination, Availability of room with check-in and check-out dates, Includable list like A/C,T.V etc, Photo gallery with light box pop-up slideshow, Google map and Add Review
- Set flexible price rules in the admin
- Exclude specific days to prevent bookings on certain days
- Set available timings for bookings in the admin.
- Multi language and Multi currency support
- SEO friendly design
- Compatible with all major browsers and features fast loading.

Buy the best booking theme and establish a rich web presence for your hotel booking service.

Generate Repeat Business and Improve Your Sales with Apptha’s Referral Reward Points Extension

We are pleased to announce our latest release - Referral Reward Points Extension for Magento Stores. This new extension will help the Magento store owners to start a reward program for their customers in a quick way.

Customer retention strategy is the best way to sustain the customers and protect the customer relationship. Giving the best buyers and potential customers something back after purchase has turned out as a default marketing program in the business space. Reward points earned by customer for any activity performed in the store like purchase/subscribe/register/refer friends are redeemable as gifts/coupons, thus elating the customer’s store experience. Apptha’s Magento Reward Points extension is the best solution to incorporate this competitive necessity.

This rewards loyalty extension has an intuitive interface and can be installed in few clicks.

Benefits of the extension are:

-        Automate a reward program in your store
-        Retain your customers with a good reward points system
-        Easily configurable user-friendly back-end
-        Customizable solution as per future requisite.

Highlights of Referral Reward Points Extension are

-        Set maximum purchase limit for the customers to earn reward points
-        Enable reward points for referring the store/product to friends
-        Earns reward points for newsletter subscription
-        Enable/Disable the Magento points system of the store in a single click.
-        Reward program for inviting friends to the store
-        Calculate reward points when the referral registers/ purchases from the store.
-        Allow customers to share the reward points with friends

The most interesting feature of the extension is that the store owner can choose to leave any reward points field blank or enter zero while configuring the extension to void the particular reward feature in the extension.

Buy our extension from ,integrate a reward points system in your store, entice your customer to purchase again from your store based on a reward and keep increasing your sale.