Halloween Guising With Social Affiliate

In the recent years we could see a rapid growth in the community oriented Internet technologies. Possibly, using social media as affiliates marketing tool will be a brilliant idea and the bulk amount of traffic generated by these sites would be a boon to the affiliate marketing program. Further this strategy could be used to plan for a viral marketing plan to give a blast to the Affiliates program with assured ROI. Read More »

How to Create a Video Sharing Website Like YouTube, Vimeo & Netflix With Brand New Technologies?

There are countless statistics available online that points out one thing on what kind of content users engage in – videos. Videos fascinate people and spurs audience count to expand tremendously.

In 2017, Oxford has chosen the term “Binge watching” as the word of the year, indicating that entertainment has become synonymous to online video-on-demand platforms.

Revenue generated worldwide through video streaming industry amounts to a total of US$19,572, as of 2018. It is also projected that a staggering population of 548 million people would channel to video-on-demand websites as their prime entertainment source. This climate in media sharing indicates that the gates are wide open to new ventures in the on-demand arena.

Statistics like “55% of people watch videos online everyday” – HubSpot”, “YouTube has over a billions users” – YouTube 2016 official stats, “US adults spend 5.5 hours with video content each day” Read More »

Why to Use an Ajax Based Shopping Cart

Experts say that the average abandonment rate of an eCommerce store is about 65%. How to minimize it and offer a pleasant checkout experience to the customers? Now it is possible with the far-flung adoption of technologies like AJAX. Consumers are getting habituated to more powerful and fast responsive websites which responds to their input immediately instead of the complete page refreshing approach. Read More »