How to bug fix ‘Shopping Cart Quantity Update’ in Arabic Store View – Magento

In this blog I would like to share a useful solution which I found out for a problem which I experienced in a Magento powered store.

Problem: I worked on an Ecommerce store which had both English and Arabic store view. In the Arabic store view, after changing the quantity number from 1 to 2 and clicking the ‘Update Shopping Cart’ button, the reloaded page did not show the updated figure in the ‘Quantity’ area and I did not receive an error message too. Read More »

How to Create Structural Block in Magento

Have you always wanted to know how to create structural blocks in Magento? Or are you experimenting with various development stuffs on Magento? Well, Structural blocks are the ones that are created for the sole purpose of assigning visual structure for your store’s page. This includes header, left column, main column and footer. Structural blocks are also the ones that define the location of the content blocks on a web page. It declared with “as” ( as=”structuralblock”). Read More »