Optimize Your Shopping Cart And Checkout In An Effective Way!

The world of eCommerce is turning galactic each day with shopping stores kept open to purchase anything found on any part of the world on any time. If on one side is the rising demand over online stores, on other side is the increasing expectations from users on these stores. Users expect a lot from the store they wish to purchase. They want it to be user-friendly, time-saving and apart all, the store should have got an amazing user interface. One among the vital features a user would love to see in an online store is the ‘easy checkout’ or ‘one step checkout‘ process. The checkout experience happens to be a vital thing or major concern of many eCommerce stores. Higher the checkout experience, higher is the sales of an online store. Read More »

‘APPTHA FACE GALLERY’ – The Most Utile Extension Your Website Will Ever Need

Extensions are out for everything! A single extension can serve your website with an ultimate solution. Here, I am gonna speak about a splendid extension named ‘Apptha Face Gallery’, which was launched recently exclusively for Joomla.

It becomes truly annoying for anyone to upload images one by one on a website, while they are of plenty in number. Wouldn’t that be killing someone’s time to upload images one at a time? Apptha has found out an exemplary solution to overcome this hindrance on Joomla based websites. Read More »

Exclusive Tips from WordPress Experts for a Better WordPress Experience

At times when you come across an appealing blog or site, you’d probably think about implementing the interesting features of that blog into your WordPress blog or site. It is quite obvious to get that feeling as a site/blog owner. Any individual who owns a space online would definitely look for alternates to garnish their sites up with some sweet additions. If you are the owner of a WordPress site or blog, then this blog is exclusively for you! Read More »

Ways to Optimize Your Online Store In-order to Increase Conversion Rates

Increasing conversion rates happen to be one of the major concerns of ecommerce sites. In order to increase your site’s conversion rates, first of all you need to focus on your site’s look, feel and overall user experience. Prior to investing any money into paid search engine campaigns, display advertising or social media ads, it is quite important to get your site’s homepage and site structure perfect. Read More »

5 Noteworthy Ecommerce Functions to Pursue On A Daily Basis

Being an ecommerce owner, you might frequently look for something new over the web to help your business grow big. It could be either a magical analytic tool or a brand new product that helps in increasing your site’s conversion rates. Of course, relying on these new inventions is quite essential, but the same way it is also important to execute your day-to-day ecommerce activities. Read More »

Top Significant Tips To Optimize Your Magento Store

Thanks to ecommerce, today the online selling methodology has grown amazingly popular and significant. Magento too plays a vital role in accomplishing this fact. The platform’s SEO friendliness is widely acknowledged by its users in addition to some of its standalone functionalities which cannot be seen in its competitor platforms. Being one of the biggest ecommerce shopping platforms, Magento is considered to be excellent in Search engine Optimization. Read More »

Apptha Upgrades its Joomla HD Video Share Extension to Version 3.2.1

Video Sharing is a tremendous opportunity given to people to showcase their video works to a mass circle. Online videos are creating trends these days and individuals are running over to set up their own video sharing sites. The rising demand and growing popularity of these video sharing sites has led Apptha to find a solution to outsmart the needs and requirements of users. Read More »