6 December, 2023
Featured Marketplace Script

Apptha’s “Marketplace Extension” Released with Fantastic Features!

Our commitment towards delivering user experience and feature-rich extensions for Magento, Joomla, and WordPress is incessant. Every time we strive hard to raise the quality and usability of our products to make it extremely beneficial for the site owners and end users, and most often we succeed!

A latest sensation to hit the market from our expert developers is the Magento extension Marketplace!

This time, we wanted to help ecommerce owners breathe easier with our latest release. Our Marketplace extension is designed out-and-out for site owners wishing to transform the existing Magento store to a perfect marketplace for setting up exclusive seller profiles with varieties of products targeted at customers. Besides, it provides an option to owners to make out additional revenue from sellers who set up products on your online space.

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Wish to know what else this amazing extension has in store for the site owner and sellers? Well, find them below.

A few powerful features of this plugin are stated below.

Site owner features:

  • Allows to create marketplace
  • Provides option for seller to login via default or social accounts
  • Provides option to approve/decline any seller
  • Offers facility to confirm the approval of seller manually and automatically
  • Provides option to monitor and manage the seller information perfectly
  • Provides complete control over seller information via dashboard
  • Offers facility to set up a commission fee (in %) for sellers with flexibility
  • Offers owners facility to transfer money to sellers, etc.

Seller features:

  • Provides option to create seller account easily
  • Offers facility to add and edit logo, banners of seller in the profile page
  • Offers option to set up products and details perfectly
  • Provides complete control over the products via dashboard
  • Offers comprehensible management over sorting and managing products
  • Provides option to add countless products against their names
  • Offers facility to add/edit/delete any product on the store
  • Provides facility to send email notifications to customer and admin for product purchases, etc.

These are not the only features this fascinating extension has got; in fact, it has got more than what you actually expect! If setting up a marketplace is your dream, you make it happen in real with our Marketplace extension.

For complete features about the extension, check out the link: 

For checking out the functionality of the product, check out the link: 

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  1. Ivan Reply

    I’m happy with the product. It bring me best performance. This will be the successful extension for the people who want to build online shop as a marketplace. Thanks for shared the importance of the extension.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hi Ivan,

      Even we are happy to get good comments from you peoples, it appreciate our work and as well as encourage our future works. Keep an eye for more featured posts.

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