1 July, 2022

Apptha’s Mac Photo Gallery for Joomla gets updated to 3.0 version!

Photos, if showcased in an amazing way is sure gonna grab people’s attentions and interests. Apptha’s Joomla Mac Photo gallery is one great extension to allow you to showcase photos in a dazzling Mac Dock effect. With Joomla released its new version 3.0, our Joomla gallery plugin is also updated to make it compatible to 3.0. The photo gallery Joomla component enables users to create their own virtual Joomla photo album in seconds. As the mouse is rolled over an image, it gets enlarged without changing the quality of the lightbox image gallery.

The photo gallery Joomla component allows users to share images/photos through Facebook, which can be downloaded at ease. Using this image gallery extension, your visitors will witness a hassle-free experience to view the gallery and make them to visit your site every often. It allows you to create a dynamic album in website with an elegant look. You will be able to create any number of photos and create multiple albums on your gallery. One best thing with this plugin is, the images are viewed in a lightbox effect, when maximized. Listed down are few of the best features of this Joomla photo gallery plugin.

1. Mac Dock Effect as “Dock Style” in Mac iOS
2. Option to upload any number of photos
3. Option to create multiple albums/categories
4. Display entire album list in thumbnail format with smooth “Scroll”
5. Maximize image view with “light box” effect
6. Option to download images/photos
7. Option to share images/photos in Facebook

Your sites and blogs will certainly mark a ‘wow’ effect if your photos and images are shown up in a special way. If you really wanna give your visitors a fantastic visual experience, then this Mac Photo Gallery Joomla 3.0 can be apt one to rely on.

Product Page URL: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/Joomla-Photo-Gallery
Demo URL: http://www.apptha.com/demo/?product=21

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