Apptha’s Hot Deal – Pay Less and Save Money on WP MAC Photo Gallery Today!

Apptha announces special offer for WordPress web owners! Yes, WordPress web owners can now build vivid photo galleries on their WP websites, however cost-effectively. Of course, using our deal offer, WP owners can now save up to 8% of their buying costs on the Mac Photo Gallery Extension for WordPress.

Why Mac Photo Gallery extension from Apptha? Well, just check out the features of this fascinating product below and I know you’d be pretty convinced why this product would be a worthy add to your WP portal.

Powerful features of Mac Photo Gallery – WP:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Mac Dock Effect (when you hover the mouse over image it will enlarge)
  • Option to add infinite images
  • Option to set up multi-albums
  • Option to download and share
  • Option to share using Facebook
  • Facility to view pictures with Facebook effect
  • Facility to import albums from Picasa, Flickr, Facebook and display with Mac Dock effect
  • Maximum upload size of 10 MB, etc.

Photo galleries are no longer just options but must-have ones. Pictures play a crucial role in today’s online business space as they are found to be the perfect and best means to communicate with visitors online. So, setting up a vivid photo gallery on your WP website can double your chances of attracting visitors and you’ve an opportunity to set up such a website cost-effectively now!

Grab this opportunity before it’s gone!!! Buy this product for your WP website today at a special and unbeatable discount of 8%.

To purchase:

To try live demo:

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