Apptha Launches Magento based Delivery Schedule Extension to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

In an online store, the culmination of a purchase is marked by the delivery. Meaning to say, delivery is also an important aspect that eCommerce store owners need to focus upon. In order to help store owners deliver to customer’s convenience, Apptha has launched a delivery time extension called Delivery schedule.

What is Delivery schedule & what’s so special about it?

Once you integrate this delivery extension to your Magento eCommerce store, delivery slots will be displayed on a timely basis to your customers. Customers after purchasing the product can choose their preferred delivery time and date among the available delivery slots, so as to have the product delivered to their convenience and availability.

Having a user friendly extension like delivery schedule in your eCommerce store, will make your Magento store stand apart in crowd, and drive in more customers to your store.

Incorporated with a string of exciting features 

Given the fact, the underlying functionality of this extension itself is very exciting. However, it doesn’t stop there. There are even more features lined up to excite you further. Let’s explore them in detail:

Comprehensive delivery information

Apart from booking the time slots, customers can post additional information with regards to the address and contact number details.

Apptha Delivery Schedule Comments

Instant Notifications

When a customer books the delivery slot, the store owner receives instant notification informing about the customer name and address along with delivery date and time.

Mail acknowledgement

Store owners can send an acknowledgement mail to customers along with details of the courier, such as the courier’s name, contact number and so on.

Multiple delivery slot management

This extension works well even with multi-vendor marketplace. As a result the admin can manage diverse delivery slots for multiple stores effortlessly.

Time and Date

Sort the orders

Store owners have the option of sorting the orders so as to get an idea about the busiest time slot. Based on it they can allocate their resources accordingly.

Disable time slots

In case the store owner happens to be overloaded with orders at a specific time period, he can disable the time slots from the backend. Customers won’t be able to book the disabled time slots for delivery.

Apptha Delivery Schedule Time Slots

Frontend themes & date format

The design can be customized to suit the eCommerce store’s design. Added to that, Admin can modify the date formats.

This extension has certainly got it all that is required to impress and retain your customers. Remember, “A 5% increase in customer retention can escalate your business revenue by 75%”, and this extension can certainly help you achieve that.

Get Delivery Schedule

Start streamlining your delivery schedule right now

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8 thoughts on “Apptha Launches Magento based Delivery Schedule Extension to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

  1. Amit Goenkar

    Great post!! Loved the presentation too. Explained well. Thanks… Will use it in future for our eCommerce Store


    • Ramanathan

      Hello Amit,

      Great! Contact anytime with our live experts by visting and get your delivery schedule package for improved customer assistance.

  2. Rabbi Singh

    Great extension, impressed with the delivery schedule features.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ramanathan

      Hello Rabbi,

      Good to hear from you, If you are in need let us know and we will glad to assist you!


  3. Gregory

    Is it market place compatible?

    • Ramanathan

      Hello Gregory,

      This is suitable for marketplace stores, If you are looking for this delivery extension visit apptha store and get yours or if you need any assistance add your query below.


  4. Pratik

    Thanks for your sharing. It’s great experience about knowing the delivery extension. Gonna get this for my general provision online store. Great work on Magento.

    • Ramanathan

      Hello Pratik,

      Thanks for your interest in our delivery schedule product. In case if need any assistance on purchase or customization let us know.


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