‘APPTHA DEALS’ Goes Live – It’s Time to Fetch Your Darling Deal

“Soon, your time is running. Hey..come’on and pick your deal, fast!”, says Apptha’s new establishment ‘Apptha Deals’. Yup! We have recently launched our ‘DEALS’ section in order to serve our beloved customers with deals and offers. Apptha has seen over thousands of customers so far and have developed more than hundreds of products till date. We spot this as the right time for us to enter into a new viewpoint and serve our customers in a new-fangled way. And this finally resulted in the evolution of ‘Apptha Deals’.

Well, Deals! As online shoppers we all know the significance of deals and offers in our day-to-day purchase. Who wouldn’t crave for a burger deal offered on a ‘Buy one get one’ offer? Or who wouldn’t take a facial deal if a free hair cut is offered together with it? The same way deals do not work out if it is really useless and holds an offer that is costlier that the market price. Understanding and analysing the deals market very closely, Apptha eventually decided to set up a section, exclusively for ‘DEALS’.

Being the leading provider of top-notch extensions and themes for world’s most popular CMSs such as Magento, Joomla and WordPress, Apptha is running its system in a diligent manner. Now with this newly born DEALS section, Apptha is providing an incredible deal offer for some of its high-rated products. These deals are not just a $2 save or $5 save offer. We are offering a number of amazing deals upto $100 save offers. Also, any customer who follows Apptha deals is likely to get some great discounts and offers. We are offering deals individually for Magento, WordPress and Joomla products, which are listed separately on individual tabs. This being the first time we are offering certain outstanding deals on price rates which you can never ever imagine.

Check out Apptha’s DEALS page and get to know the current deals we offer: http://www.apptha.com/deals

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