29 November, 2021

Airhotels Script – For Setting-Up A Top-Notch Online Accommodation Site

Airhotels Script

Looking for a way to serve vacationers by setting-up an online rental community that is perfect in every way? Well, Apptha is here to help you come up with a wonderful accommodation site for vacation rentals. Airhotels Script will certainly stand to be an absolute solution for building up the best accommodation site for vacationers worldwide. The sites built on this script has so far impressed several souls for its elegant listing and consistent booking services. Apptha, by launching its Airhotels Script has taken away the interests of several entrepreneurs who are longing to own a fantabulous travel-booking site.

This script is exclusively designed for building up an online market place for accommodation. Apptha’s Airhotels software lets your visitors to find an accommodation, interact and transact straight away for the stay. The script is serviced as Magento Extensions and comes with an option for setting up a two way business spot, where vacationers who have booked an accommodation can rent them to people who are looking for it. Property owners will find this script to be absolutely useful for publishing their rental apartments and rooms.

Airhotels script, while on its launch itself came up with fabulous features like social share icons, interactive user-interface, well versed search options, excellent transaction capabilities and much more. If these are few in-built features with this Airhotels script, Apptha has recently updated the version with few added features which would make you blindly believe that you are owning an awesome online rental site. So, here goes those added features!

1. Host Profile page
2. Property banner Slider in home page (displaying the newly added 10 properties in the slider)
3. Top ten popular properties in separate page
4. Magento wish list functionality
5. My calendar option in the property list page and property edit page
6. Mail engine functionality: property owner will receive an email when customer books the property
7. New design template
8. Host can add the meta details for search engines.
9. Meta tag information can be added at the time of listing your space button

Apptha, with its Airhotels script not just builds you a site for offering online rental services, but also encrypts the very features of some of the most popular vacation renting sites.

Product Page URL : http://www.apptha.com/accommodation-booking-script
Demo URL : http://www.apptha-demo.com/extensions/airhotels/

Air Hotels

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  1. Abhi Roy Reply

    This is really awesome way to provide accommodation website to whom looking for their own kind of place for creating booking websites.

  2. Kastela Reply

    Its great to see this post. I was looking for many hours to find an idea on how to implement information on my own website about apartments rentals.
    Thanx for sharing and have fun.

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