A case study on how HD Video Share was instrumental in creating Thisisbeptv.com

Broken Equipment Productions (BEP) run by a brother duo (Fatt Kidd and Twinn) who hail from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A wanted to setup an online platform to host their music and comedy creations. They zeroed in on HD Video Share extension developed by Apptha which delivered readymade solutions to all of their requirements.

Technological advancements:


As technology keeps on evolving the challenges evolve as well. Apptha faced a couple of such challenges after delivering HD Video Share to BEP which were the compatibility of videos on iOS powered devices and browser compatibility of the extension on the latest version of Firefox (19.0.2).


Apptha’s support team responded to this challenge and escalated it to the technical experts. The development team conducted a series of research and was quick in finding a solution to upgrade the product to the latest versions of iOS and Firefox. The course of facing the challenge proves the ability of team Apptha to make its products adaptable to the evolving technologies despite of time constraints.


In addition, team Apptha made sure that all of its future clients who prefer buying HD Video Share receive the updated version.To know more about the latest version of HD Video Share, click here.


Video upload controls

video upload controls

thisisbeptv.com had options for its users to upload videos on the site. However, the client needed a backend control which could allow the videos to be uploaded into the site only after the approval of the site administrator. The technical heads of Apptha understood the requirement and modified the backend controls in such a way the desired requirements were served.

Your Profile’ link placement

your profile’ link placement

Here the challenge faced by Apptha was the change of placement for the ‘Your Profile’ link. In order to help the registered users to easily access their profile, Fatt Kidd wanted the ‘Your Profile’ link to be placed next to the ‘Logout’ link. While the technical brains rewrote the codes to get the functionality routed to the client-preferred position, the design heads made sure the spacing and alignments are proper to ensure a flawless presentation.

YouTube functionality

youtube functionality

The next challenge put forth was the integration of a functionality which enables users to fetch the title description and tags automatically while uploading a video from YouTube. Moreover, the client wanted users to be restricted to add videos URLs only from YouTube and Vimeo. Apptha’s technical team made the appropriate modifications to optimize HD Video Share and incorporated the desired function which was requested by the client.

Direct upload restriction and view counter changes

view counter changes

As a part of changing the business model of thisisbeptv.com, Fatt Kidd was planning to limit video upload options only to paid subscribers. As a result of it, the client wanted his site to prohibit freelance users from directly uploading videos from third party websites. Moreover, the view counter of the videos was also requested to be hidden. Understanding the client’s needs, our programmers made sure that the client was bestowed with controls to restrict video uploads and customized the code in such a way that updates on views were never shown in the frontend.

Readymade solutions:

Ratings and comments

ratings and comments

In the age where internet users have started developing trust on the opinions of fellow users, registering user comments has become a basic necessity to earn the trust factor. In other words user opinions act as a scale for measuring the quality of a product. Understanding this undeniable fact, Apptha came up with a rating and commenting system (powered by Facebook) that helped thisisbeptv.com to register its viewers’ opinions.

Social media

social media

Social networking sites are the platforms in which millions of users actively share, interact and exchange views and so it is hard for any online business to miss out on tapping the potential of social media. Having realized this fact, Apptha has incorporated social media into HD Video Share in such a way that users can easily share videos with their friends and use their social logins to sign up.



HD Video Share possesses an apt provision which can be used by its buyers to popularize their brand which is the facility to upload their logo on the top of the video player. This helped the ideologists of thisisbeptv.com in publicizing their product and creating brand awareness among users.

Responsiveness and HTML 5 support

html 5 support

The responsive design of this extension helped thisisbeptv.com to dynamically adjust itself to different screen spaces, while the HTML 5 support made sure the video viewing experience on mobile devices is in par with that of the viewing experience on PCs and laptops.

How was Fatt Kidd benefited?

With all the required customizations done and the built-in features complementing them, Fatt Kidd was able to successfully launch thisisbeptv.com. In a very short span of time, the site became a hub for comedy and hip-hop music lovers.

HD Video Share has been one of the most widely popular products of Apptha. Go through the other case studies on HD Video Share to know how it has played a crucial role in creating video sharing websites.

Client’s speak:apptha

You guys have done a fantastic job with this component and with your support and help! We really appreciate all you’ve done to assist us.

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