31 May, 2023

9 Captivating Security Measures for Magento Webstores

Magento is one of the fastest and steadily growing ecommerce platforms with stunning features. In fact, most online retailers and individuals are picking Magento as their choices in order to climb the ladder of success. One may wonder why Magento is often spotlighted when plenty of ecommerce platforms still existing in the marketplace! Well, the reason is Magento offers formidable security and outstanding online presence which many ecommerce platforms fail to do. Magento is impressive in various aspects. Apart from complete control and 100% pliability, support to unlimited stores while constantly upgrading their products has aided Magento to cast a magical spell on businesses of distinct sectors. In this article, I wish to bring out a few solid security measures on implementing which even an ordinary-looking Magento website would be transformed to completely-secured website.

As safety being the motto of all ecommerce stores, creating a website with formidable security becomes a must. The following security measures would play a great deal in improving the standards of any website to a great extent. Though Magento comes up with built-in security features, it becomes necessary to add a few additional functionalities to strengthen the security of your online store.

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1. Managing passwords and names:

The name and password in the admin panels are the first and foremost target an attacker or hacker eyes for. Setting up names like “admin” would easily help the hackers to abduct the information from your store with ease. So, set the names in the combination of upper- and lower-case letters and if possible insert a few symbols or numbers in the names to make it difficult for the attackers to guess. Having a steady and strong name and password manager is a must for any healthy online store. In fact, in case of forgetting the user name or password, not to worry as Magento comes up with an impressive option of resetting them. So, just make it tough, never mind you remember them always (though you have to!).

2. Creating constant backups:

Yet another indispensable way for securing your entire website. It is always better to create a back up of all the files and folders in the website and database constantly. It would be extremely crucial on the times when your site collapses down due to malicious attacks or due to external factors. The data well backed up would be handy and you can retrieve and restore most of the lost data from the back up files effortlessly. Use FTP to create the backup files on your account and help your database stay safe online.

3. Setting up encrypted connections:

Setting up an encrypted secured connection becomes a must for a safe online trading website. This is achieved with the help of HTTPS/SSL connection. It is quite easy to configure this setting in the website. This particular encrypted connection plays a meaty role when it comes to interception of data by third-party websites. Not to forget, use the online store’s password only in the websites that ask for genuine HTTPS/SSL to login. Never fancy your password information in the third party websites as they never ask for secured connection using HTTPS/SSL and most of the times it is from this point the hackers abduct all your precious and valuable data.

4. Using secured FTP:

The protocol that we go for while transferring files and folders is FTP. Never use any unsecured FTP during file transfers as intercepted FTP passwords become the automatic choices for numerous hackers. Rely only on the secured FTP to prevent yourself from malware attacks. Block all the equivocalness anywhere associated with the emails. But, ensure files named .htaccess are not deleted. This could give your site the much needed security boost.

5. Save log-in details in secured files:

Most people have the habit of saving their crucial details in the system (local) files. It is the best place for the hackers to abduct the valuable information of your Magento password and log-in details effortlessly, in case you have poor security arrangements for your system. So, make sure that all your vital information regarding log-in is stored only in approved IP addresses. Opt for the custom admin path to log-in as it gives impeccable security from data abduction due to various external factors.

6. Customize URL for control panel access:

All Magento stores have a default URL and everyone is aware of that factor, including the hackers. So, it becomes necessary to change the default URL to customized one to prevent your site from various online threats. The best way would be to change the URL name in the “Advanced” section under the menu of “System”.

7. Constant updates:

This is one of the best features of Magento that has made this reliable software a huge success in today’s market. Its architecture built on the Zend Framework enables an ease of use and convenient mechanism for setting up an online store. In addition, this outstanding platform always allows updating and upgrading the existing features to tighten up the security measures.

8. Up-to-date antivirus:

Installing a high-quality and secured antivirus in your system is a must. But, most fail to check whether the antivirus is getting properly updated or not! Remember, if your antivirus is not updating constantly, then you will be asking for troubles. Also, there is no point in going after free Antivirus software as they have limited features which mayn’t restrict threating viruses. Malicious threats and viruses like Trojans can easily abduct all your information in no time. So, make sure whether your system is 100% protected with a perfect antivirus installed and it is updated on a regular basis.

9. Checking PHP configuration:

Most of the times, products import or export fails when there is not adequate memory left for the Magento to perform heavy operations and may slow down or crash the site. So, check whether the PHP configuration offers values for reasonable memory during heavy operations.

Magento is better known for its high-quality security and standards and outstanding safety features. Hence, developing an ecommerce site the scintillating features will never going to hurt your business by any means. Magento encourages both strong front-end and back-end operations which in turn helps the billing, tax, and shipping much easier. In addition, you will be able to control the entire database from the admin panel with ease. So, just concentrate on the key points discussed here to make your Magento ecommerce website completely secure and an absolute winner.

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