31 May, 2023

16 Striking Points to Consider Before Choosing Event Management Component for Joomla

Joomla event management checklist

Event management is no longer difficult and tiresome! Several services come up with distinct types of event management software applications to put an end to ambiguous and cumbersome event management-related issues. Let it be a conference, meeting, stage shows, personalized programs, etc., creating, editing, and managing events can annoy most web owners. Clean, organized, and perfectly managed events of any website pulls in a lot of customers, henceforth, improves existing clientele. Well, having said that, Joomla event management software applications are extremely useful for the betterment of business. Selecting the key component that works for your website is a time-consuming and tiresome task. In case, if you own a Joomla website, then you are fortunate, as there are many user-friendly components available for Joomla websites’ expansions.  However, analyzing a few factors before buying a component for your website is a brilliant’s choice.

Well! On getting into the topic, I have highlighted a few major points that need to be considered before you plan to buy an efficient event management software application from a reputed service provider. These points give you a clear insight on Joomla event management components and what to expect from them.

1. Easy-to-use feature

Whatever your product may be, the primitive concern would be the user-friendly nature of the product. So, check whether product comprises user-friendly coding and navigation options while installing and operating. Avoid components of circuitous nature.

2. Customizing facility

Most products may be user-friendly and easy to install, but when you try to reconfigure a setting or theme, you may encounter serious troubles. The component that you add to your business expansion should be highly customizable. Every business has its own requirements, so customizing is the only way to make the product work for your business. A multi-purpose application with incredible customizing features would be the best fit for all businesses, regardless of their sizes.

3. Seo-friendly

Search Engine Optimization is inevitably crucial for business improvement. So, check whether the component you plan to buy has the SEO-embedded coding attribute. If not, never go for it. Best components come up with in-built SEO strategies that help your business move predominantly.

4. Compatibility

Compatibility is one of the major expectations of most customers. However, many fail to concentrate on this factor. Even some of the best quality modules fail when loaded on cross browsers. Most websites suck when loaded on different platforms which in turn avert customers re-visiting your website. So, check the compatibility factor of the module and ensure whether it supports all browsers beforehand.

5. Multiple payment options

Ensure whether the module offers multiple payment gateways for transfers. It is essential as many mayn’t prefer the prototype payment option, as there exist plenty of options for money transactions. Some familiar modes preferred by most users include PayPal, AmEx, etc. So, re-check the payment options coded in the module.

6. Social media sharing

Getting connected with the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. is the ideal way to take your business to next level. Your component must be social media interactive. A component allowing social sharing, rating an event, inviting friends for events, joining events, would be a best choice to ameliorate your client base.

7. Streamlining videos

Adding, editing, and managing photos and videos is a must for today’s business. Video embedding is proven to be the best and traffic-conquering technique enabling your website crawl the search engines fast and improves the visibility of your site in the SERPs. In addition, the extension should be powerful enough to streamline videos, sort, and manage them effectively.

8. Google map search enabled

Google maps-enabled search helps participants to locate the exact place where the event is organized. It saves time and helps the users to reach the place quick and fast. A component with such a feature is worth the cost.

9. Email template designing

As most of the times, emails are the solitary mode of communication between your customer and you, customizing an email template based on events won’t be a bad move. So, pick a component that offers email template designing options.

10. Reasonable pricing

Though your component offers a plenty of features, including the points discussed here, the pricing shouldn’t be skyrocketing. So, opt for a component that comes with extraordinary features, yet incredibly inexpensive.

11. Money back guarantee

This is an excellent point that every buyer should recall. Not all the services that claim themselves professionals dare to verbalize this word, “money back guarantee.” Strictly, high-quality genuine and professional companies come up with such a feature. If a company offers this kind of feature, you can trust them blindly, provided you get solutions over all points discussed.

12. Demo

It is an excellent way to impress the customers and make them trust you. But, most companies fail to give demo fearing the flip side of the product may be exposed while doing so. Nevertheless, reliable professional companies offer a perfect demo on the product leaving no stones turned. Buy your components from branded companies like them, as the quality of their products will be above par.

13. Admin features

The component should possess aggressive admin features like adding/managing events at backend, enable/disable event ratings, selecting colors, import/export options, display options. As the entire fields are controlled by admin, the module should comprise all the features respectively.  Almost all modules have this ability.

14. Import and export files

If you are a person who conducts a lot of business meetings, and customers are your primary attendees, then transferring the registrants’ data to the website database is a must. Not all the modules provide this facility. Most modules never allow transferring of files with extensions like .csv, .xls files to your database.  But, a sensibly designed module allows you to transfer the data to website database with ease.

15. Incessant support

It is one of the factors that isolate a best company from the rest. Only a best company offers an incredible online or offline support for the product-based enquiries. Many companies show interest only on developing and selling the products rather than answering the customer queries. Look out for a company that offers rock-solid online and offline support on buying its products.

16. Complete solution for events

To sum up, the extension you look out for should be a complete database for storing all kinds of event-related information like past, present, upcoming events, maps, auto search option, etc. in addition to categorizing events. Only a custom-enabled integrated powerful module is capable of delivering all the requirements mentioned above. From creating an event to sorting them in order, your component should be super handy to cover all your event-based operations.

Well! Make a note of all the points that have been discussed in this article before placing an order for an event management component for your Joomla website. If you are sure that the module you plan to purchase offers solutions for all the factors discussed above meticulously, then don’t be afraid to seize the opportunity, grab the precious module instantly.

You may find many services offering the components for Joomla website. But, most companies mayn’t come up with the satisfying answers for all your questions with regard to the points discussed in this article. Though many services offer modules for Joomla, the module Apptha Eventz developed by Apptha.com best fits all the above-mentioned criteria. On planning to buy an event management module, go for Apptha.com as they are one of the best service providers offering various components of supreme quality at sensible costs fitting the businesses of all sizes.

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