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Build your own vacation rental booking website in a few hours


  • 1000+Happy Clients


  • Impress with videosPlace videos of your accommodation spaces and woo travelers. We have the expertise to provide a unique & uncompromising video experience

  • Showcase the BestHelp your audience choose the finest places to stay by listing your best accommodations under the 'Most Popular' category

  • Hourly BookingCustomers can avail or book a service on an hourly basis. Booked hours will be blocked to indicate the unavailability

  • Smart SearchSimplified search mechanism which reduces complexities in searching by providing a variety of sorting and filtering options

  • IndustriesAirhotels vacation rental script is a best fit for businesses which demand a clear and sturdy online booking and renting mechanism

  • Social Login Logging in through social media like Facebook, Twitter contributes towards user convenience and improved user enrollments

  • PayPal AdaptiveAutomate revenue sharing process between admin and sellers using Adaptive PayPal split payment solution

  • One Step CheckoutIntegrate the necessary checkout information into a single page and help customers to pay faster

  • Recurring PaymentReduce customer's payment burden by letting them pay for accommodation on a subscription basis.

  • Payment GatewaysSupports 180+ payment gateways available in Magento by default. Your choice is our preference when it comes to payments

  • SEO-FriendlyBuilt-in SEO-friendly features help every page of your website get indexed faster and achieve better search engine rankings

  • CustomizableBe it cosmetic changes or technical tweaks on the functionalities, any specific changes can be done easily

Airhotels - Features

What's New

  • Login history including the device of login, location, recent activity done and the login/logout status for the last 10 sessions can be viewed in the vacation rental software.
  • Payment details like bank account and PayPal account can be filed in order tochoose between any payment channels as per your convenience
  • 'Edit Profile' option lets users and property owners to edit profile information like name, phone number, email id and additional details like work, emergency contact number etc.
  • Reviews on a property written by users and reviews written by the property owner can be viewed in the 'Reviews About You' and 'Reviews By You' sections, respectively
  • Invite friends option lets users invite friends in Facebook and Google to refer properties and earn reward points upon booking.
  • A property owner can cancel her or his account at will using the 'Cancel Account' feature

Home Page Experience

  • Video slider banner to add videos in the home page banner space
  • Popular cities in which accommodation spaces are offered can be listed in the home page
  • 'Most Popular' section will be a collection of properties automatically chosen based on the Ratings, Reviews and Sale count

More Explicit Property Detailing

  • Property owners can upload unlimited images in the image slider
  • Users can checkout listings of similar properties
  • Property related videos from websites like YouTube and Vimeo can be embedded into property listing page
  • Property hosts will have multiple provisions to display their information
  • Season-wise special prices can be provided for each property

Booking Options

  • Users can rent services for any particular time period as per their requirements
  • Bookings can be done as subscriptions on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Notification mails will be sent to customers and hosts when a booking is done
  • Bookable periods can either be days or hours, which means that users can book either for a few hours or days based on their convenience
  • Dates in the calendar can be set to display the specific time period for which a service has been booked
  • Hosts can block any specific hours or days
  • Special prices can be added by the hosts for special occasions, extended working hours, off-timing etc

Time-based Booking Rules

  • Host can set the minimum and maximum time limits for booking a rental service in 'Hours' and 'Day' time scales
  • Time limit for service hours can be set by the host in the vacation rental software
  • A specific amount or percentage can be set as 'Overnight Fee' if a service is booked by a customer outside the service hours
  • Booking Options in the vacation rental solution

Options for User Convenience

  • Simple search option based on city, country, date and number of guests
  • Property image slider on the homepage displays recently added items
  • Google Map view to identify location of the listing (ex: property, car, bike) if needed
  • End users can post reviews about the service booked
  • Option to track trip list through user account
  • Currency type can be changed using currency switcher at the frontend
  • Facility to communicate with the host through an internal mailing system
  • Detailed description of the chosen item accompanied by related suggestions for users to choose the best
  • Time based search option integrated in the home page search bar
  • Google map integration to locate properties
  • Image slider option for displaying photos of properties
  • Advanced filters to search properties based on type and amenities

Options for Hosts Convenience

  • Google calendar synchronization with host's daily booking calendar
  • Notifications will be sent to the host and customers whenever a booking is made
  • Provision for hosts for adding additional information apart from essential details like name, address etc
  • Map integration can be done in the 'Basics' tab for users to find the location of the property
  • Property videos can be uploaded under 'Photos' tab
  • Preview option for Property and Profile page

Recurring Payment

  • Hosts can setup multiple time-based subscription options like daily, weekly, monthly
  • Recurring plans can be set based on the type of the service or listing provided by the host
  • Multiple subscription plans can be set for a single service or product on offer
  • Customers can monitor their subscription details from their recurring profiles
  • Supports payments made via PayPal Adaptive
  • Admin can activate/deactivate subscription options for all accommodations
  • Apptha Airhotels vacation rental properties script supports Magento community edition 1.9


  • Property owners and users have several notification options which can be enabled or disabled based on their preference
  • Exclusive profile page for users and property owners to provide personal and business information
  • Property owners can earn the trust of users by turning into trusted and verified property owners by submitting documents like Passport, Photo ID, property-related documents and videos, if any.

New Checkout & Revenue Opportunities

  • Impressive layout design for an all-new checkout experience
  • Checkout page will have the images and information of the property being booked
  • Additional charges like security deposit, cleaning fee can be added by a property owner if they need it while providing property details in the backend
  • Admin can earn via Commission Fee, Processing Fee and Property Listing Fee

General Features

  • Supports multiple languages and 180+ payment gateways supported by Magento
  • Compatible with all major browsers and 1.9 Magento Community Edition
  • Readymade vacation properties directory script for setting up a marketplace for booking and renting related businesses
  • Special features incorporated for having complete control over hosts and users activities

Customers Who Vouch For Us

These Guys are Great!! Helpful knowledgeable staff who gets the job done!! I would recommend everybody to check out some of the services they offerDerick Downs, Founder & CEO of BidsList

They are experienced in PHP and Magento platform and can quickly determine the requirements for new development projects that I give them.Adam W, CEO at Simplicity Group

They have even done the application on my behalf to the Apple store which has been approved in a few days. I recommend them to anyone looking for a well done job. Raffi Arslanian, General Manager in Stationery & Art Materials

I am very satisfied with the products so far. Especially the service was very good and customization works had been done in a professional and fast fashion.Marc Knoll, Digital Marketer & Blogger

I had worked with them in two projects, at the same time. And before they are over, I outscourced a third one! Soon I will ask them for more.Orestis Matsoukas, Coordinator at StartingUP

Release Versions

  • Option to add videos in the home page banner space
  • Popular cities with experiences(Properties) will be shown based on the orders
  • Host has to enter the his id proof,Video and Document Verification for Background verification.(Admin will verify the host based on these records).
  • Host can upload a video and also can add multiple images for his Experiences.
  • Verified Host will have a Badge like symbol in host page and property listing page.
  • Option to invite friends using Google+ and Facebook.
  • Host and customer can be verified through Nexmo SMS Notification system.
  • In advance search page map will come with price label to identify the property location.
  • Property Image Slider is available in Advanced Search list.
  • While adding Experiences, extra fee like cleaning and security fee can be added by host.
  • Subscription Plans are available to book the experiences based on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Share option on Property page available (Facebook,Google,Twitter, Pinterest and Linked In)
  • Checkout page with attractive layout.
  • Notification for profile update and messages received in inbox will be shown in dashboard(front end)
  • Profile Image can be cropped and host can add video about his profile.
  • Host can see Both Reviews posted by him and Reviews about his property shall be viewed simultaneously.
  • Security Feature that shows the last 10 login details like Time, browser and IP address in account dashboard.
  • Host has option to add Bank details and Paypal Information from his account.
  • Feature to add ajax based wishlist.
  • Option to Preview the Experience(Property)
  • Booking mechanism for hosts (property owners)
  • Home Page search bar with number of guests and time settings
  • Options to furnish properly details and address in map view
  • Track booking history and manage user reviews
  • Room availability status check and social login for customers
  • Property owner contact options for customers
  • Automatic Google Map's iFrame code generation for address given by host
  • Edit information and delete property with email notification
  • Show or Hide 'Contact Me' link in property page
  • Temporary calendar blocking when a customer books a property
  • Display selected images of properties from 'Popular' and 'Recent' categories

Compatible with Magento Versions: 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.x

Reviews & Ratings

  • Perfect Airbnb Clone I used apptha airhotels for my vacation rental website. this is the best airbnb clone i came across in recent times. very much impressed with it's design and performance. Best support team! Review by:- Jonathan

  • Good Support Team The airhotels team installed the airbnb clone script on my website perfectly without any issues. Their support team is spectacular and assisted me throughout the process. Good work! Review by:- Philip

  • Good Buy! I recently bought this vacation rental script from apptha to set up a cottage rental website in Indonesia. The airhotels magento 2 has all the features we needed and it is a perfect airbnb clone. The individual listing pages and paypal adaptive features made things very easy for hosts. Very much satisfied with the product. Kudos to the airhotels team! Review by:- Jonas

  • Reliable airbnb clone script with good support I purchased this airbnb clone script from apptha and i'm very much happy with the decision. I run a holiday vacation website in Ohio and i tried several saas based vacation rental software but none were satisfying. Then I came across this script and it has made it very easy to run my website. I'm getting more hits on my site thanks to the theme's SEO friendliness and social login feature. I must thank the support for assisting me throught out the installation process. Good Work! Review by:- Mike

  • Reliable & Intuitive designing I was looking for a vendor to develop my portal for restaurant reservation like airbnb with unique designs. I was able to get the development done the way I wanted and their friendlier approach was something made me flexible and comfortable to move along with Apptha airbnb script. Also Project Managers and technical executives were prompt to respond to my queries anytime and fortunately i had my support through whatsapp too. Nice team, Good Job. Review by:- Luiz

  • Great Vacation Rental Script I bought this vacation rental script 1.5 months ago and started my own accommodation booking site. So far i haven't faced any issues and the home page video feature is getting lot of attraction. No Bugs and Great Support! Review by:- Shan Holt

  • Best Airbnb Clone Script This airbnb clone script is definitely one of the best in the industry. I wanted to build a vacation rental website but i couldn't find a proper vacation rental software or solution to get the job done. But this airhotels script is amazing. I was able to create my accommodation booking website successfully and all is good so far! Highly recommended! Review by:- James

  • Best Tour Booking Software I was looking for a tour booking software to start my own business in South Africa. That's when i came across Airhotels. I was able to set up my tour booking website with full customization and it is running smoothly. The support team provided all assistance without any issues. Highly recommended. Review by:- Sharon

  • Good Effort! Perfect Airbnb Clone Script I found this vacation rental software while researching to build an accommodation booking website like homeaway. What caught my attention is the homepage video slidding option. The airbnb clone script was handy in making alive my website. I'm very thankful to the technical support team. They helped a lot to get my website into live with what I actually expected. Review by:- Alina Zoee

  • Great Vacation Rental Software The support services were quick. In fact I'm not a new customer for apptha. Already I have purchased a couple of products, It was a great experience collaborating with the development team. There was a good rapport between developers and me. They understood my ideas and implemented my project the way I wanted. I recommend this vacation rental software. Review by:- Asan Khan

  • Works Good I launched my rental booking website using this airbnb clone script a couple of weeks before. It works good, I have not encountered any issues till now. Apptha developers did a great job in implementing the customization work to my expectations and it was a great experience. Review by:- Faizan Khan

  • Quick Support The support services were quick. In fact I'm not a new customer for apptha. Already I have purchased a couple of products, It was a great experience collaborating with the development team. There was a good rapport between developers and me. They understood my ideas and implemented my project the way I wanted. Review by:- Hachem Tigana

  • Awesome airbnb software That is exactly what I want! Even I don't run a hotel business, but it is perfect for sharing platforms. And Apptha support team has a fantastic support system. I don't know anything about coding, but I can build my website because they helped me a lot. Review by:- Bradley

  • Worthy Product from Apptha I’ve been searching a long time for building a rental website like airbnb clone. At last I found this software at clone The unique customer reviews made me to buy this software for my accommodation booking business. I’ve contacted apptha team to get more clear pixels about this vacation rental software. The support team clearly explained all the necessary information about this product and finally launched my booking site. Review by:- Pete Hillard

  • Good performance & best airbnb clone Recently i launched my rental booking site with the help of this Airhotel rental script. Thanks for providing an airbnb like clone with reasonable price compare to others. Both design and performance level are good. Review by:- Warren emmett

  • Simply an amazing customer service!!!! I've download and used some apptha products, all the products are working very perfectly. Whenever small problem arise the support team guys quickly respond to all my queries. Newly, I've downloaded wimdu clone in my client’s website. This vacation rental script fulfilled all that website needs satisfied my client. I'm also happy and my client also happy. Review by:- Sašo Luznar

  • Smart script The vacation rental script work was excellent and the support was great. Just few hours ago, I downloaded and installed this airbnb clone script in my accommodation booking website without coding knowledge. Pros Multiple payment gateways and Responsive theme design Easy to install and use Cons Need to improve image quality compared to other online rental scripts. Review by:- Elarmamog

  • Ease of installation and use I'm extremely happy. I've find out so many airbnb clone script for building my vacation rental website and finally decided to use this booking rental script. It's excellent and is similar to airbnb & 9flats rental script. The installation and documentation helped me on how to install the vacation script . I strongly recommend this for everyone. Review by:- Agatha Boris

  • Easy to use, feature rich, good support I got the wimdu script like clone product, airhotels package. It's really working very smoothly on my rental website. The support team guys quickly replied to my all queries, before and after installing the vacation script in my website. There are so many features which I like and fulfilled my website needs. 1. Responsive theme design 2. Multiple payment gateways 3. 100 % customization options Review by:- Eckard Kok

  • Great work and perfect team With my experience I would suggest Airhotels as the highly customizable clone script of Airbnb. Though comparatively less in cost, this vacation rental script does not compromise in quality. The ideas from the technical team were convincing and the support team was always attentive. Overall, a perfect team combination that would deliver nothing but quality. Keep up the good work. Review by:- Marina Barrera

  • Cool features & useful script for airbnb like vacation rental business I wanted to create a wimdu rental script like website for apartment rentals. I finally had a try with Apptha's vacation rental script since it replicated the booking mechanism of airbnb & 9flats. To my surprise this airbnb clone script was neat and functioned smoothly. The levels of customization which team Apptha offered were brilliant. The smart search options and Expedia database import were way too useful. Great one to have! Review by:- Ptit Hue

  • Amazing, Fast, Thorough Support. Highly Recommend. Excellent Service by the support staff and Dev. Team at Apptha. Always fast, responsive and better than any other group I've worked with to this date. Airhotels airbnb clone and all other extensions were fully functional out of box, and any support requests, modifications and requests were met with outstanding support. Thank you to the Apptha Team for being accomodating, flexible and providing outstanding solutions when required. Special thanks to Amar, Linson, Guhan, and especially a big thank you to Nappi. You guys are the best! Review by:- Shanny

  • Thumbs-up!!! Thumbs-up!!! Perfect!! This airbnb clone script is actually a better solution than I expected!! The support service was extremely fast. very great and helpful, also very good in communicating on time and they can answer all your questions! I would highly recommend this for building airbnb like website! Review by:- Goo Young Jung

  • Awesome Feature Guys got this ready-made booking software recently. I got a good support. As usual I've also seen so many opensource modules. When I started to review this airbnb clone script, the features of the products I've selected to buy. I found some features which gives some more sophistications in booking than other products. The search option is good because my users can search by city, country, date (their vacation period) and even by the number of guest. I have loosed so many customers who inquired me about the availability of accommodation, depends on the number of guests on the trip. There is an highlight in this search option which includes property type, amenity, address, check in , check out, accommodation price and snaps about the rental place. I feel “search option” is an extra-ordinary feature in this Vacation rental software where I don't see this sophistication in other products. Review by:- Peter

  • Very fast and professional customer support I have worked with the Apptha team to build my vacation rental website The team has been fantastic with implementation and maintenance. They did an outstanding job on a design make over which I was very satisfied with. Review by:- Khanh

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