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Twitter Web Part

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Compatible with Sharepoint Versions: Sharepoint 2010

General Features

  • Able to Edit web part after that you click twitter settings and give your twitter profile name.
  • Allow you to display Profile or search with include replies and include retweets when you select Profile mode
  • You can specify numbers of tweets or status(1,2,..etc)
  • The Status will be updated during specific time(10,15,30,45,16) asynchronously (no need to refresh page).

Product Overview

Twitter Web part is a free web part for your SharePoint solution. This allows you to display the tweets of the Twitter profile which you choose to display on your Web page. You will be able to control the web part settings such as its appearance, provide the twitter profile name (username) that you want to display, include replies and re-tweets, set the count of tweets to appear in the Twitter widget, set the time interval for tweet update, i.e. if you set the time interval as 10 minutes, the twitter feeds are refreshed in every ten minutes to display the recent tweets from the user etc.The Twitter web part is sure to fit the needs of the users who would like to incorporate a Twitter widget in their SharePoint farm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible for add this web part different pages in single site?

Yes, we can add this web part to multiple pages in single site not only site you can add it same page also.

Tweets status updated automatically?

The Status will be updated during specific time (10, 15, 30, 45, and 16) asynchronously (no need to refresh Page).

If particular person sign out mode from twitter login is it possible for seeing tweets?

Yes, we able to see the tweets.

What we add "SafeControls" section of your Web.Config file for Automatic Installation?

SafeControl Assembly=" TwitterWebPart,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken= 4f41f9e90f6ef810" Namespace=" TwitterWebPart” Type Name="*" Safe="True"

Is it mandatory for adding .dll to GAC?

No need for automatic installation, but it is mandatory for manual installation.

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