Event Calendar Web Part

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Event Calendar Web Part

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Compatible with Sharepoint Versions: Share Point 2010


1.1.General Features
  • Connect Event Calendar Web Part to various sites: SharePoint List/Library.
  • We can add too many events for particular date
  • We can edit event timings description
  • For easy identification event date these dates showing with different colors.

Product Overview

Event Calendar web part is a free application that helps you maintain the list of events, based on dates. Now manage your events, keep on-track your event lists in terms of dates. The event dates are displayed in different color for easy navigation. You can add any number of events on a particular date. The calendar web part shows different color for the week-ends and week-days. Provide unique name, description and timing for the respective event date for ease of use. Your event calendar automatically applies different color for the existing events, event dates, week-ends and next month dates for better visual appeal. The event calendar web part is a perfect application to manage your events and your calendar for the year in a professional way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we able to add more than one event in particular date?

Yes, you can add more than one event in single date.

Can we able add events continually in a same date?

Yes, you can add more events to a same date continually without going to other date interval.

Is it possible to add this web part different page in single site?

Yes you can add this web part to multiple pages in single site not only site you can add it same page also.

Can we able to edit/modify the particular events details?

Yes you can edit /modify particular event details.

How to add table to my sql server data base?

Run the give script file to you sql server automatically table will be create.

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