1 July, 2022

Untold Features of Magento Stores

Magento Features

If promoting the products and services via online or offline is the business motto of yours then opt for the Magento-based ecommerce platform to raise your website. The reason why Magento is the best choice because it is a complete open source system exclusively designed for web owners for branding their products. Magento not only caters marketing and promotion tools but also incorporates a few more benefits that are listed below.

  • Site management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Product browsing
  • Shipping
  • Payment gateways
  • Multiple site management, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a complete platform for all kinds of businesses, irrespective of their sizes. One can create single or multiple stores in Magento platform yet can manage them effectively. It is one of the biggest assets of Magento tool. It offers more than what you actually reckon. Hereby I give the list of out-of-this-world indispensable product-oriented features offered by Magento for a shopping cart website:

  • Magento stores
  • Magento viewer
  • Magento locator
  • Magento store design
  • Magento store development

Let’s get into the topic, and this article is all about how to set up Magento stores, manage, view, locate, and develop them. The following sections would give a brief idea on using Magento stores effectively and efficiently in your website.

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Magento stores:

Store is an emplacement on the site that comprises the information about the products, services, orders, etc. in an organized way. Magento permits creating multiple stores at different languages that can be controlled from a single control panel. The expandability of this fabulous platform has given a new attribute to online business, especially in the fields of online shopping and ecommerce.

How to set up a Magento store?

As Magento offers incredible security, it becomes complex to configure and add a new store. It takes expertise skills to add or set up a Magento store. In general, Magento stores are set up by professionals as the programming is cumbersome and a few difficulties are associated with them. However, the following steps would be highly instrumental in adding a new store in the website.

Step 1: Log-in to admin panel

Step 2: Select the “Manage Categories” option on Catalog tab

Step 3: A default category will appear. Use it for the first website store

Step 4: Select “Manage Stores” from System tab

Step 5: Create new store, by entering the name of your store in the drop down menu

Step 6: Go to “Configuration” option on the System tab to change the URL link for the new store

Magento store viewer:

Store viewer is another powerful feature that inspires a lot of consumers as well as web owners as it allows them to make a virtual visit of sales point. The biggest advantage of using this tool is you can easily see the points of sale from a costumer point of view as well as have a clear idea over the movements of your competitors. The following steps will help you view the new store and its products listed in them.

Step 1: Select the “Manage Stores” option from System tab

Step 2: Click “Create new store” option on the top right of the displayed page

Step 3: On the page displayed, select the name of the store, code, and change the status to “enabled” and save the store view. That’s it!

Magento store design:

Adding new design to the new store is quite simple and the following steps will guide you how to design your new store with a pleasant theme. Similarly, one can modify the themes of other themes as well.

Step 1: Select “Design” option on the Systems tab. A new page will pop up

Step 2: Select the store name from the drop down menu

Step 3: Select the Custom design from the drop down menu

Step 4: Click “Save” on top-right of that page.

The changes made to your store will be saved and you can check the modifications by opening the store using store viewer.

Magento store locator:

Store locator is an exclusive extension of Magento devised purposefully to help customers locate numerous products, retailers, services all over the world through offline searches. It is a powerful and customized interface particularly for consumers searching different products or services. It detects locations automatically and enables search option either by stores or by locations.

Magento store development:

Magento store development offers plenty of benefits when it comes to online business. A few benefits that are incorporated with Magento store development solutions are stated below.

  • Customer activity tracking facility
  • High compatibility on different operating systems
  • Multi-lingual
  • Combines of distinct payment options with currencies as per customer’s convenience
  • Permits user profile access, enables to create wish-list, place orders, re-order, etc.
  • Customized product catalog
  • Seo optimized to enhance product sales

Magento security:

Magento comes up with SSL certificates which in turn provide unbelievable security to your websites. On purchasing the certificate and installing, your site is completely secured from all kinds of potential threats. Security becomes necessary as there are hackers available in the market; so, by setting up the SSL in your website, all information related to the users will be safe, in addition to the payment options. It increases the trust of the customers on your site and ensures them to visit your site again.

Why Magento?

It is all these powerful features that make Magento platform a successful one compared to others. The flexibility offered and security provided are the major benefits associated with a Magento website. If you are into ecommerce, and planning a website for buying and selling goods, the best way to move forward is with the help of raising a Magento-based website.  With the above discussions it becomes vivid that Magento not only boosts online sales but also offline sales (Magento locator). The only flip side of a Magento-based website is its complex programming as it always requires expertise skills to fix the bugs. Apart from this pitfall, Magento really is an impressive tool capable of delivering high-quality of outputs with assured safety.

Other useful factors for business promotions:

Well, simply installing the website on Magento without any clear business planning mayn’t fetch desired outputs. Do the fundamental research, know your target audiences; select the type of products and services; then go for setting up a powerful website. Concentrating on the website layout, themes, content, meta descriptions, meta tags, SEO is also necessary for a successful business promotion. Hope, this article provides you with a clear insight and strategy for improving your business means and to take it further ahead. Create an impressive website with online stores and start establishing yourself as a successful entrepreneur in the market.

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