Proven Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions for Successful Ecommerce

Shopping Cart Abandonment – The foremost headache faced by retailers from the ‘Day One’ they’d started their online business. ‘On an average, 67% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase’, says a report from comscore. Reports have also declared that there is an average loss of $18 billion every year with result to shopping cart abandonment.

Though this ecommerce crisis cannot be closed fully, by initiating few steps you can control this activity to some extent. First of all, gather up the reasons for shopping cart abandonment. A recent report from Forrester puts forward the following top reasons for rising shopping cart abandonment in the past few days.

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• Out of Stock or Backordered Products
• Checkout Complexity
• Longer Page Reloading Time
• Mobile abandonment
• User hesitation to Register
• Variety of other reasons

Apptha has brought in some amazing solutions for the above mentioned abandonment reasons. Read further as we’ll be discussing on what solutions Apptha has found out to overcome these problems.

1. Out of Stock or Backordered Products

Solution: Out of Stock Notification

Most of the times when users tend to purchase a product online, they find the availability status of the product in ‘out of stock’. But think of a way where users can be notified up via their emails when the product is back to stock. Apptha, with its ‘Out of Stock Notification’ extension accomplishes this by indicating the users to request for a notification mail when the product is back to stock. Such kind of ‘out of stock’ approaches are well recognized by users and are doing good when it comes to increasing the sales factor of online stores.

2. Checkout Complexity

Solution: One Step Checkout

Customers are very much irritated when they are ought to fill in a plenty of information from jumping into pages and pages. ‘Lengthy checkout’ happens to be the utmost reason why a large number of users abandon their shopping process. Apptha has developed an absolute extension named ‘One Step Checkout’ which makes the process uncomplicated with the usual six checkout pages being simplified into a single one. By implementing this extension retailers can witness a great hike in their sales and revenue. Apptha ‘One Step Checkout’ is designed with easy administration and control options.

3. Longer Page Reloading Time

Solution: Ajax Cart Pro

Another major crisis faced by e-shoppers while purchasing a product is the time consumed by the pages to reload. Most of the customers just cut off their shopping carts as they get bored in waiting for the pages to finish reloading. With ‘Ajax Cart Pro’, Apptha helps you in overcoming this act. This Magento extension can be an immediate solution for customers to continue their shopping without waiting for the pages to get refreshed.

4. Mobile abandonment

Solution: Mob ecommerce

Mobile abandonment – Though the problem isn’t that serious yet, it would surely become pretty noteworthy in the near future. Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular these days and it’s time that e-stores got to turn to their mobile versions pretty soon. Mobile users have started to neglect a shopping process just because the site is not compatible on their mobile device. Several abandonments falling under this perspective has become common these days. Apptha finds Mob ecommerce as an instant solution to gather up the smartphone forces all together. With Mob eCommerce, e-retailers can launch the mobile app of their eCommerce store in the Apple (ITunes) App Store and Android Markets and thus enable the buyers to access the product anywhere any time.

5. User Hesitation to Register

Solution: Social Login

One absolute reason why most of the users abandon their e-shopping is the hesitation to register an account in that site. People prefer easy entry modules and Apptha too is aware about it. With its Magento ‘Social Login’ extension, apptha offers users the option to easily sign up / login to shopping sites through social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo. Today, almost every one of us own accounts in social networks and logging into a site through these networks can be a better option to offer. This could greatly help in enhancing the sales and minimizing the number of shopping cart abandonments.

6. Variety of other reasons

Solution: Customer Follow Up

In addition to the above mentioned cart problems, there are also few other factors like price comparisons, higher shipping rates, technical issues on site, uncomfortable buying process, etc., which might too fall as the reasons for declining a shopping process. Whatever is the thing, Apptha offers a solution by allowing retailers to send an auto response email to their customers when they abandon their shopping carts. With its ‘Customer Follow Up’ Magento extension, a follow up email is sent to customers who abandon their purchase, by notifying them to review their pending purchases.

Bottom Line:

Being a major concern in the ecommerce industry, shopping cart abandonment has a vital influence on affecting the sales factor of any business. Apart from the above mentioned solutions, Apptha has also got a number of answers to sales motivation, user experience and social media. Check out some of Apptha’s best results here.

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